Custom Website Development, Standalone Softwares & Mobile Apps For Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation is that active and engrossed industry which demands manual managing considering the transport activities to fulfill consumer needs daily. With urbanization, transport industry is in due need of exceptional improvements and the technology growth stack is all there to support. The enabler of putting the right improvements using the technology stack is us. We study the behavior of logistics companies to gain the managerial flaws and work right on them. Transport companies are the mobile entity of this industry as whole which requires more of mobile solutions making life easy on road, air or sea.

For today, it’s an attainment to have mobile apps development which assists drivers and transport staff to communicate with transport centers easily, have road maps optimization, delivery updates quicker, accuracy in deliverable count & minimal loss, which makes a critical system smooth.

Apps Development Based On Transport Types

Road Cargo Transport

  • GPS Based Vehicle Tracking App
  • Truck Tracking App
  • Multiple Database Synchronization System
  • Emergency Alerting App
  • Trcukload & Estimation Calculation App
  • Shipment Tracking App
  • Delivery Confirmation App and Driver Route Assignation App

Marine Cargo Transport

GPS Position Analyzer App

  • Marine Route Analyzer App
  • Cargo Management App
  • Order Processing App
  • Cost Estimation App
  • Ship Allocation App
  • Shipment Processing App

Air Cargo Transport

  • Cargo Quote Planner App,
  • Transport Estimation Planner App
  •  Airlines Affiliation Management App
  •  Staff Management App
  •  Cargo Registration App
  •  Multiple Delivery Vehicle Chain Management App 
  • Customer Request Processing App