• Exploration On Poshmark Similar App For Electronics Market

Exploration On Poshmark Similar App For Electronics Market

Niches of poshmark similar app for electronics market

And we are back with the second emerging niche in the re-selling market and this one is quite a vast niche as it covers all the goods under the electronics market and digital goods viz. mobile phones, TV, laptops, kitchen appliances, household appliances, etc.

But wait! Let me give you a brief if you might be pondering on what is going on.

Auxiliary to our Similar Application Development campaign, this time we are converging towards development of Poshmark similar applications owing to its features and place in the market.

To gain a comprehensive intellect on the business model, features, roles, etc. of Poshmark we have provided a detailed study for your convenience. Quickly go through if you feel alienated by hearing “Poshmark”.

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Here we are with a complete checklist to be met for coming up with a Poshmark similar app for electronics market and digital goods:

Management of User Interface:


management of user interface-2 - TRooTech Business Solutions

Whenever any customer visits your application they already have a choicer to leave or stay, so in development of the application we need to make sure to add certain elements and tweaks to elevate the application above other similar apps to stand out and entice as many users as possible. Some of the tricks for near to perfect management of the user interface are:

  • Clean, crisp and minimalist design with easy navigation
  • Use of graphics and images to highlight the products
  • Links to the most sold category or product
  • Recommendations depending on shopping history
  • Offers, promotions, gift cards, etc. to be clearly displayed
  • Blog section, Communities & Chat rooms area
  • Store finder/ Seller finder
  • Language Options
  • Brand finder
  • Easy search option

Product Page Management:


Now, often it may happen that user may land directly on the product page, thanks to the search engines and in this case it becomes equally important that particular product pages are also well designed. Whether from the seller view or buyer, necessary options need to be added to keep them glued to our application.

Seller needs to be creative while reselling his/her items with the following details:

Seller needs to be creative while reselling his/her items with the following details:

  • Product Title
  • Explicit product details
  • Clear images of product
  • Selling points & specs
  • Pricing, offers & discounts
  • Condition definition

For the potential buyers, who are already members of the application, we need to make sure that the purchase can be made as easy as possible.

  • Product details
  • Offer & negotiation feature
  • Add to wishlist option
  • Direct buy now/ add to cart option
  • Shipping & tax details
  • Clear images and condition description
  • Live chat option with the seller
  • Status of each product with the options to like, share, comment and follow the seller
  • Currency converter and option to change quantity if multiple items are available



Community feature is a must have for our application as it enhances the social touch that we want to provide to this application. There are various types of communities that can be included, viz. Open communities, Closed communities, Event based communities etc.

Communities are formed on the basis of various parameters such as,

  • Products
  • Location
  • Likes & Purchases
  • Discussion Topics
  • Alma mater
  • Business motive

Each community needs to be equipped with the latest features to make it luring enough for the users to join it, participate, discuss, etc. as a comprehensive tool for socializing on this application. Mandatory features to be included in a community are:

Content relevancy: Blogs, images, interviews, videos, reviews, discussions, etc.
Events: Creation, participation, calendar, etc.
User management: Member directory, email list, discussion list, IM list
Security: Only admin can add users, content they can access, event they can attend or create, discussion management, etc.

Cart, Wishlist & Payments


cart, wishlist & payments - TRooTech Business Solutions

This is the bread and butter of our Poshmark similar app for electronics market and digital goods. Utmost care is to be taken while designing these modules as we need to make the users feel like a cake walk through the process, right from adding to cart to checkout, payment and invoice generation.

Some of the factors that cannot be left unseen while making checkout module are:

  • Provisioning options for payment
  • Keeping the checkout process interactive
  • Security and payment seals need to be highlighted during the checkout process
  • Area to enter offer and promo codes
  • Add to wish list and save for later options
  • A strict no-no to surveys and redirection to other sales pages.

Return Policy & Feedback Management:


Selling a product and then standing behind it, just like brick and mortar stores. It builds trust and this social feel can convince the hesitant users as well in buying an item or connecting and sharing with other users. No, we are not emphasizing on keeping return policies liberal enough to give customers an undue advantage of buying and returning for silly reasons

Some of the aspects we will incorporate in the return policy for the Poshmark similar app for electronics market are mentioned here:

  • Provide options depending on the nature of product: Damaged, Quality, Unwanted, etc.
  • Keep issue specific refund: Full, partial, credit, exchange or none.
  • Mention return policy in simple terms, legal and complex terms often turn out to be ambiguous.
  • All the costs should be clearly mentioned, no hidden costs for return should be applied at the time of return.
  • State a time-frame whether it is 5 days or 15. Not a month or year obviously but a reasonable amount of time has to be provided after the desired product is delivered to thee user.
  • State the obvious cases for user satisfaction, such as, damaged or malfunctioning product the policy should be full refund without any questions. This can boost user’s urge for buying.



Some of the necessary categories that needs to be included in order to serve this niche can be listed as follows:






Once we are done with the categories, lets have a look at the filters that are mandatory for this application.

So this was our checklist for the development of Poshmark similar app for  electronics market and digital goods. Why don’t tell us how many features would you like to add in your application?

We are keen techies waiting to develop your idea with our expertise and Poshmark features, so did anything strike yet? You can contact anytime.

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