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With web applications venturing into the Logistics and Transportation industry at a steady pace, Android and iOS are as agile as web applications and have become an adoption necessity, since drone shipping is already at the knocking end to overcome freight related issues, end-to-end tracking challenges, and most prominently the manual industrial methodology.

Re-vamp the conventional models of Logistics and Transportation and connect the world with your wide-ranging shipping services.

Logistics and Transportation App Development Segments  &  Niches, We Highly Assist On

Freight Shipping

In order to meeting the increasing demand of the efficient supply chain logistics, we develop applications that effortlessly assist you to handle the physical process of transporting commodities, merchandise and cargo.
Various categories of freight services such as ground shipping, delivery with the help of ships, passenger aircraft, intermodal shipping are carried out easily by our extensive application along with insuring of the bulk product, type of services, type of transportation vehicle used, registering accounts, online booking, tracking system, estimated time of delivery, and estimated cost of delivery is undertaken.


Among all the age groups, people around 25-49 are the most actively involved in requesting freight shipping services, people around the age of 50-64 do not interact as much with the service while the people around 15-24 years of age, due to being amateurs and emergents have the least involvement in the domain.


The American audience makes the most of freight shipping service, following to which Europe and Australia is keeping up with the pace. Asia and Africa still lay behind in using the freight shipping services.


Since it is more of a physical process, web applications are popular in the industry as compared to Android and iOS applications


On the basis of the transportation vehicle selected, per km cost, and cancellation charges, tariffs and landing costs are decided


Access to more shipment by subscribing to membership plan


Registering customers, managing their dashboards, online booking, notification alerts, shipment returning management, and tracking till the dispatch of the shipment is conducted


Analytics about the number of users joined, requests obtained for quotes, multiple language support and multiple currency support


Track your fleet altogether along with the shipping updates


Extend your visibility into the entire supply chain right from your smart phone.

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Crowd Shipping

For Brick and Mortar stores crowd-sourced delivery is a competitive advantage against online retailers
Get your users with the item they desire for from any corner of the world by connecting them with the individuals who are willing to deliver the items and make money out of it.
Our application consists of the dashboard at the request sender’s side and at the request accepter’s side. We provide an exclusive software assistance for posting delivery, receiving delivery offers, accepting/rejecting request, striking a deal, revenue model on the basis of international and national level, incorporating secured payment gateways.


This type of service is more popular and readily accepted by the teenagers and people around 20-35 years of age for the role as a supplier and as a demander.


Europe audience leads in conducting and using crowd shipping services, while American audience is not so proactive about the service. Asia and Australia have low count of audience involved in the crowd shipping services.


With the ease to connect the bringer with the demander, mobile applications work far better than websites for crowd shipping services


Commission management system


Membership plans for the bringers


Signups/ Logins for both the sender and the supplier and connecting both the parties for a seamless shipment delivery

Payment Options

Multiple payment options and secured payment gateways


Exploiting technological potential and the social trend of sharing and collaboration

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End-to-end Shipping

Store the inventory of your customers, integrate with your store, pack items and get set to deliver.
We are experts at providing you business ease by developing you end-to-end application that gets you notifications about pickup requests, Shipping estimates, Ecommerce integration, Shipment tracking, Price comparison, Customer and support service, Managing pickups, packaging, dropping, registering individuals/enterprise accounts, reviews and ratings, contact details, and returning of items


End-to-end service involves tracking, labeling and such services which are better handled by websites rather than mobile applications.


Cost per km, size, and type of vehicle used for shipping services.


Membership plans and subscriptions to allow more shipping of products


Connecting buyers and sellers in the ecommerce arena, order tracking, and delivery of product


Order processing, labeling, warehousing at the least possible time, and delivery

Centralized System

Manage your entire fleet, charters, warehouses, and depots with one centralized system


Monitor shipment route to beat traffic, breakdowns, resource shortages and order changes.

