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No longer is the social media enterprise platforms the only web place to find long lost friends and connect. It is burgeoning at a rapid pace into connecting multiple businesses through the Android and iOS technology across the world under many niche segmentations already trying to knock into the user’s digital space to be the first in the industry to direct them to the future of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Restructure the traditional norms of social media industry and get your audiences on board to make your business happen from the wide variety of niche to target.

Social Media Enterprise Platforms: Segments & Niches We Highly Assist On

Blogging As A Social Media Enterprise Platform

Providing a full spectrum of services that help the social media business with the ease to manage the business by implementing our strategic planning into the features like Registration module for the user’s end, backend handling and control for the admin side, catalog management of the blog, subscription of blogs, content management system, and secure payment gateways.


Blogging as a social media platform is most preferably used by the young adults and the people above, mostly as a hobby or as a marketing aspect of their business.


The US audience is the most active bloggers and readers as compared with the other people. After US, the UK audience stands tall to contribute with their blogging skill.


The users prefer website over Android and then stands iOS device users.


The users for blogging are mostly males who use it mostly for the marketing and business purpose and then as a hobby while the females are matching up with the numbers as the bloggers.


Pay-per-click and on-site ads


Featured Articles Subscription


Membership plan to post/access some blogs


Signups, bookmarks, remembering choices, preferences, and categories, read time can be shown with the help of the words count.


Content management, updating categories, blocking unauthorized users and partner website linking.


Marketing will be done by the bloggers who share the posts on various social media platforms.


Analysis (time on-site, bounce rate, popular), ad structure analysis, and cost-per-click calculation.

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Microblogging – A Platform To Share Your Thoughts To Read

With lots of potential users to join and spread daily short burst of messages, we intensively develop web app and mobile app for the microblogging platform that helps the businesses to handle the overall functionality of the platform by comprehensively developed backend and accommodate the new accounts in the platform.


The microblogging platform is widely used by the teenagers and young adults as a source of providing entertainment to others.


In the demographical terms, the US audience is the most active users for the microblogging platforms. While the Asian audience is the second most active audience in terms of demographics and UK stands tall after both the demographics. Australian audience is comparatively less engaged in microblogging.


Android and iOS technology works far better than web application for micro blogging platform.


It is more widely accepted by the males across the world while the females lag a little behind when it comes to getting engaged for microblogging.


Ads of various trends, products, services, pages, etc.


The data licensing is done for the micro blogs as and when the user approaches.


Featuring of various micro blogs, trends, products, posts, accounts.


Constantly updating the modules and features as per the demand of the micro bloggers on the platform.


Acquisition of more users on the platform.

Social Presence

Letting the users to link their micro blogging account with other social media platform so that the marketing can happen easily.


Analytical reports (posts, new user added, account created, demographics, bounce rate, time on-site)

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Image Sharing Platform – Share, Sell And Storage For Photos

The image sharing platforms are to be classified on the basis of the niche and accordingly we put our corporeal efforts in the development of such platforms by intensive UI/ UX design, navigation of the platform, and provoking the end-users for the interactivity towards the platform.


Such a platform is more popular among the people with the age group of 15-40 years.


In the matter of demographics, the US audience should be the main target as such a platform is extensively used by them. While the audience of Asia and UK are respectively pacing up and increasing their usage on an image sharing platform.


Since such a platform needs the ease to upload and share pictures, a primary web app platform is a big no for an image sharing platform. Android and iOS technologies are the best solution to build a social sharing application.


Advertisement model


Featuring photos/videos/stories


Subscription for advanced features


Allowing the login through other social accounts, updating features, remembering the authorized application of the users.

Revenue Model

Managing the revenue structure that is obtained from the application, linking the revenue model with other social media accounts. (as in adverts)

User Management

Statistics about the new users, new accounts, business accounts, etc. can be shown.


Allowing the users to share the images on other social media so that promotions can be made possible with word of mouth as well.

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Audio Sharing – A Music Sharing Platform

The audio sharing social media platform developed for the sharing of the audio files is very niche specific. Thus, we exhibit our experience in managing audio catalog, series playlist, bandwidth adjustment, rewards and loyalty points, genres, handling the purchase of audio labels and rights, allowing premium services, eliminating the repetitive ads for an enhanced user experience, clicks per-ad analysis and calculations, progressive download, streaming media, and providing ease to access audio


Audio industry mostly influences the audiences with the age of 20-40 years. While the younger generation prefer video streaming over audio streaming.


US audience has the most active user base for the audio streaming industry.
UK users have medium engagement while Asian and Australian audiences are more into visual content.

Europe and America lead the world of online auction sites, while Australia and Asia have less number of audiences involved in bidding sites.


Android and iOS technology provided that they give the ease to access and are more preferred over websites for audio streaming.


Audio streaming is a male dominant industry while females interact at a slow pace.


