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Scalability, reliability, and performance in end-to-end solutions

At TRooTech, we take pride in delivering the best software solutions worldwide. Our competency lies in development while offering a glitch-free software experience to enterprises operating in the modern era.

Our QA experts prepare a test plan by assessing your requirements, deploying rigorous testing and optimizing the software for results you can rely on. We perform a series of software testing including unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing and performance testing.

One of our objectives is to deliver glitch-free software that lives up to your expectations and performs well in the long run. We are a bunch of developers and QA experts and we aim to deliver great bug-free software experiences.

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Tailored To Your Needs

Once we recognize your specific requirements and challenges, we prepare a dedicated software testing model tailored to your business. Our QA specialists work on your software to remove bugs and improve its performance.

Improved Release Velocity

Our QA experts have removed unique bugs and addressed toughest challenges. With almost a decade of software testing expertise, our certified testers implement the shift-left approach and leverage automation testing for quicker software development and release.


Our testing solutions offer scalability for dynamic software growth by covering all the stages of SDLC, from requirement gathering to maintenance ensuring quality standards.

Faster Bug Removal

We implement the shift-left approach in the early phases of development and analyze every line for bug detection. Additionally, our QA experts maintain logs and use the latest bug management tools for quicker resolution.

Test-Driven Development

Under the TDD, our QA experts analyze your requirements and convert them to test cases for easy code-refactoring and development, aiming to test the software against all the test cases.

Combat Proven Expertise

Unusual problems? We love unique challenges. Our QA veterans leverage their combat-proven testing expertise to deliver glitch-free software. We are driven by our affinity to offer quality.

Software Testing Services

Battle-tested comprehensive software testing services trusted by CTOs worldwide

Automation Testing

Our certified QA specialists implement Automation Testing, understand your project requirements and devise a strategy for process. We outline our objectives, choose the right testing methods and define the automation scope for maximum efficiency.

Under our suite of Automation Testing services, we offer architecture design testing, testing scenario writing, script design, consulting, process review, and configurations. We effectively utilize the tools and integrate automation testing in the CI/CD pipeline for faster results.

Next-level testing with a strategic approach

Eliminating bugs and ensuring complete satisfaction with expert software testing solutions

At TRooTech, we understand the meaning of delivering flawless software. Our expertise in devising the right testing plan and considering all the possible test cases makes us the best. With a strong affinity towards testing-oriented challenges, our QA specialists implement an operational plan that drives innovation. We seal the loopholes, find bugs and eradicate them before they find you.

Our certified QA experts dive deep into the software architecture and implement the shift-left approach for swift bug detection operations. We have been delivering excellent software that reignites exceptional human experiences. With a clientele across several locations, we have a strong presence in the US, Europe, APAC, and many across Africa and Australia.

Focusing on delivering actionable insights, improving software quality, and enabling better decision-making, we provide comprehensive software testing solutions that meet your specific needs while ensuring success in the modern world that runs on software.

Let's elevate your business with quality assurance expertise!

Dipen Patel

    Personal Growth App -2.png

    Case Study

    Refactoring of a SaaS-based Personal Growth App to Ensure Mental Wellbeing


    SaaS app

    Client since






    Develop a mental wellness self-help mobile and web application. 


    Ensure that the application is secure and not prone to vulnerabilities. 


    The developed application must be completely secure. 


    The application must be user-friendly and scalable. 


    • checkimg

      Leveraged PHP Laravel and React Native as the latest technology stack to ensure that the app remains highly scalable in the future.

    • checkimg

      Used PostgreSQL for high performance, concurrency support, replication, and extensible type systems.

    • checkimg

      Migrated the data to Amazon AWS from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to highlight reliable encryption, security, and unlimited server capacity.

    • checkimg

      Implemented several encryption algorithms to prevent data leaks in the SaaS-based personal growth app.

    • checkimg

      The seamless UI/UX mobile design helped the client achieve a high user engagement rate.

    Personal Growth App .png

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