the Project Overview

Enterprises are long term delivery entities into their business domain and one such techno media enterprise is Sparsa Digital Pvt. Ltd. SparsaTV is an idea of custom app that serves customized audio video contents for retail environment, allows delivery of marketing video content on digital public area screens, say digital hoarding boards, hospitals, junctions and more targeted physically crowded areas. The app planning targeted scheduling the video advertisement content of different vendors through a customized cloud storage solution and content management network. The app was idealized to be developed in native android environment since Android is taking over smart TVs network quickly. The app is structured to be installed on a custom digital set-top box supporting the Android OS into it. TRooTech was approached by Sparsa Digital looking at the digital tenacity of our Founder and CTO, Priyank Dobariya in 2014 and since then it’s been continued efforts of TRooTech to rightly serve the dynamic requirements on the app.

the Challange

Channeling the video content of different vendor advertisements seemed to be a straight process of uploading the content from the back end admin console and stream those videos scheduled in a proper way, however that for a mobile app if it was one. Native Android App for custom android box was a whole new level of experience. The resolution support needed to implement 10 Foot UI Expertise from our team. Down the line, handling the video resolutions for so dynamic sizes and shapes of digital screens was a continuous hurdle. With the increased vendor database, the size of video content needed a strong bandwidth management solution which even cloud storage was short to provide so a definite solution for optimizing the code became first priority.

the Solution

Native Android App development gave us a good freedom of code handling and continuous alterations for optimization of code. The solution to the over bandwidth usage was intelligently storing the videos into screen end systems and make them play yet with the connection of server through the app. Sounds too complex however we literally achieved more efficient method but similar to the “Watch Offline” mode of YouTube wherein the videos get downloaded into user system where they are playing and still can be accessed through the app only without the internet connection. That gave us the feeling of achieving a solution to the very engrossing enterprise problem and we just felt the bliss then. Hands joined with Sparsa Digital are persistent.

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