No longer is the social media industry the only web place to find long lost friends and connect. Social media app development business is burgeoning at a rapid pace. It connects multiple businesses through Android and iOS technology across the world under many niche segmentation already trying to knock into the user’s digital space to be the first in the industry to direct them to the future of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Restructure the traditional norms of social media app development and get your audiences on board to make your business happen from the wide variety of niches to target.

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Business Niches of Social Media Apps Development

App development for

As social media app development company, we provide a full spectrum of services for the blogging platform app that help the social media business with the ease to manage the business by implementing our strategic planning into the features like registration module for the user’s end, back-end handling and control for the admin side, catalog management of the blog, subscription of blogs, content management system, and secure payment gateways.

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Blogging platform app as a social networking site is most preferably used by young adults and the people above, mostly as a hobby or as a marketing aspect of their business.


The US audience is the most active users (bloggers and readers) of the blogging platform app as compared to the other people. After the US, the UK audience stands tall to contribute with their blogging skill.


For app development for blogging platform, the website is preferable over Android and then stands iOS device users.


Mostly the males use the Blogging platform app for marketing and business purpose. While females are matching up with the numbers to use the Blogging platform app mostly as a hobby or even for freelance blogging.


The PPC model can be used in app development for blogging platform where the bloggers are charged on the basis of the pay per click (the number of times the blog or the content gets clicked on the app).


Membership fee can be charged to the bloggers to post their content on blogging platform app and to the blog readers to read the content.


A subscription fee can be charged to the users to post or access the featured blogs or content from the blogging platform app.

Easy tracking of competition

The users can effortlessly check out the level of competition with just a few clicks to fetch a competition chart.

Full product review support to customers

The customer gets complete help in knowing the positive, neutral or negative experiences of the product/service users and make a purchase accordingly.

Effortless Marketing

The marketing of the blogging platform is made much easier with increased potential customers or the fan followers of all the bloggers who post their blog on the blogging platform app.

Simple Reporting

The reports on the most popular blogs, advertising structure, and PPC matrix is made simple with the rich features of the blogging platform app.

Features for Development of Blogging Platform

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App development for

With lots of potential users to join and spread the daily short burst of messages, we as social media app development company intensively develop web app and mobile app for the microblogging platform that helps the businesses to handle the overall functionality of the platform by comprehensively developing backend and accommodating the new accounts in the platform.

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The microblogging platform app is extensively used by matured adults, young adult travelers or foodies and even the people falling under the age group of 35-50 years.


Geographically, the US and UK audience are the most active users of the microblogging platform app. While the Asian audience is the second most active audience followed by the UK audience standing tall in terms of app usage.


Android andiOS technology work far better than web application in the app development for the microblogging platform.


It is more widely accepted by the males across the world. While the females lag a little behind when it comes to getting engaged for microblogging platform app.


In-app development for the microblogging platform, the company can earn revenue from ads of various trends, products, services, pages, etc.


The data licensing is done for the microblogs as and when the user approaches.


Featuring of various microblogs, trends, products, posts, accounts are also the source of revenue in the app development for microblogging platform.

  • Microblogging is a much comfortable online platform for the users to message, post pictures, present skills, videos and much more for their personal as well as professional use.
  • Any business being a member of the microblogging platform app get all the riches to triggers a mass for marketing their products, showcasing their technology or conducting campaigns.
  • The security feature helps the users to have strong privacy settings on their account personally.
  • The customer and the blogger can customize on activating specific features as offered on the microblogging platform app.
  • Any type of payment conducted on the microblogging platform app is much simpler with third-party payment integration, accepting credit cards, net banking, and other payment modes.
  • Owning a microblogging platform app helps the business to transform into a highly functional mechanism.
  • Speedy and efficient notifications on the errors or issues occurring on the app and on the online business process.
  • The reports on the increase in the rate of new app users, decrease in the rate of the app users and amount of the income earned from the microblogging platform app can be fetched easily.
  • Monitoring the microblogs or posts on the app to help the users to have a hassle free surf on the app.

Features for Microblogging Platform Development

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App Development for
Social Image Sharing

People are developing a craze to use the image sharing apps across the globe. With demand reaching the rim of the basket, the image sharing platform development owners need to incorporate newer trends in image sharing. We as social media app development company put our efforts in such social networking site development by intensive UI/ UX design, navigation of the platform, and provoking the end-users for the interactivity towards the platform.

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Image sharing platform is more popular among the people with the age group of 15-40 years.


In the matter of demographics, the US audience should be the main target as image sharing platform is extensively used by them. While the audience of Asia and UK are respectively pacing up and increasing their usage on an image sharing platform.


Since such platform needs the ease to upload and share pictures, a primaryweb application is a big no for an image sharing platform development. Android and iOS technologies are the best solution for such social networking site development.


Image sharing platform usage is dominated by females but males are not far behind.


Image sharing platform development provider can charge the advertisement fees for the usage of the ad posting service.

