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he only thing a user who seeks entertainment wants is that it stays uninterrupted. YouTube can be considered as one, but then it has got annoying ads popping up either in the middle, start, or at the end of the content. The ads are stitched in a way that they surprise the user by popping up unknowingly which results in their interest ultimately being lost. So, which is that one on-demand video service that strikes your mind when you think of a platform that provides users with: -no additional subscription to view the content uninterrupted by advertisement Netflix it is!

Netflix – The Neoteric Business Idea Of Online Video Streaming App Netflix, an on-demand video serving application is helping the users to browse through the worldwide unlimited stock of content without being distracted by the commercials. The story success of Netflix started with renting out DVDs all across the US, but when the winds of digitization knocked their business door; it took a paradigm shift, keeping the basic idea of serving the entertainment intact while extending its reach to more users and personalizing in the best possible ways. The revenue model for Netflix is simple. It charges some amount of subscription fees from the users who want to get access to unlimited content. It can function on many gadgets and run on various operating systems like Smart TVs, Windows Phones, iOS, Android, PC, Mac OS, etc. It is not wrong to say that Netflix is the buzz word for entertainment app development, especially in current times.

What Makes Netflix Impeccable Business? Know the Ingredients Behind This Giant Business

Netflix stands out from the age-old on-demand video services by providing its users with quality content at an unbroken pace. There are certain unique selling points that can make your Netflix similar app development stand out.

High-Quality Original Content: Netflix is providing a Unique Selling Point to their customers, to create a high quality content, original content for the audience to engage with. Netflix realized the importance of having their own high-quality content to gain a competitive advantage. Furthermore, it involves that the audience gets more and more engaged with the content listed on the platform.

Ratings: Netflix keeps the customers’ experience at the forefront. A couple of years back Netflix replaced 5-star ratings with just like and Dislike buttons to encourage users to provide feedback. On that basis then recommended other titles that the users might enjoy watching.

Commercial Ads Free Content: Nobody likes commercials in between binge-watching their favorite series. The ad stitched in between the popular TV series or movie completely turns off the audience. Still, Netflix makes it possible to enjoy the content without getting distracted even for a second.

Free Trials: Though Netflix has discontinued the 30 Days Free trial offer by the end of 2019, It has helped Netflix gain millions of subscribers over the course of the last decade.






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In-Depth Planning of Netflix Similar App Development with TRooTech

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Often businesses entail into the unknown. When it comes to an understanding similar app development for their project, all it goes into is an abstract view. It is just so important phase in-between to decide the priorities on modules and features according to how the new plans to run their business. We think the below aspects are proven, and tested and better to have with Netflix's similar app development


Registration Module/ Login

The most basic feature without which Netflix similar app development is not possible is the registration feature. The users should be able to register their account on the platform and later login to their accounts for quick access.


User Profile

The users can set up their profile by adding inputs about their preferred genres, directors, actors, shows, movies, etc.


Payment Gateway

With this feature, the users can navigate securely through the payment gateways when they choose to make purchases in the app.


Content Search

The users can search for their preferred content on the basis of genres, user reviews, ratings, actors, movies, TV shows, etc.



In Netflix similar app development, this feature would allow the users to comment on the content, besides providing the ratings for the content.



The users receive a push notification when their subscription gets over/ renewed or when they choose to cancel the subscription or upgrade or downgrade their subscription.


Reviews and Ratings

The users are provided with an option to review and rate the content that they just viewed. This makes it an engaging activity for them on the platform, allowing them to tell other users about the content.


Create a Playlist Manually

Netflix on its own queues up the recommended content on the basis of the algorithms designed as per the preferred choice of the users. Apart from this, the users can choose to create a playlist manually with the user’s preferred list.


Netflix Roulette

The feature lets the users choose the filters like actors, genres, star ratings, and can spin through the content to get access to the content with the minimalist possible effort.



The users are given an option to set the audio tracks, subtitles, on/off, play/pause, rewind button, volume control, etc. with the help of the settings module in the app.


Multiple Device Support

The application of Netflix is responsively made and so it is supported by multiple devices – Smart TVs, Window Phones, iOS, Android, PC, Mac OS, etc. This is an essential feature of Netflix similar app development


Multiple Language Support

By providing support for multiple languages in Netflix similar app development, the users are able to browse through various languages in order to view the content in their preferred language.

The Revenue Model for Netflix Similar App

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Subscription Plan

Basic subscription plan: Using the basic subscription plan, the users can choose to view the content in Standard Definition on a single screen at a time.

Standard Subscription Plan: By subscribing to the standard subscription plan, the users can choose to view the content in High Definition on two screens concurrently.

Premium Subscription Plan: By subscribing to the Premium subscription plan, the users can choose to view the contents in Ultra High Definition on four screens concurrently.


Renting DVDs

Netflix started with the DVD rental service and made it to be the Global internet TV, and it still rents DVDs.
It has also developed an iOS app for selecting and renting videos, and the discs are delivered by mail. With a charge of minimal monthly fees that varies from $5 to $12, Netflix has not compromised with its base revenue model.

Another interesting fact is that the DVD rental plan and streaming services cannot be clubbed and requires separate payments. Thus, renting DVDs acts as a prominent pillar of its revenue model.



Conversion of video format

The last and quite unusual fact of the current revenue model of Netflix is the revenue generation by conversion of video formats. Owing to the need of various commercial streaming platforms’ formats of playing media, Netflix charges them for the conversion. Netflix converts the formats to other commercial streaming formats for other players and makes money.


Renting Content

Apart from the DVDs, your Netflix similar app development platform can even choose to rent out individual videos for a small fee. This way the users can rent the content for a specific period of time and then they lose the authority to view the content.


Download Content

The users can decide to download content for some fee which will be higher than the renting fee. This way the users can store the content by downloading the content and can watch for any number of times they want.

Tech Stack for Building an App like Netflix

se are the most scalable stack of mobile technologies we use to build a stable and functional Netflix Similar App Development for your startup

Native Android

Android Studio



Native iOS

Xcode as Tool


Swift as a Language


MySql as Database


PHP as a Language

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