The Project Overview

Like every kid in today’s time even your kid might be obsessed with mobile phone and glued to the screen watching videos and swiping left-right pluckily, it occurs and it will occur owing to their fascination for the online world. In view of the lack of options with parents to control and monitor their kid’s activities they land up with various parental control tools who block certain websites or contents for their kids. We got approached by a client with an even better idea, a custom mobile application for kids where they can watch videos to perform activities designed for each day of the month. The plus point here was that the app suggested by the client served multiple purposes: to inculcate values in their child, suffice their attraction towards phone and teach them something creative.TRooTech being an avid firm, grabbed this possibility of developing something amazing and enhancing it with native iOS app development expertise.

The Challenge

It might sound as an easy-peasy task to you right, as it was for the children, but the fact was that was our biggest challenge. We were well versed with native iOS application development but we felt a few tiny issues were demurring.

Designing an application that displays videos relevant to the theme and values selected for the day, excluding the offensive content that often pops up which adversely affects their minds. Secondly, the subscription plans, the only source of revenue for this application. It was indeed a task to formulate subscription plans that are enticing for both client and the users.

Meeting these would mean completion of half of the task but there were other minor challenges too such as limiting functionalities of the screen accessed by the kids, enhancing the quality of videos regardless of network connection and eliminating all the irrelevant ads or abusive contents from hampering the kids.

The Solution

We held the client’s image of the application and went on the road to build the replica of his imagination. Right from developing a module to devise task for each day, selection of values to impart, and parental monitoring of the videos to capturing moments and sharing them made it more interactive.
Delving into development the mind itself brought up ideas to replace texts with buttons, feature to capture moments and sharing on social media, daily different activity to excite parents/guardian along with kids made this even more easer and gleesome.

This application fared to be a boon for parents and a fun filled task for the kids without fear of abusive encounters and sustaining values.

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