With the Logistics & Transport industry growing at a steady pace, Android and iOS are as agile as web applications and have become an adoption necessity. Drone shipping is already at the knocking end to overcome freight related issues, end-to-end tracking challenges, and most prominently the manual industrial methodology.

Re-vamp the conventional models of Logistics & Transport industry and connect the world with your wide-ranging shipping services through app development for transportation industry, on-demand delivery app development and app development for shipping management.

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Business Niches of Travel & Hospatility App You Can Choose

App development for
International Freight Shipping

In order to meet the increasing demand for efficient supply chain logistics, we develop applications for the transportation industry that effortlessly assist you to handle the physical process of transporting commodities, merchandise, and cargo.

The app development for logistics and transportation has disruptive solutions for international freight & shipping industry. Like, it’s now easy to digitally manage the bulk product, type of services, type of transportation vehicle used, online booking, tracking system, estimated time of delivery, and estimated cost of delivery.

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Among all the age groups, people around 25-49 are the most actively involved in requesting services with the freight shipping app, whereas people around the age of 50-64 do not interact as much with the service.


The American audience makes the most of freight shipping app, following to which Europe and Australia are keeping up with the pace. Asia and Africa still lay behind in using the app development for logistics & transport industry.


Since freight shipping is more of a physical process, web applications are popular in the industry as compared to Android and iOS applications.

Variable Freight

On the basis of the transportation vehicle selected, per km cost, and cancellation charges, tariffs, and landing costs are decided accordingly in a freight shipping app.

Fixed Subscription

In such app development for the transportation industry, access to more shipment in a given price is possible by subscribing to the membership plan.

Geo Fencing

The app can trigger a track of specific devices leaving or entering the circumscribed area that is virtually geo-fenced on the logistics or transport app.

Improved Global Communication

To make the business-workings much stable and sound, the app development for logistics & transport has customization that features ease of communication among the team members and the clients worldwide.

Seamless Inventory and SCM

With the enterprise level mobile app development for logistics & transport, the business owner can deal with the inventory and supply chain management much swiftly with systematic documentation as well as onshore and offshore tracking mechanism.

Overcome Every Operational Hurdle

International freight shipping has a highly spiraled complex business operations that can be made easy with a mobile app to get the shipment right. Some of which includes loading or unloading orders, assigning them, handling the emergencies, on time delivery of goods, tracking the transport vehicle and the list goes on.

Work Savvy Strategies

With the app development for logistics & transport, the business can be nurtured with highly effective strategies that in turn increases the productivity of business operations.

Increased Managing Capabilities

With easy tracking of vehicles, goods, workforce along with the well-organized labeling on the goods, increases the managing capabilities of the business at large.

Features for International Freight Shipping App Development

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Recognizing the potential, demand, and the need of Ondemand business model, we have created Readymade core system.
Using this highly scalable and customizable system, startups or eastablished company in  transportation industy can jump into this lucrative business in no time.

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App development for
Crowdsourced Delivery

Crowd Shipping App has now emerged as a new sensation in app development for the logistics & transport industry even adding a crowdsource extension on any of the business app is now becoming a must-have. There exists a wide range of customer base consisting of two sets of demanders. One that wants to send the parcel to be delivered faster. Be it e-tailers, citizens, foreigners, retailers or large enterprise. Another set of customers involve the startups, freelancers, extra cash earners, local transports, national logistic enterprises and those offering logistics across the globe.

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Such crowd shipping services are more popular and readily accepted by the teenagers and people around 20-35 years of age for the role as a supplier and as a demander.


Europe audience leads in conducting and using crowd shipping services, while American audience is not so proactive about the service. Asia and Australia have low count of audience involved in the crowd shipping services.


With the ease to connect the bringer with the demander, mobile applications work far better than websites for crowd shipping services.

Membership fees

The crowdsourced shipping app owner can charge a membership fee to the customers to enjoy using online parcel or delivery services.

Featured Subscriptions

The users can pay a subscription fee to use the featured premium services offered on the crowdsourcing app.

Pay per delivery/Pay per parcel

The users has to pay per transaction, be it the parcel sending or parcel delivering.

Speedy Shipping

The app with crowdsourcing delivery system makes it possible to provide same day delivery of order/parcel to the customer depending on the location of parcel delivery.

Strong Networking

The app for crowd shipping helps the business to build a powerful network of any local, national or international logistic including Freelancers, Local Couriers And Logistic Professionals.

Easy to manage high volumes of parcels

With the heavy rush on demands, the business owner can easily manage increased demands with authentic and speedy coordination between the retailer, startup or logistic enterprise with the customers directly.

Cost effective

Less requirement of human capital and hasslefree department operations going online, makes it possible for the courier app owner to incur cost as optimum as possible.

