A Baby Step Towards Getting Deep Into Native iOS Application Development & Engagement Decision With TRooTech

Mobile applications have become an eminent part of everyone’s life today, so a business can reach the desired mass if there is an apt mobile app for their venture and can attract more users too. And the biggest player in the mobile world today is Apple for iPhone and iPad by application development.

Our main aim is to develop applications in iOS7/iOS8 platforms that offer the richest functionalities and satisfies your business needs. Our dexterous team of tech savvy developers can make the trendiest app to portray your business and attract the iPhone users as well.

When it comes to TRooTech’s working standards, we have no comparable counterparts to match the dedication painted by our team in making your app replica of your expected outcome.

If you are planning to develop an app that can amplify your popularity by increasing the customer base from local to global market, you need to hire infallible resources and we can ascertain you that you will get the desired results.

Share your business ideas and we can acknowledge you with the best ideas to lift your business..!!

Filling The Knowledge Gap: Answers To Your Why, Whether & Who For Your Native iOS Application Development Decision


From a technical perspective, performance is based on various performance metrics and iOS aces in all these areas:

  • Efficient memory use with minimum RAM and no memory leakage is ensured in iOS application development.
  • Time to first byte refers the time required by the back end to respond to the initial request when the app is launched is maintained least by iOS.
  • Execution speed is retained as least as possible after the app is launched.

iOS ensures that the app depicts enough responsiveness so that the uses experience is optimized and does not create a negative impact among the users.

Applications developed in iOS are backed up by the regulated environment which makes the interface interactive and enjoyable. So applications that are built in iOS can compel the users to interact with your app which in turn boosts your business.

Techno Geek

iOS is considered as one of the most coveted technologies for the techno geeks across the globe. And the users are always keen to experience something new and since we try to get something new always by making use of the extensive features offered by iOS.

With proper use of iOS to build an app for your business, the reach to the audience can be extended and recognition can be obtained among all the masses around the world. And owing to Apple’s popularity in developed countries such as US and UK, there is a fair chance for your business to boost in the global market with an appropriate fully featured app in iOS.

Global Expansion

The devices that support iOS applications are approximately 20+ and so are the versions that are released. This low variety of versions and devices eases the process of testing easy and quick results can be reflected in your application.

The rate of return on investment of iOS apps are quite high and can make the company’s finances escalate and make the app investment worthy, in turn increasing the company’s value.

Perks of Brand

The brand name of Apple is enough for taking the business a step forward as everyone is familiar with Apple’s strict policy of accepting the applications. Only the applications that are fully tested, serving the right purpose and abides by all the rules of Apple for application development are accepted and launched by Apple. So if you have a scalable iOS app, then it will be considered a +one in your court and your business will be looked upon with an altogether different aspect.

iOS is considered one the most secure environment for any app, some of the pros of security provided by iOS are:

iOS is a closed system and monitors all the apps in the App Store and throws away any malicious app if found.

iOS apps are easy to patch and update.

Apple locks down all the ways in which a phone can be hacked by intensive hardware and software security.

iOS has a memory organization that is next to impossible to exploit.

Apple persistently evaluates and reviews the software.


How iOS apps can work out for your business or idea?

iOS is the right choice for app development for your business if you need the most secure, easy, enjoyable and an elegant platform that can cater the audience from all the parts of world. So let’s globally expand your business by making the iOS version of your business.

Get Global Reach

We Are Method Developers, Proves Who?
A: Our Process Of Native iOS Application Development

TRooTech believes to walk hand in hand with the advancements in the technological era and deploy the latest technology to come up with the trendy as well as client satisfactory apps.

IPhone is the dominating player in the current market and with each release of iOS version iOS is making its foot stronger in the mobile development industry by providing exquisite and profitable features that can lure any user to use it and never switch to any other OS.

We develop iOS applications in objective-C language and the tool we use for it is X-code with iPhone SDK and Cocoa Touch technologies.


Objective-C is being an extension of the standard c language offers benefits of both the object oriented approach as well as clears the doubts when it comes to procedural approach. Owing to the open style dynamic binding, small and lucid syntax, emphasis on abstract design, etc. makes it apt for iOS application development.

Cocoa Touch

Cocoa Touch is an application development environment for iOS that comprises of Foundation and UIKit frameworks that uses objective c language and follows MVC architecture.


X-code IDE is an interactive and productive environment for development of applications on iOS platform filled with suite of software development tools with integration to Cocoa and Cocoa touch frameworks.

