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Time Before Thumbtack Exists!! Back in time, after the backbreaking finger grease of finally having found a plumber to fix the faucet, the conversation like the one we have mentioned became the ritual. “Hey again, share your contact number. Next time if there’s any fault with the faucet, I can call you again.” “Here please, 279………..” And then the phone directory would go brimming with the contact details of the plumbers, cleaners, mechanics, tutors, and um, yeah, some nominal space with the contact details of the friends and families too! This is where the concept of services like thumbtack came into existence to cut through the hassles and endow the ease of accessibility to the customers. So, what is this entire torrent about Service Marketplace? And what is this Thumtack app? In the simplest terms, the service marketplace is where the demand is generated and at the same time, the portal strives to put in efforts to fulfil the supply for the demands.

Thumbtack is an online service marketplace that connects customers with local service providers. The platform has two main stakeholders: customers who need services and professionals who offer their services in exchange for payment. Customers provide details about their service needs and Thumbtack matches them with qualified professionals who meet their requirements. The platform shares the job description with interested pros while keeping the customer's contact information private to avoid spamming. Professionals pay to send quotes to customers and communicate directly with them once they have been hired. This revenue model sets Thumbtack apart from competitors that use a commission-based system. Customers can compare professionals based on estimate quotes, reviews, contact information, personalized messages, and business profiles. They can also negotiate prices with the professionals and communicate with them through the platform. Once the negotiation is complete, customers can hire the professional who best meets their needs. Overall, Thumbtack offers a convenient way for customers to find and hire qualified service providers while providing a platform for professionals to grow their businesses.

Thumbtack: How Remunerative It Is As A Business?

How Does Thumbtack Work for Customers?
From booking an event manager to renovating your home or workplace, from meeting your gardening needs to getting your baby a caretaker, Thumbtack provides it all.

The customers post the job description and the scope of the work of the project on Thumbtack.

The customers then have to answer a few questions specifying their exact needs.

They will share those details with the experienced professionals who exhibit a rich business profile. Here, when the project requirement is shared with the service providers, the contact details are not shared by the platform, considering the risk of contact masking.

How Does Thumbtack Work for the Pros?
Thumbtack helps the professionals who are looking forward to fill in their schedule by working extra hours, or make some extra bucks, or just starting to work.

The Thumbtack process starts with the customers coming to the portal to find local professionals for completing their project. Thumbtack insists the customers to provide answers to the specific questions asked by the platform which gives a clear idea about the requirement of the project.

The professionals have to register themselves on the platform and elaborate on what they are looking for, how far they can travel, what types of project they can work on, and when are they available.

Then Thumbtack matches the professionals with the customers, whose requirements fits in with the project. It shares with the professionals the customer’s description about the project.

The professionals evaluate the request and quote for the job if they decide it is good enough by sending a message and a price estimate.

The professionals will get to see how much will it cost quote for any job before they click on the ‘send’ button.

The customers then look through everyone’s prices, messages, profiles, and reviews and either hire someone right then or send a message for more information about the job. They can even use the chat module to negotiate.

The customers can email or text back to finalize the details of a job.

Once the customers are done with the hiring, Thumbtack asks the customers to review the professionals.


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Often businesses entail into the unknown. When it comes to understanding similar app development for their project, all it goes into is an abstract view. It is just so important phase in-between to decide the priorities on modules and features according to how the new plans to run their business. We think the below aspects are proven, tested, and better to have in Thumbtack similar app development


Registration Module/ Login

The service providers register for free on the portal, by filling in their basic information, their relevant experience in the field, their contact information, et


Buy Credits

The Professionals have to buy the credits for sending the quote on the customer’s request. These credits come at a discounted price. More the credit the customer wants to purchase, lesser the price of the quote.


Access Your Earning

The professionals can keep a track of their earnings by visiting their dashboards. All the credits they have in their account can be seen on their dashboard.


Social Media Integration

The portal should be integrated well with the popular social media platforms for the easy sharing of the job posts from the platform.


Sharing Referral Links

The referral feature is basically for the promotion and acquiring of the service providers for the portal. This helps the professionals to share the links of the platform to the other professionals whom they know, in exchange of some credit.


