Similar App Development

Similar App Development

With Similar App Development, we improve or change an existing popular and successful app idea for your business.

Your idea of app development is always unique but generally inspired by what you see around. And by around we mean the existing apps in your sight.

Following an inspiration, especially the very strong businesses in the online world is actually the sanest advice you will get.

We at TRooTech are utterly dedicated to helping you follow your thought inspiration for app ideas looking at the big players like LinkedIn, Uber, Thumbtack, OpenTable, Poshmark and many more listed below.

Imagining yourself to become equivalent to these popular businesses is foolish, but hey, Where in the history has the sensible ever created a fortune?


Topics of Similar App Development:

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  • Poshmark Similar App Development
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The Growth Story of
The Success Story Of Netflix And The Next Chapter Of Progress
All Blogs > Similar App Development> Netflix
The Success story of Netflix is an inspiring tale for many young entrepreneurs. Bringing a peppy and energetic notion in the streaming industry, Netflix becomes a craze in the center of digital revolution.

The Article gives in-depth insights into the journey of Netflix form small DVD rental platform to one of the most impactful name in streaming and entertainment industry.

Comparison of the Uber and Airbnb App Models: Choose Any For Your Startup
All Blogs > Similar App Development>  AirBNB > Uber
These companies represent a new trend in the types of business that investors prefer, all this is the result of their adaptive and straightforward business models.

The Uber and Airbnb businesses are the most disruptive business in their niche without even owning the most basically needed resources, but if we compare them, they are the very different implementation.

List Of 9 Unique Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

Approve or Ignore, ‘Swipe right’ to get matched, ‘Swipe left’ to pass on, ‘Swipe left’ to cancel, ‘Swipe right’ to smile.

The simple elegant user interface of tinder is going to be the hottest trend in the upcoming years, with rapid development in the field of AI and machine learning, the swiping interface is attracting the young minds to come up with innovative ideas to implement the model in different niches.

The article gives 9 early adopters of the who have used tinder’s swiping interface for different niches.