X-code - TRooTech Business Solutions

The Process

Now the real deal is here, after gaining so much knowledge about the iOS application framework and TRooTech’s proficiency in iOS application development, it is now time to know how we will transform your business idea into your dream application.

Envision - TRooTech Business Solutions


A nifty and productive app is the result of an elite idea. So if you have a killer idea or an established business, we are here to transform it into an app that will be the digital version of your idea or business.

Once you have shared your vision and briefed us about your idea, we will extract the complete business needs and come up with the most apt ideas that will be complimentary to your business as well as the Apple brand name and needs to satisfy the iPhone users as well.

This process can take a while as we are developing an app for a specific mass that has experienced some of the most amazing app owing to Apple’s quality standards.


Having poured out your ideas and your task is over, now our TRooTech team comes into action by delving into your vision and carrying out extensive research in the relevant area.

There are few things that need clarity before we initiate the actual process as we are targeting an aristocratic mass that is used to high end applications and it’s a bit tough egg to crack. The areas that require elucidation are:

  • Target audience
  • Issue to be addressed
  • Relevance to productivity of your business
  • Contemporaries in the market
  • New features trending in the related area
  • Defining unique selling proposition of the application.
Research - TRooTech Business Solutions
Clarity Of Functionality - TRooTech Business Solutions

Clarity of functionalities

So, clarity of idea – check, research – check, feasibility – check, what next?

Let’s start by enlisting the features and highlights that we need to incorporate in our application to intensify the application compared to the existing similar applications or for matching the quality standards set by the existing iOS applications and try to match their quality.

We at TRooTech start by composition of the basic and necessary features that are mandatory for assisting the objectives of building the application. As iOS application platform offers a variety of inbuilt features to enhance even the basic features and make them look highly prolific.

As we are up to build an iOS application we will make sure that your application is effective and loaded with all the latest features that iOS can offer and make most out of this exquisite platform.


We need to develop a technical and design strategy for our application before moving further as till now we were roaming in the research path and tech details need to be sprinkled by our iOS masterminds.

In the strategizing phase we focus on devising a schema that can make the further development process easy. We try to give a crisp layout and clear description of each feature that we want to include in our app keeping the iOS standards in consideration.

We layout two basic strategies,

Design strategy that can blanket all the elements in the most creative way and can depict the elegance that an iOS application has, attributable to our skilled team.

Technical strategy follows the design layout and plans the functionalities for each module of the application and by progressive study of the decided elements that will be a part of the application to construct a ready to implement plan.

As we offer iOS application development in the native language there is a scope to deliver those extra features that are offered by the iOS development platform when we use core language and tools for development of the applications.

Strategize - TRooTech Business Solutions
Design - TRooTech Business Solutions


Designing an iOS application is a slightly different game to tackle, but we are lucky to have a creative bunch that is proficient enough to complete this task with utmost ease. A mobile application design has only one requisition, display the vision behind conceiving this app by providing the entire functionalities user is looking for in the most creative manner. We design in xcode as well as use various tools for designing the UI of the application as well.

Wire framing

Once everything is set, we start by defining each and every screen, organizing features, defining functions, linking relevant data, places of the elements in each of the screens.

In wire framing, we basically create a set of images that will display all the functional elements of an application before actually developing the application. So in case if there are any conflicts on the elements, functions or their place, then wireframe can be altered rather than changing the entire code.

Wire Framing - TRooTech Business Solutions
Navigation Module - TRooTech Business Solutions

Navigation Module

Wire framing plays a key role in the iOS application development, but it is worthless without a navigation module. In this phase we describe the workflow in which complete functionality of the app is interlinked with each other and care is taken that any screen is not left out of connection.

Interaction of various screens with each other, their detailed navigation steps, all the buttons/elements links, or anything if it is missing will be without fail mentioned in this phase to incorporate and generate a model that displays the screens along with their navigation details.


All said and done now it’s time for the crackerjack performance, time for our iOS developers to step in and show their versatility by coming up with the most creative designs and robust backend technologies.

This phase is a bit tricky as here the front end and back end developers go hand in hand for coming up with each screen to get the desired output. There will be a lot of back and forth as the front end design is dependent on the back end support and server software logic and vice versa. 

In the front end we try hard to keep the elements in such a manner that they look unique and lively and complement the iOS platform and its look and feel. While in the back end we develop logic to make the process defined by the front end possible and server side software logic to complete the functioning of the application.

