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Yup! Poshmark is a perfect buy-and-sell online fashion marketplace. It's not the only marketplace but the finest business in the e-commerce industry. You wish to triumph in this immense online marketplace, but how?

Who would want to spare time to visit the stores for shopping, simply when one can do it online with the help of just a few clicks and get things delivered at the doorstep! Complimenting the trends of online shopping, POSHMARK made the brands more affordable to all by allowing the sellers to list out their items for sale in less than 60 seconds and allowing the buyers to easily shop closets and boutiques from over 25 million items and 5,000 brands, as of the date of writing. This is Poshmark – The neoteric C2C eCommerce marketplace. Poshmark got into researching the closets and realized one fact that – Out of all the ways to get rid of old clothes, selling them is definitely the ramen way to make money. Keeping this in mind, the founders of Poshmark designed a business model such that they can get the listings easily by the sellers who don’t mind making some extra money and buyers who love to shop their favorite brands at affordable prices.

Providing Prosperities To Customer For Buying Product From Seller – It’s The Preeminent Factor of Prosperous USP

Poshmark stands out from the traditional C2C marketplace by providing cent percent assurance to its buyers about the quality, cleanliness, and hygiene of the items. There are certain unique selling points by Poshmark that no other C2C marketplace could match up with

Reserve Product: While two buyers are simultaneously providing their details after clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button, what happens is the one who gets through the payment procedure faster owns the item. But in Poshmark, the ‘reserve’ feature helps the buyer to flag the item for 10 minutes so that he can enter his details, and even though he suffers from a slow network issue, he still has the chance to own the product.

In case the buyer abandons the cart, still the product stays as flagged for 10 minutes and then is open for other buyers to buy.

Bundle Buy:  When the user wants to purchase quite a few items from one particular seller, the normal procedure that he goes through is by going on adding to cart one by one item which makes no difference even if the items were by different sellers.

But by using the bundle feature, the buyers can ask the sellers to create a bundle out of the products and the entire package can be sent to the buyers together. This provides the users with the ease to shop for their closets along with all the accessories.



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In-Depth Planning of Poshmark Similar App Development with TRooTech

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Often businesses entail into the unknown. When it comes to an understanding similar app development for their project, all it goes into is an abstract view. It is just so important phase in-between to decide the priorities on modules and features according to how the new plans to run their business. We think the below aspects are proven, and tested and better to have with Poshmark's similar app development


Registration Module/ Login

Users can register, sign up/ login to their accounts by using their mail ids, social accounts or phone numbers.


Customized Choices

Users can list out their unused clothes and accessories using the platform along with the pricing and information about the listing.




Users will be shown the listings of the products from the categories they filter.



Users can filter for the products they want to view by selecting the brands, type of product, events, etc.


Chat Module

Users can like the products they wish to buy and can view all the liked products later as well. They can comment on the products in order to get more information about the products.



Users are provided with the notifications for the new closets that might interest them, order placed, a deal made, purchases, etc.


Buy Now

Users can select ‘Buy Now’ option to get redirected to the payment gateways and check-out.


Multiple Payment Options

Users are provided with multiple payment options for their convenience to make payments using any methods.


Pre-addressed Labels

When users make a sale on the platform, the platform allows them to print pre-paid, pre-addressed label to be directly put on the mailboxes.


Inventory management

When any of the clothing is sold, the inventory management feature is used to remove the information about the product from the closet.



If the buyer wants few more items from one particular seller, the buyer can ask the seller to create a bundle. The new bundled listing will be priced to include multiple items, but the buyer has to hit the buy button once.



A little ‘Reserve’ flag automatically appears on a listing when a buyer clicks on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the listing. It remains there for 10 minutes while they enter their information and complete the purchase.

Market Segmentation for Poshmark Similar App Development


Digital Goods

As the technology and gadgets updates so frequenty, used mobile phones, play stations, Bluetooth devices, PC, laptops, kitchen appliances, TV, etc.


Home and Décor

An Encouraging the sellers to list out their used curtains, furniture, showcase articles, flower pots, etc. for the buyers to view the inventories and buy them.



Sports and Fitness

A marketplace for buying and selling racquets, sportswear, sports accessories, gym machines, etc.



A C2C marketplace for listing out, buying, and selling of the antiques.


The Revenue Model for Poshmark Similar App

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Listing Fees

The sellers are charged with the fees for every listing they make.


Featuring Fees

The users can choose to boost their closets by paying a fixed featuring price


Membership Plans

The users can get an access to listing out more items by subscribing to the membership plans



Commission percentage goes to Poshmark from each purchase a buyer makes.

Tech Stack for Building an App like Poshmark

These are the most scalable stack of mobile technologies we use to build a stable and functional Poshmark Similar App Development for your startup

Native Android

Android Studio



Native iOS

Xcode as Tool


Swift as a Language


MySql as Database


PHP as a Language

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