The Project Overview

Like Google is the search engine turned into a community of internet users worldwide, Colonity is a community of educators, industry experts, learners and parents. It’s that modernized digital forum which has all the answers one from above need or it’s that platform where peers can simply ask any questions they have.

Dependency made personal, given a platform and assisted. The idea of the project has a deep meaning for assisting whoever joins this community and so did TRooTech Business Solutions partnered with KTK Planet LLC, USA to shape an implementation for this important idea in early 2015. Giving it a digital sense, the project turned out to be a full-fledged web app with a responsive design for a seamless performance.

Soon the idea of mobility touched team’s mind and got decided to be a native iOS app and native android app too, now a comprehensive platform became available on all mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, iPads and web, a complete package. TRooTech is thankful and honored to work for such a great initiative.

The Challenge

As clear as the concept was, implementation had challenges to make the system duly personalized which meant we had to develop a social network site and social network apps however keeping the essence of it as a perfect Question & Answer system and a Discussion forum.

The system was easily going towards a complete social networking portal development instead with burst of modules and features into it day by day however strategists from TRooTech perfectly collaborated with the owners and suggested the perfect scope. Worked and reworked on the development, almost weekly changes in the User Experience (UX) planning, it was too dynamic of an atmosphere then and it all turned out to the results we see as one of the best works we have done.

The Solution

When the challenges are understood well, the solution at best is controlled and that is TRooTech’s USP. All efforts given by the analysts, UX planners, strategists and development team chunked this comprehensive system into different modules. Question and Answer module where users can select different categories, save the preferences of their categories interested and get respective notifications of receiving the answers.

Personalized to the level of geographical locations so the collaboration becomes well near to their locale. The collaboration module attempted was made very optimized to make it as a personalized space for storing the discussions as all accessing saved storage system and interaction as an ongoing learning courses. You will be able to see the fragments of an e-Learning portal into it with the file storage system and file sharing modules defined under projects. The social features to give it a social tinge like the adding as friend, following users, having the news feed, a comprehensive private messaging board (PMB) and detailed user profiles gave it a perfect of objective achieved successfully.

More Works

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