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Retail software development services to bring out the full potential of your retail business

Retail Software Development Solutions to Enhance Business Processes With Automation


54% of retail businesses reduce operational costs, streamline business operations and increase efficiency by leveraging modern retail software development services


According to the same study, 70% of retailers find AI as a way to automate their businesses with its predictability characteristics.

4 Mn

Nearly 4 Mn commercial robots are to be installed in over 50,000 warehouses across the world by 2025, finds ABI Research.

A Diverse Spectrum of Services

Complete Retail Software Developments Solutions

Inventory Management Software

Enable a centralized inventory management system with omnichannel retailing to strategically approach planning, controlling, and organizing. Get insights to minimize losses and match the demand without losing a customer.

With the best of their technological abilities, our developers will provide top-notch retail software development services to help you get rid of your obsolete processes and carve robust inventory solutions to ensure the right inventory volume. Our team uses the best technology stack like Bootstrap, NGINX, PHP, and jQuery to build the best retail software development solutions.


Unleashed is one of the best retail software development solutions for inventory management. It is equipped with a smart business intelligence tool, transforming data into up-to-date insights to steer retail companies towards successful business decisions. Unleashed enables an efficient stock movement and analysis for building a steady stock pipeline for all sales channels. It is specially designed for retail enterprises to help them build a multichannel retail business that can handle purchases and orders for customers.

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FishBowl Inventory

FishBowl inventory is among the leading inventory management software in the retail industry, used for multi-faceted functionalities. The inventory management solution provides real-time inventory updates and sets up automatic reorders for all the products that will be out of stock soon. In addition to this, the powerful capabilities of the retail software eliminate any data entry errors with barcodes for reordering and cycle count inventory. Furthermore, the software readily integrates with Salesforce, UPS Ready, QuickBooks, Xero, and other solutions.

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POS Software

Get the fastest and advanced POS system for your retail business by outsourcing the best retail software development team from TRooTech. Our retail developers approach dynamic technologies to sustain productivity and curtail inefficiency. In addition, our front-end developers ensure sophisticated yet simple POS software solutions for you to spend less time learning retail automation and more time deciding the next steps for your business. Our clients base with several independent shops, multi-site chains, boutiques, franchises, and more comprehend our retail enterprise solutions as the ultimate toolkit to advance and take complete control of their business. Get the cloud-based and AI-enabled POS software to manage your process and detect inconsistencies remotely.

Epos Now

Epos Now is one of the leading POS solutions for retail companies, proven to offer increased profitability, management ease, and reduced costs. In addition, the POS solution delivers faster and quicker functions with a 10% error reduction rate. It is developed with cloud technology, enabling more flexibility to work and review work and send prompt responses efficiently throughout the workflow. In addition, the cloud technology in the POS software enables high grades of data security even when the hardware gets corrupted or stolen.

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With the fast setup, downloadable reports, stock alerts, and editability of stock items, Square poses as a robust POS software. The retail owners find high resonance with the POS system, owing to its capabilities to handle details such as prices, quantities, and names directly from the Square Dashboard. Besides this, it also offers advanced inventory tools, including but not limited to multi-location inventory management, purchase orders, projected profit reporting, and cost of goods sold.

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Purchase Order Management

Avoid overstocking, understocking, overspending, and underspending to maintain the stability of your balance sheet with AI-powered purchase order management. Our retail developers go beyond their means to explore the capabilities of the latest technologies to craft unrivalled stock intelligence with jQuery and PHP. Our retail clients utilize the expert tools for handling stocks with end-to-end stock visibility, right from the supplier’s operations to the sales operations. Our best retail software development solutions provide a feature-rich purchase order system that exceeds your expectations from your business’ procurement needs.


BrightPearl is known for its flexible and scalable purchase order and supplier management capabilities. It is a fully integrated purchase and inventory management solution that shows the existing inventory levels and sales performance. It prompts about the items needed to be reordered and about the next set of replenishment. In addition, the purchase order management software automates and customizes the order creation process for your team to work smarter.

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Orderwise is an unrivalled purchase order management software to receive accurate stock levels and match the demand with the supply. Given the confusion and complexity pertaining to the stock levels, retail owners face losses, owing to the fluctuations in the stock and demands. Orderwise helps curtail the loss and makes you confident with your purchases with data-backed insights. Orderwise keeps your retail business up and running irrespective of where the supplies are being brought from. It integrated not only technology but also efficiency and accuracy in management.

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Retail Analytics Software

Get the best retail software development services for retail analytics from TRooTech and unlock the right volume and value of data for your business. Take charge of your marketing and promotions and chalk out the next-best steps to benefit from customer interactions through personalization. 

Our retail clientele base endorses our retail software development solutions, integrated with capabilities to identify customer trends. By empowering our clients with relevant and personalized insights, our retail experts help widen profit margins and pinpoint the ideal market for your business


Sisense ranks among the best retail software development solutions to draw a smart path for even the non-technical decision-makers. It is known to be the most sought after data and analytics solution in recent times, given its functionality to improve efficiency, align the supply chain, and improve inventory. The retail analytics software also helps determine the next-best steps for converting prospects into customers with market trends. Retail businessmen can use the retail analytics data to crunch it and devise a strategic plan.

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Looker is one of the best retail analytics and business intelligence software. It offers real-time retail insights, easy-to-use analytics, and data through various sources for driving business-wide decisions. The retail analytics solution empowers retail businesses for easy access for a better understanding of revenue, sales, and margins. It incorporates artificial intelligence and utmost flexibility for identifying real-time trends in the retail industry.

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Vendor Management Software

Connect with us and get dynamic solutions with the best retail software development company and streamline your vendor management processes. Our retail clients generate automatic purchase orders to be sent to vendors using a single step.

Don’t leave your business decision to guesswork. Instead, leverage the power of Python and Angular to develop your personalized vendor management portal and get the best retail software development services from TRooTech.


Quantivate is one of the best retail software development solutions for vendor management. It has a centralized file library for contract management and third-party data. The software features comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities with a dynamic workflow engine. The innovative vendor management software enables companies to eliminate manual workflow and automating internal processes. The vendor management solution allows you to integrate vendor catalogues, drop-ship, automate purchase orders, and more to get product fulfilment done at a single click.

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Celerant handles vendor POS and product fulfilment by importing vendor catalogues in the database and selling available vendors’ stocks online. Celerant is one of the best retail software development solutions that generate purchase orders right from customers’ orders. The software helps in setting up a vendor’s portfolio. It allows you to browse vendor catalogues and select items by accessing the product images and descriptions. The vendor management solution helps you save time by quickly categorizing data and increasing simplicity.

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Optimize Your Retail Business: Work With Top Retail Software Development Company

Invest in Retail software development services and reshape your business to create broader value and more transparency. Meet customers’ expectations while enhancing your business. These are some areas that can be automated with retail software development solutions:

Data Privacy

We underscore the complicated interrelations between regulatory forces, retailers, and consumers for transparent operations and to gain customer confidence. Opt for our security layers to protect your retail from prying eyes.

Data Privacy

Retail Automation

Create a more personalized and positive customer experience to adjust market fluctuations and deliver tangible results quickly to achieve major success in less time, fewer resources, and less working capital.

Retail Automation

Data Analytics

Get over the top of every insight coming from your business to take charge of your inventory levels, sales, consumer demands, sales, supply chain movement, and more with incisive insights to power up your next strategic move.

Data Analytics

Retail software development solutions to enhance customer experience

Work with the best retail software development company to augment your retail business and optimize services. Consult our experts.