On-Demand Trucking App Development concept is making the buzz as Uber of 2009!

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It wouldn’t be Eureka if I say there’s on-demand trucking app service available for shippers to ease out their freight delivery on a [...]

Top 10 Future Trends In Android Development You Cannot Miss In 2019

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The future trends in Android development are showing all the love for app users. These trends are focusing more on Convenient apps rather than [...]

Podcast app development is the new vibe in entrepreneurship

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PODCAST IS RISING BUSINESS Detailed Analysis by TRooTech The rising popularity of podcasting The Podcasts industry is all set to rumble [...]

40 mighty myths hindering cloud POS system adoption Part- I

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The cloud-based POS system is becoming a new normal for retail landscapes. It’s popularity not only rests among the e-tailers, eCommerce stores [...]

Develop an app like Foursquare or Yelp, here’s your complete guide

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Are you thinking to develop an app like FourSquare? Or maybe the next-gen Yelp? OR Do you want to be different from all [...]