Features for Crowd Shipping App Development

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App Development for
End-To-End Shipping

Store the inventory of your customers, integrate with your store, pack items and get set to deliver. We are experts at providing you business ease by end-to-end shipping app development for logistics & transport business that gets you notifications about pickup requests, Shipping estimates, E-commerce integration, Shipment tracking, Price comparison, Customer and support service, Managing pickups, packaging, dropping, registering individuals/enterprise accounts, reviews and ratings, contact details, and returning of items

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This service is mostly by businesses, and nowadays eCommerce site use the service more often so the most active age group of people using the service is between 25 – 40.


United States is the most active in using end-to-end shipping service followed by UK and China, and in countries like India, Australia, Korea the use of service is growing fast.


End-to-end service involves tracking, labeling and such services which are better handled by websites rather than mobile applications.


Cost per km, size, and type of vehicle used for shipping services.


Membership plans and subscriptions to allow more shipping of products.

Close Coordination

Easy tracking of the order, it’s delivery on time, returns if any, the location of the order stuck, customer requirements and other such coordination can be closely evaluated and improved at a constant pace.

Time Savvy

It proves to be time savvy for the end to end shipping app owner and the app users with the self-service system for the shipping service provider and their customers.

Manage Internal & external business functions

One can integrate ERP like tools to the mobile app and make the functioning much smoother and secured for the business and its customers.

Demand and Supply equilibrium

Through strong networking of the suppliers (shipping service providers), the end to end shipping app owner can optimally manage the demand and supply ratio, in turn, fetching more revenue on the peak seasons.

Features for App Development for End-To-End Shipping Business

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App Development for
Local Courier Service

Local Courier mobile apps are taking a step ahead in following the full-monty norm of ‘customer is the king’ towards the smart norm of ‘convenience is the royal highness’. With the local courier app development, the app owner can provide full-fledged convenience of courier services to the people of a specific locale, county, district, boundary or state. Also, the local shipping and courier service providers can mint money with the lead generation, smooth tracking of couriers, on-time delivery of the order and much more. What does the Local Courier App or Parcel Delivery App include? Take a look!

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The local courier services are used more by the young entrepreneurs and peer to peer courier services are more frequently found under the age group of 25-45 years as they are more indulgent to the retail business, restaurants that launch the home delivery services, exhibitions, citizens who have to do the house shifting, and much more.


These type of local courier app are more and more used by the US, UK and Australian audience with increased trend of e-tailers and online retailers.


A sturdy and smart mobile app with simple user interface that is highly accessible for the courier services to the customer and the corporates needs a strong and qualitative database system along with smooth user experience. The local courier app designing wins the competition at a first go when it is crafted with highly responsive and liquid layouts. The experienced techies innovatively plays with the codes to provide high end mobile app development, be it Android or iOS platforms.


The ratio of male and female audience using this kind of app is equal.

Subscription Fees

The users are charged with the subscription fees for using featured or premium services.

Cost on particular parameters

The cost is charged to the user as per the kilometers, type of vehicles or weight of the parcel to be couriered depending on the customization the app owner wishes to have on the payment modules.

Flexibility and Business Sophistication

As the local courier app is user-centric, they experience flexibility and convenience to confirm, make a payment, change the place or date or choose even or odd hours. This personalized business approach molds the app functionalities to an improved level of sophistication.

Choose the order delivery hours

The customers can select convenient hours to get the order delivered to the concerned person. Also, the courier man can choose their convenient hours for delivering the orders.

Trust building

Feedback from the couriers and the customers makes it possible to validate the business operations at regular intervals building trust and rapport among the customers and the courier service providers.


With a high-quality tracking system and direct communication with the customer or deliverer, the app owner can make the business go as transparent as it can be.

Brand Loyalty

By delivering improved user experience to the customers, the app owner can build strong brand loyalty.


The app owner can get a detailed report on the bills, received consignments, destinations, third-party contracts, cash reports, and many other analytics as per their requirement.

Features for App Development for Local Courier Service

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How your Idea can Impact on the type of Market

Before commencing any app development for logistics & transport project, we keep in mind what domain is the web application about and will fit in best for – whether for freight shipping, crowd shipping, End-To-End Shipping, and Local Delivery.

eCommerce Development and Marketplaces impact-of-business-trootech-business-solutions

Impact on Business

The logistics and transport industry has deep-seated the digital transformation to make it as speedier and cost-effective for the users as it can be. The rural, remote spaces, suburbs and urban areas are now increasing the magnitude of their reach with innovations in the easy online logistic and shipping services. So! the online marketplace of logistics and shipping has closed the doors of traditional style logistic business.

Mobile App Development for Travel Agencies-user-persona-trootech-business-solutions

User Persona

The transport and logistics app users can enjoy a value added courier, post and shipping services at their doorsteps. Also the freelancers, extra cash earners, local enterprises and large scale companies are extensively using the logistic apps making it more difficult for the app owners to differentiate from others.

Mobile App Development for Travel Agencies-demand-based-marketing-2-trootech-business-solutions

Demand Based Marketing

The demand for app development for logistics & transport is curving an upward slope and creating a tough digital war among the app owner to provide more secure, smart and simple user experience as they can to survive in the targeted market, be it spreading the business in the local, national, international or global economy.

Detailed Process of App Development for Logistics & Transport Business

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