Featured Post

The additional fee is charged to any business who want to highlight their post as featured on the top of the page.


The users who pay the subscription fees can enjoy the new or smart features introduced on the image sharing platform.

  • In image sharing platform development a high-end customization specifically for the targeted niche is very much possible be it banning the commercial use or allowing the commercial use on the app.
  • Use of HDR technology in image sharing platform development now helps to give a deep clarity on the image with balanced shading and picture sharpness making it more interesting for the users.
  • The login process is much speedy as the user can even login directly with their other social accounts.
  • Through image sharing platform development details about the new user accounts, highest viewed post, highest shared post and other reports are easy to fetch.
  • With other social media extensions linked on the app, dragging their users to pay a visit to the image sharing platform gives more customer leads in a short time span.

Features for Image Sharing App Development

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App development for
Audio Sharing Platform

As social media app development company we exhibit our experience in audio sharing app development through managing audio catalog, series playlist, bandwidth adjustment, rewards and loyalty points, genres, handling the purchase of audio labels and rights, allowing premium services, eliminating the repetitive ads for an enhanced user experience, clicks per-ad analysis and calculations, progressive download, streaming media, and providing ease to access audio.

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Audio industry mostly influences the audiences with the age of 20-40 years.


US audience has the most active user base for the audio sharing industry whereas UK users have the medium engagement.


Android and iOS technology are more preferred over websites for audio sharing app development because they give ease to access.


Audio streaming is a male dominant industry while females interact at a slow pace.


The revenue generation in audio sharing app development is carried out by introducing advertisement models including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll models.

Premium Features

Providing the upgrades of accounts to premium services for more features in audio sharing app development is also another source of revenue.

  • Increased in the usage of audio sharing app as it’s features are much convenient for the customers, publishers, radio stations and the singers.
  • Transforming audio sharing services on to cell phones has increased the user feasibility to access the app.
  • Quality sound effects and voice modulations in audio sharing app development help fetch highly engaged listeners.
  • The audience listening to the radio, podcasts, concerts, music and other types of the playlist is growing with the trending music streaming industry. Audio sharing platform has experienced an upward slope in its growth map.
  • Effortless marketing as the artist themselves can post their most featured playlist, automatically giving the audio sharing app more updates and music pieces to offer to the customers.
  • More subscribers generate more revenue as the audio sharing app development offer all smart feature of the mobile app technologies like listening to a music when offline and much more customized services.

Features for Audio Sharing Platform Development

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App Development for
Video Sharing Platform

With our deep-rooted knowledge in the video-sharing app development, we as social media app development company provide the full spectrum of services like series playlists, fool-proof revenue models, live streaming, media streaming and progressive downloads, creating user sign-ups/sign-ins, managing video catalogs, enabling search by channels and by videos, providing video upload options, saving user’s uploaded videos in the server, membership modules, and advertise management.

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The audience for the video sharing and streaming platforms are mostly the teenagers and young adults. While the people around the age of 40-55 are also on-board with the video sharing platform though with a lesser engagement.


On the basis of the demographics, Europe and the South Asian users have the highest video consuming rate and North America has got a lower number of the audience engaged in such platform.


The web application and iOS technology are lagging a bit from the android technology in video sharing app development.


Males are more active as compared to females on video sharing app.

Subscription Video on Demand

SVOD(Subscription Video on Demand) is a major source of revenue in video sharing app development which provides unlimited video consumption at a flat rate price.

Transactional Video on Demand

TVOD(Transactional Video on Demand) or Pay Per view provides permanent access to a video or renting a video.

Advertising Video on Demand

AVOD(Advertising Video on Demand) is free for users but they have to watch the pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll advertisements.

  • While posting a video, compact and quality features in video sharing app development can help increase the user experience.
  • The user who posts the videos can control the size of the video and other features to fine display it on the customer mobile screen.
  • An open platform for the one who wants to upload videos for professional or personal use and even for the customers who want to watch specific videos and content.
  • Wide online presence with features that help to share the videos with other social media platforms.
  • Advanced video analytics in video sharing app development helps to map out the highest viewed or shared videos, the rate of increase in the number of the users and other detailed reports.

Features for Video Sharing App Development

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How your Idea can Impact on the type of Market

Impact on Business

The social media industry is now becoming wide and vast with global socialization. No doubt the users are accepting the addiction of the social media apps, they are also staying conscious of the data security when using it for personal as well as professional use. Furthermore, the public worldwide is rolling up their sleeves to try new features and creatives introduced on the apps at large.

User Persona

The ratio of the social media app users is shooting up with a constant increase. They are already showing more involvement in even marketing the unique and user-friendly apps that have high intractability./span>

Demand Based Marketing

Social media app development hits a bullseye on the automatic marketing of the app with crafting the exact features most preferred by the audience as a whole. With not skipping on any emotions of the people, the sleek and smart web or mobile app becomes a success saga with satisfying the social taste buds of the users

Detailed Process of Social Media App Development

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