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Data Analytics Tool for Healthcare Industry

Data Analytics Tool for Healthcare Industry


The Client needed to manage and coordinate a dynamic, real-time data visualization system to provide healthcare professionals with actionable insights. Second, to automate the entire data pipeline, optimizing efficiency and accuracy. With over 20 applications in the project and a vast amount of data points spanning the globe, the Client had to ensure that the Platform's deployment capabilities were robust and scalable. 


The Platform was developed as a robust solution centered around Kubernetes and Docker to address these formidable challenges. Kubernetes offered a scalable and efficient container orchestration platform, ensuring the smooth operation of their applications and services. Docker containers provide a consistent environment for applications across different deployment stages. AWS's extensive suite of tools and global reach allowed the app to manage data effectively, ensuring security, reliability, and scalability. AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) facilitated the storage and management of healthcare data.

LMS with Real-Time Data Insights


The client aimed to create a comprehensive School Management Learning Management System (LMS) to empower teachers and parents by providing real-time insights into student performance and activities. First and foremost, they needed to ensure the seamless operation of their LMS to facilitate effective communication and data tracking between teachers, parents, and students. Moreover, maintaining the security and confidentiality of sensitive student data was paramount. 


The solution was anchored in cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a robust and efficient School Management LMS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) played a pivotal role, offering a cloud infrastructure for scalability, reliability, and data security. AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) provided a secure and scalable database solution to handle the vast amount of student data effectively. Docker containers were employed to package and deploy their applications consistently, simplifying the deployment process and enhancing system stability. In addition, we implemented Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices, streamlining their development pipeline and ensuring that changes and updates could be deployed swiftly and reliably.

LMS with Real-Time Data Insights

Enhanced Customer Experience for Ecommerce Platform

Enhanced UX for Ecommerce Platform


The client's objective was to provide customers with a platform to create tailored air system solutions. They needed to ensure the seamless operation of their e-commerce website, guaranteeing that customers could access information, make purchases, and receive support without interruptions. As an e-commerce platform, server downtime could result in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction. Maintaining the performance and reliability of their servers was paramount.


We leveraged advanced technologies, creating a robust and efficient e-commerce platform. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure. It allowed the platform to accommodate fluctuations in website traffic and guarantee uninterrupted access to their services. AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) securely managed product information and customer data, ensuring data integrity and accessibility. Docker containers were employed to streamline the deployment of applications, enhancing system stability and enabling efficient scaling of services. Additionally, Grafana was integrated to monitor server performance and diagnose issues in real time. This proactive approach to server management allowed the client to identify and address any potential problems swiftly, ensuring the platform's consistent uptime.

Upgrade App Performance Through Reusable Architecture


One of the main technical challenges was integrating multiple regional systems and authentication mechanisms into a single, unified app. Creating a cohesive app experience while accommodating these regional disparities posed a significant technical hurdle. Ensuring users across different regions could access the app and its features seamlessly was crucial to the project's success.


Ionic played a vital role in addressing this technical challenge by providing a framework that seamlessly integrates diverse regional systems. Using web apps instead of native code, we develop and incorporate features that adhere to the specific requirements of each region. Furthermore, Ionic's cross-platform compatibility allowed us to streamline development, as they could build a single app that worked seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. 

Dynamic Mobile Experiences Through Reusable Architecture

Large-Scale E-Commerce Store

Large-Scale E-Commerce Store


The challenge was to develop a cost-effective yet high-performance e-commerce website. Ensuring the website's continuous availability posed a significant challenge, as even minimal downtime could lead to potential revenue loss and dissatisfied customers. Additionally, the project must be managed efficiently to keep costs low while meeting performance and availability requirements.


We developed a solution leveraging advanced technologies. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was central in achieving the desired results. AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) managed the website's data efficiently and reliably. One key component of ensuring high availability was the implementation of auto-scaling. Auto-scaling allowed the website to dynamically adjust its capacity to handle varying levels of web traffic. It ensured that the website could scale up during periods of high demand and scale down during quieter times, optimizing cost-effectiveness without compromising availability. 

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