The revenue generation is carried out by introducing advertisement models including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll models.

Premium Features

Providing the upgrades of accounts to premium services for more features.


Allowing the users to make audio uploads, genres categorizing, handling radio, moods, managing song catalogs, pseudo streaming, streaming media, and upgrading user accounts to premium services.


Purchasing audio rights and labels, managing releases, sorting various categories, and supporting multiple languages.

Global Platforms

Involving the global audience so that they can share the music on other platforms thereby providing them with the ease to market.


Analysis and reports about loyal users, new users, time on-site, bounce rate, and user interactions.

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Video Sharing Platform – Most Trending of Industry

With our deep-rooted knowledge about the video sharing social media platforms, we provide the development of a full spectrum of services like series playlists, fool-proof revenue models, live streaming, media streaming and progressive downloads, creating user signups/sign ins, managing video catalogs, enabling search by channels and by videos, providing video upload options, saving user’s uploaded videos in the server, membership modules, and advertise management.


The audience for the video sharing and streaming platforms are mostly the teenagers and young adults. While the people around the age of 40-55 are also on-board with the video sharing platform though with a lesser engagement.


On the basis of the demographics, the Europe and the South Asian users have the highest video consuming rate, and comparatively North America have got lower number of audience engaged in such a platform.


For the video streaming platforms, the web apps and iOS technology are lagging a bit from the android technology.


SVOD (Unlimited video consumption at a flat price), TVOD (Permanent access to a video or renting a video), Pay per view.


AVOD with pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.

User Management

Allowing the users to upload the videos, sharing on the social media platforms, and video on demand, managing releases, and monitoring advertisement modules.


Providing the users to view the videos for the ad-free subscription and monitoring the videos on rent.


Traffic will be obtained from the other social media platforms that has got the platform linked to it.


Analytical reports for the popular channels, views, and bounce rate, total watch time, members with subscription plans.

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Are You Looking For Modules And Features Need To Develop Your Social Media App? Don’t Worry We Listed Them Below.

Impact On The Type Of Market By Your Unique Business Idea Of Social Media Industry

social media enterprise impact of the business trootech business solutions

On the basis of the type of Social Media Platform, whether blogging, micro blogging, audio sharing, video sharing or image sharing, we define the entire flow of the application and brainstorm for the functionality that complements the concept of the application.

social media enterprise user personas trootech business solutions

For targeting the audience for a longer time, we build enticing application for the platform which compels the user to have it into his digital space.

social media enterprise demand based marketing trootech business solutions

In order to get reach into the application space of every possible audience, we strategize the flow by understanding their choices and preferences on the basis of their demographics, age, and gender.

social media enterprise features trootech business solutions

Our deep-rooted expertise in the field keeps us away from stuffing functionality instead of making the product feature-rich. Thus, we plan features that serve the basic purpose of the web application and further try to enhance the features considering the futuristic demands.

Want To Know Which Strategies We Use For Social Media App Development?


Any industry or business requires a seed to be sown before it flourishes, and our seed here is the idea that clients bring to us for its development into a fully function application that fulfills their vision behind embarking the project development.


We believe in making our ground work sturdy with extensive research on all the aspects related to the idea under consideration, as this research will be portrayed in the application that will be delivered at the end.

Clarity of functions

After conducting deep research on the idea, we come up with a list of functionalities that will be reflected in the application. All the features are listed in this stage, whether they are basic, advanced or suggested by us.


This is the time when the techies enter the scene and the entire strategy is planned on the basis of the research and the features to be added into the application. This process is carried out into two stages: Design Strategy & Technical Strategy.


After planning the strategies for designing the front-end with the customer satisfaction to the brim, we focus on the creating brand awareness with the effective design and placements of brand logos, favicons, and taglines.


On the journey to reach a fully-functional application, priority and detailed attention is given to the UI design for enhancing the appearance and UX for a feel-good factor of the application.

Database Architecture

For getting access to the data within instants, we employ practical database architecture that helps the application to provide content and viewing ability without a lot buffer time.

Front-End Development

All the results of the above phases are poured in this stage to design the front end as per the design that is visualized and fabricated by the designers in the former stages. This gives birth to an impressive front end which then goes into next phase to become functional.

Back-End Development

Time to pour life into the front end developed in the previous stage. The backend is designed to control, handle, and manage the entire application, a function-rich back end is designed for the admin end.


Once the modules are done with the integration to form a complete application, testing of each function and module is undertaken. By making use of unit, regression and integration testing, bugs that pop-up are fixed and the maintenance of the application is done.

User Acceptance Testing/Client Review

Once the flow of the project is constructed, we re-validate the direction and aspects leading till the end, and hence, we are able to keep our promise of delivering the best in the market within the estimated time frame.


After the entire project is ready and confirmed by the client too, then comes the actual time for its deployment. In the deployment stage, the application is handed over to the client, configured and explained in detail.

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