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At TRooTech, we have almost a decade of experience designing and deploying enterprise-centric digital transformation solutions by effectively fusing technology and innovation. We understand your organizational goals, specific challenges and requirements to prepare a strategy that simplifies your business processes and automates the system operations.

Our enterprise architects analyze the market dynamics and customer journey to implement digital transformation solutions that aid innovation cohesively. Having accelerated several enterprises in the digital realm, we offer services tailored to your specific requirements.

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Trend Prediction

Our solution architects utilize AI, ML and Digital Twin technologies to predict the trends and harness valuable business insights for industry-specific goals for complete transformation.

In-depth R&D

Combining industry expertise and domain knowledge, we design a digital transformation strategy based on in-depth R&D.

Business-tailored Transformation Consulting

With a solid transformation strategy tailored to your specific requirements, our enterprise architects devise a unique plan that offers goal-driven iconic experiences.

Increased Performance

At TRooTech, we understand your challenges, identify the rifts and propose a unique plan for improved performance at all organizational levels.

Secure Infrastructure

We help you with complete transformation security and continuous monitoring that firewalls your infrastructure against threats in the digital realm.

Real-time Overview

Tapping into the power of data, we harness valuable insights to generate real-time overviews that help multiple teams with data-based decision-making.

Digital Transformation Solutions Stack

Paradigm Shift In The Digital Realm For Expeditious Growth

Big Data and BI (Data and Intelligence)

From prediction to performance, we utilize big data to provide valuable insights. Our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence experts unlock powerful insights by tapping into unexplored data lakes. Our data experts identify unique use cases to create analytics solutions with the right tech stack to suit your industry-specific needs.

Our BI service suite offers digital transformation solutions and enables you to anchor around the customer for exceptional CX. We also provide turnkey analytics, AI solutions for everyday problems, and custom data solutions for industry-specific challenges.

Our Strategic Approach

Experience The Revolution With TRooTech Digital Transformation Solutions

At TRooTech, we dive deep into understanding your requirements and challenges. Our main objective is to prepare a layout that aligns with your industry-specific requirements and growth plan. We effectively utilize data, AI, ML and deep learning to harness business insights to prepare a strategy for an exceptional transformation experience.

We have been there for almost a decade now. Technologies change and we embrace it. Whether it is predictive analysis, robotics solutions or turnkey solutions, we have delivered digital transformation solutions to enterprises worldwide. Our domain knowledge, deep expertise and affinity towards new unique challenges make us a one-stop digital transformation solutions provider.

Let’s embrace the revolution together!

Dipen Patel

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    Case Study

    Enterprise App for Construction Inspection Firm To Digitize Inspection Management



    Client since






    Develop an effective inspection management application for the Construction industry. 


    The application should be operated offline. 


    Ensure that the developed application assigns and manages inspectors easily by allocating inspection tasks. 


    The application must synchronize the day’s work at the end with the company’s SalesForceDotCom CRM. 


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      Offline inspection task creation, updation, and assignments of projects and inspections to inspectors. 

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      Rolled out inspector-wise & project-wise automated reports.

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      Built a mobile App by backing up all data onto the SalesForce database.

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      Successful synchronization of the day’s work with the company’s SalesForceDotCom CRM. 

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      Prepared ready PDF inspection reports by eliminating data duplication. 

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      Cost-effective, speedy inspection completion. 

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      Online synchronization of updated project/inspection report with SFD. 

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