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Foursquare is a local search and discovery platform that showcases search results in a very innovative way using location tracking and GPS system of your phone. The app enables users to interact with their friends while allowing them to share their location. Foursquare provides personalised recommendations for users about places they can go to; near their location. It provides suggestions for nightlife spots, restaurants, shops and other similar destinations. Users can check-in and notify their social circles about the location and their views about that particular place. Foursquare endows users with badges and makes users “mayor” of places that are frequently visited by them. This amplifies the user experience and makes it more interactive and innovative. Foursquare brings the virtual nature of social media a little closer to reality. Why You Should Consider Foursquare Similar App Development as Next Business Opportunity? Today, online customers are inclined towards using reviews and rating software or apps. The splurge in the peer-to-peer reviews is no secret. Providing a seamless user experience is not only beneficial but has also become inevitable today.

Add to that the application of locations, and it augments the user experiences. And, how can we forget the benefit of reviews and ratings; one could get better Google rankings, enhanced brand recognition and could use reviews as a positive promotion as well! Did you know, 91% of customers read reviews when they want to make a purchase? The need of the hour is to have a business that is deeply involved with reviews and ratings. A simple look at how human psyche works, people tend to believe the majority and especially peers. If a great a number of people are talking positively about something, it must be good. 51% of customers prefer interacting with a business that has positive reviews. Some studies also show that 25%-40% of customers only trust business after reading at least 3 reviews. If you are still not clear about how important reviews are to customers, then take a look at this: 85% of customers trust reviews from strangers as much as they trust reviews by the people they know.

Foursquare; The new wave in Review & Rating Industry

It makes complete sense that reviews are extremely important for all kinds of businesses. But, developing one such business that encapsulates the reviews of all businesses is an uphill task not many people can achieve.

One has to dig out the data, resources, and accrue knowledge about the industry all the while understanding business requirements. Not to forget the marketing research which is a mammoth task which can exhaust the mental and financial aspects, both together.

What could be done about it?

Well, we make this process of developing your business much easier by making it technologically equipped to the extent that you don’t need to worry about the app.


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The app is aimed at local discovery with the help of Geo-location on any mobile device. It allows users to follow others in order to make the discovery process concrete and well-structured.


Registration Module/ Login

Sign-up pages and logins are no secret to anyone now. This feature acts as an entrance gate in the world of Foursquare. It invites the user to the main page of the app and then gives different directions that the user can venture into. The login and Sign-up page makes a ton of data that has to be stored for future reference.



Every user gets a profile that allocates their attribute with the login and sign-up information. This profile can only be modified by the user and it is visible to all the users, unless the user commands otherwise. The user is allowed to update their profiles and all the historical data regarding the user’s activities is stored here.


Search and Search List

Users are enabled to search for different places with the help of the search bar or the search menu. The search option stores the history of searches, making the interface savvy.  Users can look for restaurants and then perhaps get a list of the best restaurants around. Same is the case with other businesses and industries.



History is a great tool to assess the user’s preferences. This means that one can understand what kind of places does the user like to visit and what kind of restaurants does the user search for. This helps businesses identify a pattern among the users. This will serve for future suggestions and recommendations to the user.


Liked Places

If users prefer certain kind of places, they can “like” those places. This can be shared in their social circle and all their friends can come to know about it. Thus, users can come to know about the kind of places that are famous among their friends and peers.


Custom List

Users can have filtered lists of places that they are looking for. Of course, they have lists of different restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, etc. But apart from that, they can also have custom lists to sort out the best of what they are looking for.


Suggestions and Tips

Algorithms now have the intelligence to understand what the user prefers and these algorithms can further be used to suggest the kind of places the user can go to. Apart from suggestions, users can be provided with tips that help them know places better before going to those places physically.



Users can upload photos of places that they have visited. This goes to the social circle of the user and also can be portrayed on the page of the place. Users can come to know about places in advance and businesses can benefit from it too.


Followers and Following

Users can keep in touch with their friends by following them. Each user has followers who can see their regular activities. Similarly, the user can follow others and get updates regarding the kind of places their friends visit.



Users get notifications regarding their social circle’s activities. This makes the app more dynamic and social. It serves as a great tool for promotion of business.


Check In

Users can ‘check-in’ places they visit. This sends a notification to all the people in the social circle of the user. Now, if a particular user is looking for places to visit, then they will be able to see who has checked-in a particular place earlier.



Users can rate places on the basis of their experiences there. This can be a great source of information for other users as peer-to-peer reviews and rating are really essential for any business.

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How do they earn?

Foursquare is a unique concept that has integrated the entire world on the basis of location. It is one of those rare concepts that turns the virtual nature of an app into a real and a solidified world of business.

Foursquare’s location-based model lets its users have easy access to the location of various businesses around them. This not only makes location accessible, but it also allows users to get a better understanding of the business that they are looking into. It allows the user to check-in at various locations and shares their whereabouts and their experience with their social circle. Apart from this, Foursquare allows it’s business users to promote their businesses. This can be done with the help of websites or perhaps by inviting the location-based target audience to their businesses by giving them various promotional offers.

A lot of revenue for Foursquare comes from advertising. The company has six types of advertising solutions. They are Foursquare Audience Network, Place-based ads, Promoted places, Merchant claims, small business ads, data deals, etc. All these advertisements work on the Cost-Per-Action basis enabling the businesses to grow and also bringing in a lot of revenue.

Now, over a long period of time, Foursquare is functioning relentlessly only to be in possession of one of the largest databases. Due to this, Foursquare has the capacity to make some of the most strongest APIs in the market. More than 40% of the company’s revenue comes from data licensing deals with companies like Twitter and Microsoft.

Moreover, Foursquare has now accumulated information of around 65 million locations with millions of check-ins. This only makes Foursquare mightier with all the data.


Tech Stack for Building an App like Foursquare

In order to win against Strava and similar apps, you need to be strong in two aspects–Business model and technology. Your app will be the face of your Strava like business. Hence, you will need the best of the technological stacks for Strava similar app development.

Native Android

Android Studio



Native iOS

Xcode as Tool


Swift as a Language


MySql as Database


PHP as a Language

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