Send Invites to Pro

The email integration is done in the sharing module of the platform, which allows the users to send invites to a pro from the platform itself.


Weekly Billing Summary

The professionals are notified every week about the earnings they made from the in-app push notifications. This also gives them insights about the credits they have in their account.


Check Work Diary

The customer can check their work diary for the scheduled appointments in order to have an ease to manageability.


Set your Preferences

The service providers can set their work preferences, their area of work, how long they can travel, and their work availability.


Mark as Hired

When the service providers are hired, they can choose to mark their status as hired so as to avoid getting requests.


Get Reviews

Once the service providers evaluate the job description, if they think the job exactly falls into their requirements, they can apply to the request by sending a quote to the platform.


Send a Quote

Once the service providers evaluate the job description, if they think the job exactly falls into their requirements, they can apply to the request by sending a quote to the platform.


Follow Up

The service providers after sending the quote request, gets the contact details of the customers, and can follow up on the request from the in-app communication medium.


Reports for Clients

Mostly the hiring of the service providers from the platform are done on the hourly basis and since the customers are at the paying end, the customers send them the reports to the platform.


Invoice Generation

After the service provider is selected and the hiring is done along with the negotiation on the price of the project, invoice is generated by the platform in the form of message and notification for both the customers and the service providers.


Change Hourly Rate

The service providers have the accessibility to change their hourly rates on their profiles. The platform on the basis of the hourly price mentioned on the platform requests for the service and the quote.


Switch from Hourly Price to Fixed Price

There are two types of prices as mentioned by the platform for the service providers. Either they can charge the customers on the basis of the hourly price of the work, or they can charge the customers on the basis of the fixed price.


Verified Account

Once the service providers builds the complete profile on the portal, their account becomes verified and they can be eligible for sending the quotes.


Submit Proposal

The customers can choose to submit their proposals by paying for sending the quotes to the service providers.


Pass or Decline Requests

When the portal thinks that the service provider is eligible of getting the request for a certain task, it can choose to divert the request to the service provider and the service provider can in turn choose to pass or decline the request to other providers.


Send Quotes and Reuse your Last Quote Message

The service providers can save up their time and efforts by sending the quotes by using the last quote message


Edit your Quote Templates

The service providers have got some quote templates which they can manage anytime by editing it. This can help them to send the quotes easily by editing only the base concept.


Add Photos to a Quote

As any customer would want a better clarity about the professional, they can add photos related to their work to create high chances of getting hired.


Archive Past Quotes

The service providers have the option to archive the past quotes from their dashboards.


Add a Payment Method and turn on QuickPay

The service providers can add the payment method preferred by them from among the ones listed by the platforms. They can turn on QuickPay to easily get receive the payment from the customers.


Set Request Preferences

The service providers can set their request preferences, wherein they can choose to receive the request only for a budget higher than a certain point.


Ask Customer to Leave a Review

After providing the service, the service providers can at a tap ask the customers to leave a review.


Respond to Reviews on the Profile

When the customers send a review to the platform, the service providers get the notifications to view the review. They can then respond to the reviews on their profile.


Interview and Negotiate with Customers

After the quote is sent to the customers by the service providers, the customers and the service providers interact to take the process further, discuss the scope of the work, and negotiate on the charges.


Contract Weekly Limit

The service providers are provided with certain limited weekly quote request which once when gets exhausted, it requires another week to again get it refilled.


The Revenue Model for Thumbtack Similar App

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Subscription Model

Thumbtack introduced a subscription model in which the service providers make purchases of the credits, as following:

  • 12 Credits: For securing 12 credits, Thumbtack charges $17.99
  • 24 Credits: For buying 24 credits, Thumbtack charges $34.99
  • 60 Credits: For purchasing 60 credits, Thumbtack charges $84.99

Membership Plans

The membership plans allow the service providers to receive bulk credits for a fixed amount of membership plans. In this thumbtack similar app development model, the service providers are limited by a certain number of quote requests that they can send to the customers.

Tech Stack for Building an App like Netflix

These are the most scalable stack of mobile technologies we use to build a stable and functional Thumbtack similar application for your startup

Native Android

Android Studio



Native iOS

Xcode as Tool


Swift as a Language


MySql as Database


PHP as a Language

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