The Project Overview

While the on-demand business model was overshadowed by Food, Logistics, and Transportation, our client thoughtfully envisaged an idea of a business which works in order to meeting the demand of drone-related services. We technically partnered in the endeavors of our client, developed the idea, and it became - the Local Drone Jobs.

Talking about the business, Local Drone Jobs is a location-based on-demand marketplace which connects the drone service providers to the customers.

This makes the business one of its kind in the niche it targeted and with the dedicated technical efforts of TRooTech, this highly potential platform turned into a meticulous solution with the help of Android application, iOS application, and fully-responsive Website.

The Challenges

The challenge was such that it shook the inception and further survival of the idea i.e. Where to generate the revenue from?

Drone service is not something of a small-scale service, the experts with the drone are in limited numbers and so is their demand.

The proposed idea of cutting in through the commissions, as variedly seen in the on-demand marketplace today had to be opposed considering the fact that the transaction will be of huge amounts. Such big transactions are never been witnessed and so the option to earn with commission revenue model was turned off.

Another problem faced was of the transfer of contact.

Contact Masking was a problem since the service providers were needed to work directly people with the hiring people and so the issue of contact getting exposed is very common.

Say once the drone service provider is hired, there will be an offline interaction with the customer and so obviously the contact will be shared. Now, once the contact will be shared, what is the probability of customer retention? A big ZERO reflecting the revenue with the same intensity.

The Solution

The brighter side to this is, there will be repetitive customers for the service. Say for example, there's someone with photography business and his customer demands drone photography. There are highly positive chances that the photographer will again hire the drone service if he can outstand his competitors using so.

Thus, the revenue model had to be somewhere encircling the customer retention. And we got an idea. The membership revenue model.

A customer once will be a customer again. Thus, instead of asking them to demand whenever the need for the service arises, we proposed for the model wherein the customer purchase a membership plan for the number of services they think they'd need. This solved the entire problem of revenue generation and contact masking was no big issue now. Smart indeed. Well, that's how our team at TRooTech is.

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