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Successful telcos consider the prowess of automation to define new highs for their telecom business.

Here’s how they expedite the process of bringing excellence and efficiency with automation in telecom using the best telecom software development services


Grand View Research finds that the global telecom services market is expected to expand at a CAGR of nearly 5.4% from 2021 to 2028.


IDC studies that nearly 63.5% of telco operators invest in AI to enhance their infrastructure.


As per a study by Cigen, automation in telecom is deemed the top trend with a CAGR of 60%.

At a Glance:

Top Telecom Automation Software to Deliver Excellence

Telecom Expense Management

Gain clarity and exercise control over your telecom expenses with the best telecom expense management software. Our experts ride the wave of innovation and enable cost reduction by understanding your telecom’s current financial capacity.
We offer the best telecom software development services to track, analyze, and monitor costs from multiple sources to improve operational efficiency. Our telco clients witness high precision in their record books and improved cash flow for the company.


Tangoe features excellent capabilities for expense management with digital tools for order processing, inventory management, and tracking of savings. It is one of the best telecom software development solutions for offering a unified customer experience. It provides extensive expense management features along with advanced auditing capabilities. The telecom expense management software promotes seamless MMS with advanced optimization for the cloud.

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Cimpl Software

Cimpl highlights exclusive capabilities to track inventory and services with its ability to control mobility, telecom, and cloud expenses. It helps simplify multiple expenses to promote inventory accuracy and negotiate contracts. It enables telecom operators to gain complete visibility all across an enterprise to streamline pay lifecycle, free up resources, and get more out of savings. In addition to this, the telecom expense software assists in handling contract disputes.

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Field Service Management Software

Gain a cohesive system of fieldwork to standardize your business workflow, right from dispatch to invoice, utilizing the services of the best telecom software development company. As a result, our clients across the telecom space are able to serve customers right by meeting efficiencies and excellence.

Our automation specialists offer powerful tools and real-time visibility to promote proactivity and maximize end-to-end field service experiences. Tap into the power of PHP, ReactJS, HTML, and CSS to monitor your workforce and extract productivity.

Service Max Core

Service Max Core is known as a product innovation for accomplishing work order management and schedule optimization. The field service management software is powered through an algorithm engine, creating routes and schedules in real-time to realize your business objectives. The asset-centric field service management software uses a unique engine, powering up service deliveries for tackling any scale of complexity. Besides this, it is configured to offer advanced reporting and analytical capabilities.

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IFS is one of the best telecom software development solutions for field service management. It helps deliver service excellence and optimizes workforce efficiency with quality service management capability. The field service management system maximizes efficiency and enhances visibility by offering better control over the work orders, warranty, assets, contracts, and more. The telecom solution for field service management easily helps with the map configuration to tackle complex service use cases.

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Fault Management Software

Ensure the high performance of your network and detect faults at an early stage with TRooTech’s automation capabilities. Enable your system to address faults by constantly monitoring issues to check whether a device is active or not.

Leveraging our expert telecom software development services, telecom operators will receive an alarm to show an underlying issue with the network and pinpoints the original source of the problem. Our network experts also execute self-healing scripts for as minimal intervention as possible.


Helix is one of the best telecom software development solutions for fault management to promote quality service and customer satisfaction rates. It is a centralized system to manage faults in complex carrier networks. It offers deep network visibility with an array of advanced tools for seamless communication and identification of faults in networks. In addition to this, the fault management software is integrated with network diagnostics tools for tracking performance and pinpointing the source of the fault.

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Solar Winds NPM

Solar Winds NPM is a leading fault management software that betters network performance along with effective fault monitoring. The telecom software scans your telecom network for devices such as servers, switches, and routers. The fault management software gets to the bottom of the issue to avoid passing on the issue to the users. In addition to this, Solar Winds NPM also offers accurate network management capabilities for an intuitive as well as a customizable interface, thereby turning it easy to troubleshoot problems.

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Network Monitoring Software

Uplift your network monitoring operations with transparency in the bandwidth, uptime, traffic, and utilization. Our network monitoring software is set to auto-discover asset inventory to oversee the functioning of the entire network. Our developers build a tailored topology specific for your network and create customized intelligent alerts. Leading telecom companies rely on smart insights obtained from network monitoring software for the robust alerting system.


The network monitoring software enables you to build a network map with a live view to share the current happenings of the network with you. The telecom software for network monitoring offers a colour-coded view to show what operations are up and what operations are down. Multiple map layout options along with icon choices assist to create a distinguished IT environment. Intermapper is developed to send real-time alerts through sound, email, text, and more to find and fix issues before they can impact any end users.

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ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is one of the most trusted network monitoring solutions. The network monitoring software offers more proactivity and agility to monitor network performance. The telecom software monitors the network and offers a deep sense of visibility as well as control over it. ManageEngine OpManager features the ability to maintain a rapidly evolving network to help you stay in the competition with switch monitoring, router monitoring, network interface monitoring, WLC monitoring, and VPN monitoring.

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Risk Management Software

TRooTech provides a robust suite of risk management software to render success in the telecom industry. Our automation experts proffer a wide range of risk management capabilities for telcos to determine potential risks before the issue occurs. Our industry experts encapsulate the best of technology and business intelligence for curbing governance risk and meeting compliance. TRooTech homes proficient developers to build customizable risk management solutions, in-built with smart tools.


Mobileum is a leading solution provider of analytics in the telecom industry. It helps telcos turn insights into data and ultimately into actions. The leading risk management software enables maximum optimization of network operations as well as network security in international and domestic markets. It is one of the best telecom software development solutions for delivering an integrated approach to revenue.

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CammsRisk is an innovative risk management software, effective for paper- and excel-based risk. The risk management software helps telcos to improve business agility and enhance business decisions. CammRisk offers a breadth of services for superior performance and functionality. The telcos trust the risk management software, owing to its integrated view offering a better outlook on the underlying risks.

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Render High Operational Efficiency in your Business With our Refactoring Services

Encompass the best of your legacy values with the benefits of automation to maintain authority in your telecom business. Below are some areas you can focus on:

Data Security

With the changing nature of threats for the telecommunication industry, opt for the highest layer of data security to curb potential threats of the future.

Data security


Forge ahead in your business and towards a prominent position through automation by achieving complete automated and AI-based operations.


Data Analytics

Get more out of your telecom operations by aligning, correlating, and analyzing important data sources for revealing new potentials for your business.

Data Analytics

Transcend traditional billing methodologies with a fully scalable custom telecom software development

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