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Stepping Stones from Our Milestones

Search Engine for Web Applications

Search Engine for Web Applications


The application required a robust search mechanism to explore through a vast database of resumes and policies stored in Elasticsearch to deliver accurate results based on user queries. Additionally, the application needed a feature capable of web crawling websites to gather relevant content when necessary, adding complexity to data retrieval. 


We implemented comprehensive solutions to address these challenges while leveraging the specified technologies. Firstly, we developed a powerful search mechanism that utilized the capabilities of the Haystack transformer models, enabling precise searching through the Elasticsearch database. This mechanism ensured that user queries yielded accurate results, enhancing the overall user experience. Web crawling functionality using Selenium and Beautiful Soup allowed the application to extract further enriched search results and deliver relevant content from websites.

Audio-Video Analysis Tool


The application must accurately extract and analyze acoustic features from audio and video files, requiring strong audio processing capabilities. It also had to identify and highlight grammatical mistakes within the transcribed content, adding a layer of natural language processing (NLP). The seamless integration of a diverse technology stack, including Python, whisper model, language tool, myprosody, kaldi, wav2vec, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3, MongoDB, and ffmpeg to ensure the application's consistent performance and reliability.


We used Kaldi and wav2vec to design robust audio processing capabilities, allowing the application to extract acoustic features from audio and video files accurately. It ensured that users could access detailed auditory information efficiently. We also incorporated the Whisper model to enable advanced analysis of speech patterns. Integration of LanguageTool and myprosody helped to identify grammatical mistakes by utilizing natural language processing on the transcribed content. 

Audio-Video Analysis Tool

Chatbot_ Retrieving Answers from Database Documents

Chatbot: Retrieving Answers from Database


Firstly, the chatbot needed a feature to process user queries and retrieve accurate answers from the relevant documents stored in the database. This demanded thorough natural language understanding capabilities to comprehend user questions and extract relevant information. Additionally, document retrieval integration from MongoDB and Elasticsearch for data access and synchronization made the task more complex.


We developed advanced natural language understanding capabilities using Rasa, enabling the chatbot to comprehend user queries, extract the intent and entities related to document requests. Then our team integrated both MongoDB and Elasticsearch for quick data access. MongoDB provided a strong document storage solution, while Elasticsearch enhanced search capabilities, allowing the chatbot to locate relevant documents swiftly. PdfTron facilitated document parsing and extraction of information, enabling the chatbot to fetch precise answers.

Change Detection Studies on Antarctic Coastal Region


The task involved developing an AI-powered solution that can calculate changes in a vast and remote area, requiring a highly effective and accurate algorithm. The project's duration of one year imposed time-sensitive development constraints, necessitating a streamlined workflow for algorithm creation and implementation. Additionally, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images presented image processing and data analysis complexities.


We developed an advanced algorithm with an improved neighborhood-based ratio approach for change detection in SAR images. This algorithm enabled precise and automated calculation of changes in the Antarctic coastal region. We utilized Python, OpenCV, and GDAL for efficient image processing and analysis, providing optimal tools for handling SAR images and geospatial data. These technologies ensured that the algorithm could process large volumes of data accurately and swiftly.

Change Detection Studies on Antarctic Coastal Region

Lead Classification

Lead Classification Tool


The module aimed to categorize visitors into hot, warm, or cold classes for a particular stall, which demanded the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms on the data. The project's duration of four months imposed time-sensitive development constraints, necessitating efficient model development and integration. 


We designed and implemented machine learning algorithms, including K-means and K-nearest neighbors (KNN), to categorize visitors based on their interactions with a particular stall. These algorithms accurately classified leads into hot, warm, or cold categories. We utilized MongoDB, Pandas, and NumPy for efficient data management and retrieval, providing fitting tools for handling visitor data and model predictions. These technologies ensured that the module could process and categorize leads accurately. Integrating REST API allowed seamless integration with other systems for easy communication and data exchange.

OpenAI Proof of Concept


The primary challenge was to evaluate the feasibility of utilizing OpenAI APIs for critical tasks like data pre-processing, text classification and summarization in the context of software testing. Data preprocessing required cleaning error log datasets, and text summarization demanded effective model selection and tuning. The challenge for text classification was to achieve high accuracy by transforming text into vector representations and training Machine Learning models. 


We implemented a comprehensive set of solutions to address these challenges while leveraging Python and OpenAI models. For data pre-processing, we conducted thorough data cleaning of error log datasets to ensure data quality and consistency. In text summarization, we experimented with different OpenAI models, including fine-tuning temperature and maximum token settings. We explored various prompts to optimize text summarization and analyze the results. DaVinci AI model yielded improved results for this task.

OpenAI Proof of Concept

Brain Tumour Classification

Brain Tumors Classification


The primary challenge was to develop a deep learning model capable of identifying the parameters that distinguish and identify brain images with tumors. The project focused on grayscale image datasets, and the first challenge was to split the data into training and validation sets effectively. Normalization and rescaling were critical to ensure that the convolutional neural network (CNN) received consistent and accurate data. Implementing convolutional operations, max pooling, and flattening required careful design and optimization.


For data preparation, we executed a meticulous training-validation split to ensure the model learned from a representative dataset. Normalization and rescaling were applied to maintain data consistency and facilitate CNN training. Our solution's core was designing and implementing a convolutional neural network. Relevant features in the brain images were captured by careful configuration of convolution operations and max pooling. Flattening transformed the data for dense layer processing.  Building the neural network model was a critical step. We carefully defined the architecture and layers to extract relevant parameters for brain tumor classification. Training the model was an iterative process of fine-tuning hyperparameters and monitoring performance.

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AI can help you create a personalized experience for your customers by studying their individual and larger data sets to understand their patterns and behaviors. This AI feature has been of great advantage in numerous areas including healthcare and streaming services.


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AI integration not only automates but also reduces the chances of human-made errors. It can also be trained to improve and take up broader tasks to deliver high-quality, error-free results. This is especially beneficial in the financial sector.


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AI offers numerous benefits, like, risk management, innovative solutions, better control, and many more. This improves productivity, reduces cost, and creates growth opportunities. In the longer run, this can deliver high profitability for the organization.


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Various AI-driven solutions can be designed to cater to the needs of a specific industry. From retail businesses to pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions to education. There is a diverse range of industry-specific solutions to transform every possible domain.

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