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Make Your Own Community, Sound TROO!

Social Media Platforms, Social Networking Platforms, Social Bookmarking Platforms

Social Media and Networking

Social Media, Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Platforms

Getting social today is so vital today in 2015 that you never know and an online social platform can turn almost to everything. It has the most CRUCIAL POTENT of collecting users at one place, the very first revenue which each online business looks for, Traffic! Get to us for your own absolute social networking/media/bookmarking solution.

TRooTech Approach

Accelerate With TROO! Approach

Social platforms handcrafted by TRooTech experts will integrate all the latest tools gearing up the development process effectively. One stop solution for documentation, prototyping, designing, development, integration and testing.

AMC with TRooTech

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We believe in a long-term partnership with our clients for smooth and effective product delivery. For this purpose we provide a yearlong contract which takes away all your site/business related worries in terms of glitches or updates.

Win-Win with TRooTech

Win-Win Situation

We provide you custom tailored product for your business so it’s the best service you can get in the market. That’s 1st WIN. We on other hand, start by demonstrating and integrating standard features and platform for your business and then build on that. This is cost effective for you and time stipulated for us and that right there is our 2nd WIN

You Envision, While We Would Like to Tailor Your Half Part with Below Mentioned Important Modules

Do Check Them!

The Networking Module

Most rigid on functional scope however involves lot of space for innovations. Every social platform wherein users are signing up will look for connecting with the like interest people, people who inspire them, people whom they inspire, attractions and most importantly a medium to just connect! Connection is truly so important for humans

The connections module starting from simply being a request for connection and acceptance to grouping up, following and getting followers, degree of connections based on the mutual proximity like LinkedIn, Geo IP based proximity to suggest nearby users to connect and most important of all, allowing the users to invite users through email and 3rd Party APIs available of successful social network platforms. Making up of your community on your platform starts with the networking model you choose.


Let us know your peculiar idea for networking module or we will suggest a best hybrid networking module possible.

The Sharing Module

A Sharing Module

You got the users, fine. What are they looking for? Read, listen, view and learn what others are doing on the platform while trying to make reachable their activities on the platform to their connections.

This is possible with the structure you plan for the sharing of activities and stuff people are doing on the platform. This is a wide module which includes a set of features based on the core concept and niche of the social networking and media platform.

Messaging: Text Chat (one-to-one, one-to-many), remember every texting person is not in a relationship ( wink emoticon Gig moment)

Calling function: Voice calls and Video calls

Content sharing: For sharing publically to the community of platform – possibly a PMB (Public Message Board) similar to Facebook Wall feature, privately to selective members and grouping for intended members like a personalized broadcast

Profile Boards | Micro Websites | Pages

On every social platform including visitors and users, around 70 percent people are interested to look in other’s stuff rather than managing their own – based on a TROO! study case

Let’s think about the 30% remaining who are actually interested in creating and posting some good stuff and inspire rest 70% of the community. These people need some space on the platform where they can convey what they have to present, now-a-days this purpose is fulfilled with following modules and features,

Profile Boards – Generally profiles of the users is that important space where they can keep the content they want to depict on the platform, a recognition of that user who wants to make their presence felt, a conveyance medium

Pages – One step ahead for the conveyance medium, providing users with their own page on a website gives a feeling of having their one page website and the cherry for them is being on the same social platform they want to be on, their own community which they chose to be in

Micro Websites – This is TROO! amazing feature popular recently, give your users a micro website allowing them to create a kind of custom website using the options available on your platform and give them a sub- domain for this micro website. Feel the hysteria of your users now.

TROO! brain is processing more thoughts for you meanwhile you liked or would want to have your exclusive planned module here, our mailbox is awaiting to hear from you

Revenue Model

No Revenue – Revenue model(s) as talked about could be very strong for social platforms, the key revenue model is no revenue at first!

When you don’t target any revenue at first from the website and just make it open for the users to get used to your platform, it’s your TROO! investment. This is must for startup social businesses today.

Membership Plans – most common of all, however, most successful as well. Strategizing the membership plans uniquely is quite important making sure that the users can peek into the features you are planning to monetize on however shouldn’t be able to access extensively. This creates excitement and makes your job done.

Credits Model – In addition to membership plans, credits based model is the success key for a good revenue. It is like you give users some loyalty points for they are staying on your website/app and performing different activities. Make some features accessible through membership plan or certain number of credits so that if not making any purchase on the platform, users at least stay to earn free credit points and use them to unlock features.

Another advantage of credits model is that if you are a startup and don’t have still a good amount of traffic, you can provoke earning credit points on Invitations that users send to their other phone contacts, social contacts and email contacts who are not already registered with the platform. That’s called Referral model.

Banner Advertisement – custom banner ads is a comprehensive module which can give you flexibility to get revenue deciding whatever rate you want to keep for your banner spaces

Banners containing ads from different Ad Networks like Google Adsense, etc. is also a type of revenue but should be secondary one to any above.

Let’s tailor your solution with a best possible combination here or generate a new model based on your thoughts, reach us today!

Possibly That Sounds Great! Hmmm. . . any questons on getting started?

It’s ridiculously simple! Just have a look below 🙂

A TROO! Process

Let’s get in touch – contact us today and we will reach out to you in best time to discuss your important requirements and understand your concept for your business. Following our requirements gathering phase, we will present you the best suggestion and solution possible for your solution to consolidate your requirements with us.

You will get a TROO! quote in a short time following our important discussion and the time stipulation for the work required for your review and confirmation – next is an inception of our mutually beneficial long-term business relationship!

What programming languages/technologies will be used for your solution?

The ideal language to code social media and social networking solution is Core PHP using scalable and secure structure with high concentration to JS, Ajax, jQuery, AngularJS etc. to provide your users a classic web 2.0 experience while concentrating simplicity and integrity as well. Coding will be based on the core standard structure excluding any 3rd party frameworks for scalability, agility, flexibility and optimum quality.

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