‘Buy low and sell high’ is a thumb rule in the current wholesale market across the globe.

The market for fashion clothing and style accessories is no different. To have smart and chic products to their fall collection is also in the mainstream even for the wholesalers.

The wholesale buyers in China are constantly hunting for fashion clothing stockist worldwide.

On the flip side, the European suppliers are heading forward to expand their geographical scope with increasing the overseas supply.

This is where RUNWAYGO sensed great opportunities to tap the European and Chinese wholesale market for fashion clothing and stylish accessories.

What made them chose us?

The whole idea was to create a digital arena for Chinese buyers to purchase fashion clothing and accessories from European suppliers.

RUNWAYGO wanted the digital experts who can understand the intricate details and have a same wavelength of thoughts for the portal they want to create.

They chose TRooTech as their tech partners to give a shape to their finely tuned idea and make it live.

Our expert team of techies built a cross-border B2B online marketplace that was well-grounded on HTML, CSS, and Angular with a backend-PHP and Laravel framework fused with PostgreSQL database.


A plenty of European suppliers will be uploading their inventories in large amounts and pricing it at the same time on varied ERP systems.

To manage error-free mass inventory uploads at a time was a severe nerve.  It calls for fetching data from different ERP systems of the European suppliers.

Also, price fluctuations are a common tendency in the wholesale market. Refreshing and updating the price-changes every other minute, was an addition to the pool of challenges.

It demanded a high tech automated system for updating the stock and prices at a much constant pace.

If at all the price is not updated on time, the Chinese buyers will end up confirming the old pricing.

Furthermore, European suppliers will end up confirming or sending an invoice with the new pricing outlay. This will initiate a huge chaos altogether.


The Chinese buyers will be given access to search from a wide-ranged list of fashion clothing and accessories, check the stock availability, make selections and order products.

The major challenge is to simplify the purchasing journey for the buyers and make it a speedy buying process because the order will only get final confirmation when approved by the European supplier.

Another challenge was to infuse multiple order facilities to the buyers. That includes ordering from inventory stock, re-order stock, pre-order stock, or can buy directly from the brands.

TRooTech saw great opportunities to deal with these uncertainties.


How TRooTech encounters these challenges?

We developed a heavy-duty API interface to effectively integrate and fetch data from varied ERP systems of the European suppliers.

Through this API, the Chinese buyers will be able to immediately explore the updated list of inventories that are added by the European suppliers on their ERP system at the very moment.

It will highly simplify the tangled inventory cluster as a whole.

Making it more user-friendly, the web portal had high accessibility to easily navigate to the right product category and locate the right pricing outlay for the products they want to shop for.

Our team of experienced designers crafted a productive web design that had a well-systematized categorization of fashion clothing and accessories on the portal.


This helped RUNWAYGO to ease out the purchasing journey for the Chinese buyers to a great extent.

The team of TRooTech made sure to give a double dose on authentication to confirm every order.

The order will get final confirmation only when the supplier confirms on the order availability and sends an invoice to the buyer for placing an order.

This order confirmation process was well-defined and put into the structure after a couple of revisions in the prototyping stage.

TRooTech made the most out of e-commerce technologies to provide high-end personalization to the users of the web portal

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