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Local Delivery

Make your shipping service quick and hassle-free with our comprehensively developed application by integrating the online web stores, B2C, B2B and online auction marketplaces to get your shipment delivered to their customers.
We provide with the ease of domestic as well as international shipping request and notifications, estimation of cost and time on the basis of weight, trouble-free returns, bulk shipping, customized solution, and international drop shipping.


American and Asian audience lead the world by readily adopting local shipping services, while Australian and European users are still to emerge.


Auction and classified sites are mostly for the audiences who are involved in the sale/purchase of antiques and/or used products.

American and Asian audience lead the world by readily adopting local shipping services, while Australian and European users are still to emerge.


Commission management system, cost based on per km and weight of the shipment


Advanced subscription plans for the customers to get access to more shipments at discount rates


Integrating ecommerce portals and bulk shipping


Getting customer notification, contact details of the drop shippers, delivery tracking, and International drop shipping


Tracking end-to-end orders, shipments, suppliers, and clients all at once


Referrals, analytical reports for the entire shipment, analytical report about the customers and trips

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We Suggest This Ideal Modules For E-Commerce Niches

How Your Idea Can Impact On The Type Of Market

Logistics and Transportation App Development Types of Freight Service TRooTech Business Solutions

Since all the types of industries such as freight shipping, end-to-end shipping, crowdshipping, local delivery services, vary according to their task and actions, we design, differentiate and develop the modules accordingly.

Logistics and Transportation App Development Demand Based Features TRooTech Business Solutions

Since, logistics and transportation being a physical process, only certain functionalities can be incorporated to upgrade the industry into a digital form. Thus, we save ourselves, our clients, and the users from getting confused by eliminating additional and unnecessary features and functions of the modules. Only the ones that blend well are developed for the users.

Logistics and Transportation App Development Types Of Platforms TRooTech Business Solutions

When it comes to shipping services, not every time a website or an application is feasible for all the tasks and services that the niche provides. Thus, we dedicate our services and development process to the one that serves the best to the customers, be it Web app or a mobile app.

Development Process


Any industry or business requires a seed to be sown before it flourishes, and our seed here is the idea that clients bring to us for its development into a fully function application that fulfills their vision behind embarking the project development.


We believe in making our ground work sturdy with extensive research on all the aspects related to the idea under consideration, as this research will be portrayed in the application that will be delivered at the end.

Clarity of functions

After conducting deep research on the idea, we come up with a list of functionalities that will be reflected in the application. All the features are listed in this stage, whether they are basic, advanced or suggested by us.


This is the time when the techies enter the scene and the entire strategy is planned on the basis of the research and the features to be added into the application. This process is carried out into two stages: Design Strategy & Technical Strategy.


After planning the strategies for designing the front-end with the customer satisfaction to the brim, we focus on the creating brand awareness with the effective design and placements of brand logos, favicons, and taglines.


On the journey to reach a fully-functional application, priority and detailed attention is given to the UI design for enhancing the appearance and UX for a feel-good factor of the application.

Database Architecture

For getting access to the data within instants, we employ practical database architecture that helps the application to provide content and viewing ability without a lot buffer time.

Front-End Development

All the results of the above phases are poured in this stage to design the front end as per the design that is visualized and fabricated by the designers in the former stages. This gives birth to an impressive front end which then goes into next phase to become functional.

Back-End Development

Time to pour life into the front end developed in the previous stage. The backend is designed to control, handle, and manage the entire application, a function-rich back end is designed for the admin end.


Once the modules are done with the integration to form a complete application, testing of each function and module is undertaken. By making use of unit, regression and integration testing, bugs that pop-up are fixed and the maintenance of the application is done.

User Acceptance Testing/Client Review

Once the flow of the project is constructed, we re-validate the direction and aspects leading till the end, and hence, we are able to keep our promise of delivering the best in the market within the estimated time frame.


After the entire project is ready and confirmed by the client too, then comes the actual time for its deployment. In the deployment stage, the application is handed over to the client, configured and explained in detail.

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