The Project Overview

Into the world of eCommerce and marketplaces, the local business are losing the physical traffic. Small businesses are struggling for breathing and having bread crises worldwide. Hot Pocket came out as an effective digital local marketplace in this era and since then it is gradually gaining the eyes. The idea was to give a digital ground for local businesses to list what exciting offers they have to showcase as they are still the important players and make it reach to the local audience moving in the nearby locations. Hot Pocket Marketing PVT. LTD. had the concept very well sorted already and chose TRooTech to be their technology partners in the design & development of native android app and native iOS app.

The Challenge

As being the digital brand itself, Hot Pocket didn’t wanted to be biased as a marketplace for local businesses only so the concept got tuned for listing local business offers plus the offers from online eCommerce giants. The development of segregating this mix of offers intelligently for the user behavior was the most dynamic part performed ever by TRooTech in the development of marketplaces.

Another important challenge was customer personalization after which every eCommerce giant or a marketplace is today, this happens due to such platforms having products and services related to such a long list of categories and browsing user experience through that is the biggest back drop for all marketplace apps.

The Solution

Today, Hot Pocket is rocking with both its products that are native android app and native iOS app, in stores. The local offers and offers from online eCommerce giants are both accommodated onto the app under separate sections for browsing however app is built under such a dynamic interface that it rarely requires users to browse, it mostly works on the personalized notifications which are sent by tracking the user behavior on the app.

Where the user is traveling in the locale and what interests the user is partly developed under AI pattern which helps tracking parameters well. Also there is a module developed for local merchants and brands from where they can log in to the system, manage their store profiles, manage multiple franchises and list different or combined offers from each of their store. Deep thinking added with deep and high standard implementation has made Hot Pocket really cool for user pockets instead while still being the hot market as ever for local businesses.

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