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The concept of custom Airbnb clone is equally renowned as Airbnb itself, reason is evident: Airbnb similar app development is the most adaptable digital business model ever

BUT WHY AIRBNB SIMILAR APP DEVELOPMENT? When travel and hospitality are talked about, the C2C marketplace – Airbnb is sure to make a huge point of discussion. And it is obvious, what say? What Uber is to taxi service, Airbnb is to vacation rentals, home accommodations, and Bed and breakfast service. Airbnb is an online peer-to-peer marketplace that allows owners to list their properties and set the rents per day, per week or per month. Thus, getting property owners on-board, Airbnb gives them the opportunity have revenue from renting their houses on the platform. For the customer’s side, Airbnb helps the travelers to book home stays from local hosts by saving them money through offer based deal-making and giving them a chance to interact with the locals. Not restricting to the customer convenience, it assists users to even book vacation homes at the very instant!


The struggle of the users – looking for a rental once they reach their destination and paying off extra for the hotel rooms was foreseen by Airbnb and ultimately re-vamped into a completely customer-centric application that added the property owners into the picture.

Airbnb is one of its peer-to-peer marketplace kinds since it gives priority to the customer’s satisfaction more than anything else.

The customer gets a vacation rental of his own choice within his determined budget and the host makes money while renting space or sometimes he/she rents to fill the time slot for which they are not present at their property.

Thus, customers get a home for a comfortable stay while on vacation and hosts, earn money by renting them their space.

Hence, both the traveler and the property owner show ready involvement towards the service through this platform.

What’s more, Airbnb gets the stakes out of it. Revenue for just connecting the right people!

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These are the most scalable stack of mobile technologies we use to build a stable and functional Airbnb application for your startup


Single User Profiles for Hosts and Guests

Single integrated profiles for a user, so that a user can act as guest and book from the listing. Or, the user can act as a host and list their own house as well.



Smart Chat Module

The guest chat with 24*7 customer support for any queries before booking and with hosts after booking.



Listing Detail Page

Showing the images, house details, amenities, rules, booking parameters, offers, pricing, calendar, booking options, and host details.


Price Calculator

The guest can calculate total accomodation cost for their trip, whereas the host can get insights about ideal price for their place.



Advanced Search Module

Search result page with advanced sorting and detailed filters showing the nearby listings and list and map views.



Multiple Payment Options

For users to browse the types of houses available for rent on the platform.



Travel and Tourism

Allow the host users to send personalized emails and bulk emails to their guests or interested users who have shown interest in their property.

Meal Hosting and Booking Website

Allowing users to cook and host meals on the platform and other users to book table/seat with them.

Hotel & Restaurant Reservation System

For booking of hotel rooms individually partnered by the platform owner and booking of tables in case of restaurants.

Activities Booking Websites

Specifically for booking of popular activities like sightseeing, bike riding, museums and attraction visits, and the like.

Drop Shipment Booking

Booking logistics and transportation with per hour price to drop-ship the products.

Event Booking Platform

A platform for hosting different events and allow booking tickets for an event, registering for concert shows, and making reservations for the same.

Unlocking More Possibilities

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Commission percentage goes to Airbnb from each booking of a host from the platform.

Subscription Fees from Hosts

Listing Based: Allowing only a certain number of listings to the hosts and unlocking access to more listing if needed.
Membership-Based: Accepting the joining of hosts based on fixed one-time membership fees.

House Category based Pricing

Differentiating pricing based on different house types listing.

Cancellation Fees

Charging a fixed amount of fees to the host or guest, when any of the user cancels the booking.

Tech Stack for Building an App like Airbnb

These are the most scalable stack of mobile technologies we use to build a stable and functional Uber-similar application for your startup

Native Android

Android Studio


Native iOS

Xcode as Tool

Swift as a Language


MySql as Database

PHP as a Language

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