Accurate Shipping and Order Fulfillment App with Automated Billing and Live Order Tracking

The eCommerce businesses have been single-handedly supported by the shipping & logistics companies since they emerged. Without on-time product shipments and delivery, its customer base would have collapsed.

We are proud to say that we have helped thousands of eCommerce businesses in Denmark and Finland, by helping the prime shipping & logistics company between the two nations with an easy and reliable shipping and order fulfillment app.

The logistics company provided two mediums of parcel delivery from Denmark: airways and sea-ways.

Continue reading to sail with our efforts in developing a successful app for a famous logistics company.


We were supposed to build a solution for the logistics company and its clients – eCommerce business so that their functioning would smoothen and fasten.

A transparent system flow would execute when clients (eCommerce businesses) could enter their orders and transit would begin as soon as the payment is done.

Rest of the shipment order update would be entered by the logistic company’s staff.


To build the aspired shipping and order fulfillment app, we faced the following struggles:

  • Order status information sharing with eCommerce businesses and providers
  • Shipping order estimation calculation
  • Automated monthly billing and credit card transactions for eCommerce businesses
  • Process options to clients (eCommerce businesses) – Air / Sea
  • Group order processing for combining orders from same eCommerce business and nearby delivery locations for order fulfillment

Our approach

To actuate the shipping and order fulfillment app idea, we planned to work out a system having three stakeholders.

  1. ECommerce providers (Users)– who can track their orders in real-time
  2. Logistic company’s Staff members– who enter and update all the shipment order statuses
  3. The Administrator– who manages all prizing & tax, shipping addresses, merchandize types, and user & staff accounts

Project Features

By incorporating the below-mentioned features to the shipping and order fulfillment app, we attained success.

Shipment order creation, updating, and management by Staff

The logistic company’s staff members would manually enter each order and update its transit and delivery status

Group Package management

All orders from the same client would be automatically grouped for easy handling and synchronous delivery

Delivery Dashboard for Users

The e-commerce providers can track all their orders and get notified about their estimated delivery times

Management of users and staff by the admin

The system admin(app-owner) can manage all other accounts and verifies new e-commerce stores registering with the system

Managing Delivery status, Pricing, Tax, and Billing

The admin controls all the pricing & tax policies to be implied on air and marine transport. It also manages monthly automated billing by user’s card-wallet integration.

Business Benefits

Our Client was elated with the experience that our shipping and order fulfillment app provided. It observed growing profits and its revenue multiplied.

The logistic company was showered with several benefits, some of which are:-

  • Easy management of delivery orders helped them update their clients on their order-tracking
  • Reminders for every shipment order delivery via notifications simplified the admin’s tasks
  • Hassle-free payments because of automated billing and card-wallet integration smoothened their relations with e-commerce providers
  • On-time delivery resulted in client satisfaction
  • Improved customer-service and expanded customer-base

Industry Segment

Logistics & Shipping

Company Profile

International Shipping Company delivering e-commerce products from Denmark to Sweden

Technology and Tools

Front-end: Swift for iOS, AngularJS
Back-end: PHP Laravel, PostgreSQL

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