We use X-code in order to create the native iOS application and make use of the features that it provides in order to enhance the application as much as possible. With lots of features such as debugging, UI design, playing with source code and interface builder to build the front end with utmost ease.

Front end development

In the front end we take care of the below mentioned aspect:

  • Creation of the UI layout for iOS application
  • Augmentation and improvement of UI to deliver high quality application
  • We develop services to improve the speed of application by providing local storage for the application data
  • Synchronization of application in order to provide it accessible offline too
  • Fabricating functional design and user interface that can be quickly deployed on the iOS platform.
  • Incorporation of as much visuals and graphics as possible with complex codes to make the application feature rich.
Front End Development - TRooTech Business Solutions
Back End Development - TRooTech Business Solutions

Back end development

Back end developers manage the key responsibilities enlisted below:

  • Developing the server side logic for all the functionalities that are depicted in the front end development
  • Application features and elements are customized in accordance with the client requirements and provide an uplifted user experience
  • Integration of the application data to aid users with the liberty and ease to share their app data with social networking websites and other third party apps and websites
  • Equip the iOS application with push notifications to increase user engagement and keep users updates with latest versions of the application

Provide application users with highest level of authentication system to protect the user information and make the app reliable for users.


This phase is the most unrewarded and taken for granted side of the application development, but comes first in the scene when the app misbehaves. TRooTech has made this notion false as we have equal importance of testing as much as we consider developing and coding essential.  And to deliver fully tested and bug free apps we have certain quality standards that needs to be matched and so we perform following testing methods.

Load Testing
This testing is very important as there is always a stress limit that an app can handle, so by load testing we apply the stress testing scripts to the app to determine the crashing point of the application. In short, we need to determine the number of concurrent users who can efficiently access the iOS app and get desired results.

Functionality Testing
Our QA creates test cases to check each and every function that is in the iOS application. This step can help us to catch the loop holes in the app and where the modification is needed. We can also change or modify any function if it is not responding to serve its purpose.

Interrupt Testing
This testing involves testing the mobile application for any misbehavior in case of any interrupt such as, incoming calls, messages, notifications, insert/remove cables, network availability, media player, etc. We ensure that we develop a mobile application can withstand these interrupts and behaves as it was designed to.

Testing - TRooTech Business Solutions

Unit Testing
Testing of each and every unit is done in this first step of testing and it is often performed by developer along with QA. Unit testing refers to validating the smallest possible unit of the application such as module, function, class, etc.

Compatibility Testing
The app that we are building needs to be tested on all the versions of iOS and all the devices in order to increase the reach of our app. If any device or iOS version is not supporting our app, or the functions are not working properly than it can be a huge drawback for our app.

Performance Testing
This testing is carried out to check the parameters such as responsiveness, usage of resources, stability, memory leakage, functionalities etc.

User Acceptance Testing - TRooTech Business Solutions

User Acceptance Testing

After testing the iOS application that we developed, we have reached the mid-way. Once we have developed the application and testing it to make sure it is ready to hit the App store, we take the app for client’s review.

It is of utmost importance that the application we developed is meeting with the client’s vision and we need an insight of the client’s take on the applications. There may be a case that client recommends changes or maybe not, but we are prepared to entertain any changes that are suggested by the client.

After recommendations, we make the necessary changes from whichever step of the process is required, and these iterations are continued unless the client is satisfied. Once we get a go ahead signal from the client we proceed to the further process.



Apple’s review process

Now our iOS application is completely configured, tested and reviewed by the client we are ready to submit the application to Apple. There is a specialized review process by Apple for each application and they are very strict with their policies. Outline of the review process by Apple is as follows:

Performance metrics of Apple are mostly Design, Content quality, technical specifications, performance and security.

Details that need to be given while we submit the app are:

  • URL of the website
  • Name of the company that is verified legally
  • URL of the privacy policy
  • Description that needs to be displayed on the app store
  • Screenshots of the application
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Business models and payments module
Deployment - TRooTech Business Solutions

After in-depth evaluation of all the aspects, Apple will take around 8-10 business days for reviewing and reverting the about the status of your application’s approval.
If you have any questions regarding the process of deploying an application in the Apple’s app store, get in touch to get assistance.
Once Apple approves our application we are ready to roll, the application will be live on the App store and then you are free to lay back and observe your business escalating.

