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Comprehensive software modernization

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With an experience of 9+ years in legacy software modernization services, TRooTech has been offering software modernization services to modern enterprises. Our deep expertise in trailblazing your tech heritage allows us to be the ideal partner for several leading giants operating in different industries.

An affinity drives our adroit developers to solve unique legacy software challenges. Whether cloud enablement, service modernization, enterprise application services, DevOps, migration or enterprise security, our legacy software modernization solutions speak for us. We have constantly been turning tables with our legacy software modernization and helping enterprises achieve their goals in a fast-paced business landscape. 

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Utter User Satisfaction

Legacy applications often need to be more transparent and manageable, causing frustration for employees and customers. With our legacy modernization services, we introduce an intuitive interface, advanced features and dynamic functionalities for maximum satisfaction.

Improved Efficiency

We leverage our deep expertise and implement legacy software modernization techniques to improve process efficiency, simplify bug removal and enhance overall business performance, thereby reducing the IT burden.

Maximum Business Agility

Outdated software results in contraflows and halts your business growth. Our software modernization solutions lay the foundation for innovation and scalability, unlocking the full potential for maximum business agility.

Simplified Maintenance

Outdated infrastructure, siloed data, and weak architecture can complicate your legacy product management. Our experts help you with legacy software modernization services that improve your processes and guarantee platform support, dynamic infrastructure and simplified maintenance.

Competitive Edge

Our solution architects help you with comprehensive software modernization to prevent these issues and improve the software performance in the long run, ultimately giving you a competitive edge.

Robust Security

Legacy applications expose businesses to security threats. Our legacy software modernization services safeguard your business against the latest cyber threats. We protect your data and offer robust security at all levels.

Software Modernization Suite

Supercharge your operations with our legacy software modernization solutions

Cloud Facilitation

Transform your business with our comprehensive cloud strategy that covers everything from networking to data center consolidation and hybrid cloud implementations. Our modern infrastructure simplifies and recalibrates cloud strategies to deliver maximum outcomes. In addition, with our legacy software modernization and cloud facilitation services, we increase productivity, enhance user retention, and improve business outcomes.

Our cloud infrastructure modernization and management solutions drive innovation in your business by tapping into our AI, ML, analytics, cloud integration, and migration expertise. We offer a secure, all-in-one cloud solution platform that moves your processing power where it's most needed.

Best in class software modernization

Transforming your tech heritage with software modernization services

At TRooTech, we understand that outdated software fails to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises, which is why we focus on delivering legacy software modernization services that help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We streamline the operations and maximize the efficiency of modern enterprises with legacy software modernization services. Our experienced developers are well-versed in the latest technologies to understand your infrastructure, technical requirements and challenges of your IT infrastructure.

We take a collaborative approach to every project, working closely with you to ensure that our solutions align with your business objectives and deliver the desired results. In addition, our solution architects stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and achieve continued success.

Let's revitalize your tech heritage and puzzle out the legacy software paradox!

Dipen Patel

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    Case Study

    Enterprise Quoting Tool for Upgrading Quotation and Ordering Processes


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    Design an advanced quoting and order management application. 


    The application must be such that it offers varied product and service range to wide variety of markets.


    Standardize the process of RFQ. 


    Ensure that the standardized RFQ process could smoothly managed increased leads. 


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      Created a centralized repository for inventory management with error-free easy tracking and managing of the quotations, products, contracts and spending activities.

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      Ensured that the application had a well systematized and efficient  process to generate & get approval for the RFQ. 

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      Created a login feature that granted role-based access to application users. 

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      Designed purchasing and selling modules on the enterprise quoting tool that can easily generate the purchasing order through the application. 

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