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Shop as Group - Brand new Magento Extension by TRooTech

GROUP OFFERS is a sound method to Gain New Customers + Increase Sales naturally. Here is the Best Magento eCommerce Extension for Offers

We developed “Shop as Group” Magento Extension considering our responsibility towards being the best Magento eCommerce development agency to strengthen online stores. The Shop as Group: Best Magento eCommerce Extension allows users to create groups and shop, on which discounts and rewards specified by the admin will be applicable.

Let’s allow your customer to create or join a group at a time and help them to begin shopping


Let's Have a Deep Dive into the Features of Shop as Group: Best Magento Ecommerce Extension

Create Group

We created this Magento extension to give your customer a more reliable shopping experience in your magento ecommerce store development. Every customer like offers and discounts for shopping. They also prefer group shopping. Just like other social media apps, by enabling this extension, your customer can create a group and invite their friends through link sharing. Group admin can manage users and group detail through the dashboard. Only group admin has rights to remove any user from the group. This makes Shop as Group: best magento eCommerce extension. Here is the glimpse of this ultimate feature. Check it out.

Group Request

Every group admin can share invitation links through social media, email, chat, etc. If the invited user has already signed up to your eCommerce site then he can directly accept the invitation through login otherwise he has to proceed with registration. It will be the brick-and-mortar for getting new customers in your online eCommerce store development. Every group member can edit and update group details but they cannot remove other users. They can see the latest offers from the group dashboard. Just have a look at Shop as Group: Best Magento eCommerce Extension which can help you to get new customers naturally.

Group Management Backend

As an admin, you will like to explore details like group creator name, group code, total members, validity, member details, individual shopping amount, group shopping amount, and group detail. You will have all the rights to manage every group and its details through the admin panel. You can add or edit groups from the backend in Magento: Best eCommerce Development Company

Offer Creation

It’s time to create offers for your customers to raise your sales and make unique branding in the market. There are lots of parameters for creating unique offers for your customers. If you own multiple eCommerce niches and categories on your single platform then also you can set the same/different offer for them. Maybe you are thinking about how it’s possible. As we said, this extension provides so many parameters to create offers. Have a look at those ideal parameters.

Redeem Offers (For Your Customers)

We know that you waited so long to know how your customers can redeem your offers. As we said, every customer can see offers specific to their group as a coupon code from the dashboard. Whenever a customer proceeds for checkout, he/she can use this coupon code and get the benefit of the offer in Shop as Group: Best Magento eCommerce Extension. Let’s have a look.


Comparing All Discount Types, Their Benefits and Cons VS Shop as Group: Best Magento eCommerce Extension

General Discount Offers


Quick Way To Drive Sales: They’re Effective! Customers like a good deal for their money and it is a quick way to get your sales up.

Attract New Customers: A worthwhile discount can get some heads turned for customers who are in the process of deciding to buy the product.

Clear Out Old Stock: Have sluggish products from last season? Be gone with them by offering selective discounts so you won’t have a hold-up!


Inviting the Wrong Attention: Discounts can attract customers who are simply driven by a good bargain. It can also set a bad precedent for the future.

Shifting Focus on Price: Your tactic could convert the emphasis on price, leading you down a cutthroat journey at achieving the cheapest prices.

Cut in Profit: Just as the headline suggests, the most obvious disadvantage is the cut in what you could have been making.

Time-Based Deals


New Customer to Repeat Customers: This can increase the lifetime value of each customer, justifying your higher customer acquisition cost.

High Value of Sales: For a short time period your sales go very high. It helps you to get a remarkable product sale goal.

Increase Demand Products: These time-based deals help you to increase demand for your product in the market.



Clearly Understandable Intention: Not everyone may be deluded by the attractiveness of your time-based deals.

Lack of Stock: There’s a chance that your time-based deal will become highly demanded. Such items may soon run out of stock.

Products May not Appeal: Sometimes it’s possible to choose the wrong time-based deal and damage the campaign.


Brand Specific Deals


Targeting Brand Lovers: Offering their brand products at reduced prices encourage customers to make more purchases as they are already loyal to the brands. 

Brand Popularity: As the brands are already popular, it is advantageous obviously to an extent which increases the value of the offer or discount

Increase In Sales: Brand products sell fast so there is always an advantage of the increase in sales number



Risk of Losing Profits from Lower Margin: Possible to end up without profiting much

Raising Suspicion: It can make your customers suspicious about the product quality and bad stocks   

Other Brands get Subsided Focus: Just as the headline suggests, the most obvious disadvantage is the cut in what you could have been making on other brands

Combine All The Benefits from Above and Look Into Shop as Group: Best Magento eCommerce Extension for Group Offers

Easy Customer Acquisition: Finding new customers will be easy. Your old customer will invite new people to join their group for shopping

Offers Specific for Group Buying: Not just simple discounts but making offers for only those who make groups gives an added advanced and a change to conventional buying behavior

Shop as Group: Best Magento eCommerce Extension For Every Online Store or Marketplace

It’s a one-time straightforward cost with unlimited free upgrades to all it’s new versions