Below Is The Tech Stack At Display For You To Understand. We Have Always Used Them Sensibly Understanding The Requirements & Needs For Native iOS Application Development Projects

Why not make the amazing world of social media handy with just a click on our mobile phones. We provide you with best app for your social networking platform and load it with features such as easy messaging, integration with device features and make it a sublime user experience.

The humongous task to go through lots of applications for recruitment and the need to find a perfect job for an individual can be met on the same page and that too wrapped up within a small app in our mobile phones.

Have a fitness center, hospital or drugstore? Let’s make your services available to the people with features such as online trainer, BMI customized exercises, hospital facility details, list of drugs with details and alternatives, fitness goals, etc. and generate that extra but of revenue as well.

We can help you share your service of the ongoing business and earn by lending your services on subscription to the people who need resources. Our complete software solution can aid you with to build and manage your modules and cater the services.

We can equip your phone with extraordinary power to extend the internet connection with the use of embedded technology to communicate and control the external devices and environment just by a touch on the screen.

Don’t you feel that it’s high time to digitize your business? We will make it error free by converting a part of your business into mobile application to go with the current flow of technology and increase the profit by decreasing time and resources.

Nowadays, consumers are getting more and more inclined towards the mobile platforms as the mobile apps help investors to dig deep into the system, sharpen their skills, low risk and easy creation of their portfolio. We can help you with a latest mobile app that can cover all these aspects and help you with the latest trends.

Who has the time in the busy world to spend hours to plan a trip? We can develop a mobile app for you that can help you earn more and aid the customers with a hassle-free platform to get the best deals on flights, hotels and restaurants.

Owing to the inclination of the students towards the mobile phones, we can develop a play and learn app for them to give them knowledge in the way that they like. TRooTech offers mobile app development that can provide features such as study materials, quiz, educational games, e-library, online tutors, certifications, assignments, progress reports etc.

Own a restaurant, shack, café, bakery or any food outlet? We can grow your bookings exponentially by providing a mobile app that is filled with photos of your food items and interior, your story, menu, filters, cuisine, etc. to acknowledge foodies looking to satisfy their taste buds.

Pick What Feels Feasible To Your NEEDS: Our Engagement Models For Your Native iOS Application Development

Now that you are aware of our iOS application development process, we would like to acknowledge you with the ways in which you can collaborate with us to develop your idea into the most enticing iOS application.

Do You Know It’s More Preferable To Hire An iOS Developer Who Knows Your Niche Of Business? Well, We Know Them All

Project Manager

A project manager is at the helm of the entire iOS application development process. The basic workflow of a project manager starts from comprehensive insights of the idea of application, to management of all the tasks assigned to designers, developers, coders, etc. and integrate everything within a given course of time and keeping the quality intact.

iOS Architect

Role of an iOS architect is to layout the technical structure of the iOS application that was envisioned with the client. Our iOS architects take the entire ownership of solution from stem to stern and are accountable for translating the functional requirements into an iOS application.

UI/UX Designer

Our designers tend to keep an eye for crisp and deft iOS application design by employing high end user interface design skills. The technical and higher level requirements enlisted by the architect are transformed into creative and enticing designs to keep the users engaged with the app as long as possible.

Objective-C Coder

Coders are the hidden players who are equipped with the objective-c skills and come up with all the complex logic and codes for escalating the experience of iOS application and complementing the other aspects of the application as well.

Back End iOS Developer

These folks are the reason of the iOS application working with all the functionalities in its proper place. The back end developers carryout a variety of tasks such as customize objects, admins side development, user management, push notification settings and many more, the list is endless.

Front End iOS Developer

These culprits with UI/UX knowledge are responsible for the look and feel of the iOS app that meets the standards of Apple’s elegant user interface and are complementing the iOS as well.

Quality Control Expert

This expert plays the role of the examiner who evaluates each and every aspect carefully and gives a detailed report of the errors. Our quality control experts are very crisp in finding bugs, errors in compilation, etc. and fix them to give a ready to go application to the client.

System Engineer

System engineer enters the scene after the mobile application is developed and ready for deployment after the testing is done. The one responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the mobile application satisfies the client by answering and solving all the queries and questions that a client fires.

Our iOS development process aims at creating requirement specific apps that will assist the business to reach more people and increase their profits. We are awaiting to hear about you niche. So flood our mailbox with your ideas and we will assist you with the best iOS application from our bags..!!

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