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An agile and secure approach to delivering cloud-first solutions for a smooth cloud journey

With a CI/CD mindset, we have deep expertise in managed cloud services. From automating, scaling and modernizing product engineering, we comprehensively analyze your custom business requirements.

With DevOps consulting, we boost your cloud journey by introducing organization culture, lean processes, automation, and industry-specific cloud strategies. With a broad spectrum of cloud engineering, we are experts in cloud migration, Azure services and AWS-managed services and more to meet dynamic infrastructure requirements.

We streamline your software delivery pipelines for cost reduction, cloud resource optimization and workflow automation. Our orchestra of DevOps services offers tactical options for continuous integration and delivery within a dynamic IDE, opening multiple doors to opportunities in the IoT space.

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Strategic Consulting

Designing a dynamic framework aligned with your cloud requirements, we address your industry-specific goals for smooth navigation to the cloud.

Runway Design

We help you define, design and deploy managed cloud foundation services to drive maximum business value. 

Cloud Migration

We facilitate untainted migration of business-centric cloud applications to the private, hybrid or public cloud as per your specific requirements.

App Modernization

Seamlessly integrating your applications into microservice-based architectures for enhanced agility, scalability and fault tolerance.

Cloud Armor

We offer a unique watchtower with multiple vantage points. We offer autonomous supervision of your cloud journey for uncompromised security in the cloud.

Operations Service Bridge

Using state-of-the-art technology and tactical options, we offer a cohesive approach to database management, network operations management and cloud provisioning. 

DevOps Service Umbrella Under the Cloud

Gain superiority with our enterprise-tested cloud engineering services

Azure Managed Services

With almost a decade of experience in Azure monitoring, configuration, support and optimization, TRooTech offers a set of Azure managed services for exceptional infrastructure management. Our Azure experts design a strategy to address your server overloads and misconfigurations and prevent issues from reappearing. We set up auto scaling procedures for resource computation and Azure storage demands.

Our experts configure and deploy Azure-based infrastructure as per your specific requirements while boosting your infrastructure performance. Additionally, we provide personalized migration services to establish a high-performing Azure environment for your organization. 

Simplifying your complete journey in the cloud continuum

Continuously evolving with industry-specific cloud engineering

Experience the cloud continuum free of contraflows!

At TRooTech, we make it rain with our Cloud engineering services and DevOps consulting!

We inject innovation into our cloud services to offer the best digital experience to enterprises. Our cloud experts empower your infrastructure using the latest cloud engineering practices.

With a solid focus on 360° managed Cloud services, we define a strategic approach for your cloud journey that addresses your industry-specific needs. Our cloud engineers develop, test and deploy native cloud applications with unequaled speed and agility.

Our dynamic umbrella of cloud services makes you cloud-ready for a smooth experience. From consulting, strategizing, and container orchestration to Kubernetes, cloud migration, security and management, we rain it all, ensuring a smooth transition to the Cloud.

With vast expertise in cloud services, we have been delivering smooth transitions to enterprises, solving their specific business requirements across the globe. We make you cloud-ready, keeping your barriers at bay.

Our competency lies in implementing Greenfield and Brownfield cloud migration strategies with a strong focus on cloud reengineering services per your customized requirements.

At TRooTech, we embrace unique challenges and leverage our domain knowledge to offer you the ultimate cloud experience. We are your one-stop value-runway provider to the Cloud. 

Dipen Patel

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Case Study

Efficient Restocking Through an Enterprise App for Departmental Store


Retail/ Consumer Market

Client Since



Latin America



Develop an offline enterprise application for a departmental store that can access data from the SAP portal of the store, display products, categories, and client range, perform item selection, and make a purchase order. 


Build an enterprise application for the purchasing department of a Latin-American departmental store. 


The application built must be such that the client can directly send a purchase order without logging into the SAP portal.


The application built must be such that the client can directly send a purchase order without logging into the SAP portal.


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    Seamlessly connected the application with the SAP portal. 

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    The application allowed users to fetch and track previous purchase orders, invoices, and merchant transactions. 

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    Provided merchants access to data through role-based permissions. 

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    The application allowed the client to map data to create and add purchase orders in the SAP portal directly. 

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    Ensured data security during SAP portal access.

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    Smoothened client’s internal functioning. 

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