Every enterprise looks for an app development solution only when they sense something is amiss or needs to be mended. Don’t you think so it’s a taboo?

The smart industry sharks are actually more concerned with digitizing the internal enterprise processes.

Showing how your enterprise processes can turn digital and save your time, resources and money is our mission 1.0.

Go ahead, read about your industry processes where you need to STOP and think, think of a digital CHANGE and heartily ADOPT the digital methods. Because future is a definite digital mix


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  • Topic #2: Event Management solution for Venture Capitalists
  • Topic #3: Content Management for Media House
  • Topic #4:Fund Management For Venture Capitalists
  • Topic #5: Pre Production Management for Movies
  • Topic #6: Donor Management System

EdTech Startups – Ruling Over Education System
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In terms of technological innovation, EdTech is one of the most innovative fields out there. Analyze all the startup of EdTech you will rarely find two similar platforms, every new startup comes up with something new something innovative.

Gone are the days when only executive learning was thought as a medium to delve into the educational business.

The article list down some of the startups which are changing the landscape of the educational system.

39 Must-Have Features of The Content Management Tool for the Media Agencies
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We think of a platform which single-handedly eases out all the manual functions that are happening within the media agencies, right from the researchers to the publishers and the tracking team.

The software will be responsive and will be utilized on any device waith authorized independence. Every stakeholder will have their personalized dashboards, logins, and accounts.

Check out the blog to explore 39 tools which can digitize and synchronize almost all the activities for media agencies

Investment Portfolio Management App Features: Dear VC Firms, Do You Need More?
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A note to investors, we understand the kind of difficulties that you might be facing by the monotonous manual humdrum, so we have a quick solution for you too, as we have provided for other niches as well and gave them sighs of relief.

Digitization can turn out to be a boon in the investor market as it is one of the areas where there are lots of processes that are carried out at the same time, and constant update of the funds and market is a pre-requisite.

Intensively Studying an Event Marketplace & Scheduler Tool for Venture Capitalists
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The idea of the venture capitalist app is simple: Let the venture capitalists browse and find the most relevant event, simply add it to the calendar, and tada! their schedule is set for the day, week, month, year, and what not.

In this article, we have listed the possible revenue generation model that will complement the overall venture capitalist application idea.

Top Ingredients For A Perfect Edtech App Business Model
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The K to 12 traditional education is in crisis.

All thanks to the technologies contributing to the Education industry and making it EdTech, snatching the essence of the traditional education system and adopting the EdTech app business model.

We have studied researched about all the recent trend in EdTech industry and developed a recipe to create a perfect EdTech platform.

The Crucial Role of Technology In The Advance Edtech Platform Development
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The educational system had not seen any drastic reformative change in a long time, it had remained more or less the same in the past two centuries, but then the growth of The Internet and Information technology has done something which was due form a long long time.

Technology played a very crucial role in the modernizing the education system, Use of the Internet and smartphones, the concept of a flipped classroom, distance learning, gamification, is gradually re-shaping the image of schools and colleges we have in our mind.