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With almost a decade of experience in Golang application development, our Golang developers have in-depth knowledge of Golang's syntax, data structures, and packages. Additionally, we are proficient in using Golang's standard libraries and third-party packages to build high-performance, scalable, and reliable software applications.

Hire Golang Developer
hire golang developer

Why Do Global Businesses Choose TRooTech As Their First Choice To Hire Golang Developers?


Golang Developers

Our team of Golang developers is well-versed in Go programming languages such as paradigms, constructs, and idioms.


Projects Deployed

With deep expertise in addressing industry-specific problems, our Golang developers have solved complex business problems of enterprises across the globe.


Man Hours of Golang Development

Hire Golang developers with an in-depth knowledge of backend development practices. With 7+ years of expertise, our Golang developers specialize in reducing development time.


Countries Served

With almost a decade of experience in enabling enterprises to become more agile and reduce complexity, our Golang solutions have solved complex business challenges in the US, APAC, Europe, Australia, and other locations across the globe.


Industries Covered

Our Golang developers have implemented distributed systems and microservices applications in multiple industries including healthcare, retail, logistics, life sciences and more.


Client Satisfaction Rate

With almost a decade of eminence in leveraging Golang and improving business efficiency, we have achieved 98% client satisfaction.

From developing software architecture to designing algorithms and building server-side applications, our Golang developers follow agile methodologies for high-quality applications.

Stepping Stones from Our Milestones

AI powered pricing with go

AI-powered pricing with Go


One of the biggest challenges was setting the right room price. With constantly changing market trends and competition, there was a need to set the right price point to offer the best deal to the customer. The client faced challenges implementing a system that could help them optimize the prices based on multiple data points and market trends for maximum ROI.


Our  Golang developers developed a powerful AI-powered pricing tool that automatically analyzes occupancy rates, seasonal trends, competitor prices, and other factors to generate optimized prices for hotel rooms. Our Go experts used Rest, Graph QL, Docker, AWS, Kafka, RPC, and Postgres to handle real-time data processing to ensure seamless integration. Kafka and RPC enabled real-time communication between system components. We deployed our solution on AWS for maximum scalability and availability.


AI-powered gift recommendation system


The biggest challenge was to build a scalable and user-friendly system that could handle many user requests and provide accurate recommendations based on their preferences. Generating a list of suggested products per the users' responses was difficult because of the lack of a dynamic system that could handle different preferences.


Our Golang developers built an advanced recommendation algorithm that handled user profiles, behavior, and responses based on their preferences. We leveraged Rest, Redis, NATS, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, Redis, and Mongo DB to handle the user data. Our solution uses Machine Learning to analyze user behavior and provide accurate product suggestions. Additionally, we developed a simple interface that allows users to easily share their unique giftee URLs and receive curated product lists for different occasions and budgets.

AI powered gift recommendation system

Enabling intelligent connectivity

Enabling intelligent connectivity


The major challenge faced during development was handling the large volumes of data generated by IoT devices and ensuring efficient and fast data processing. The hardware component presented another challenge as it required in-memory local server management, connecting to cameras within range with their IP, and running machine learning models on the video stream.


To handle large volumes of data generated by IoT devices, our developers leveraged Golang for improved efficiency, ensuring faster data processing. Our Go experts handled the challenge associated with the hardware component by building a lightweight and efficient system that could handle these tasks and send relevant event objects to the sense server for processing.

Technical Expertise of Our Golang Developers

  • Frameworks

  • GoRevelGinMartiniweb.goBeegoKitEchogRPCChi
  • Development

  • AWS EC2Microsoft AzureGoogle CloudAWS LambdaNetlify
  • Database

  • MySQLMongoDBPostgresGraphQLMariaDBPostgreSQLNoSQLRedis
  • Scrapping

  • GodetHttp Golang Package
  • Go Tool kit

  • GO buildGo TestGo Fmt Go GetGo Run
  • ORM

  • GORM
  • IDE

  • GolandVisual Studio CodeLiteIDEWide
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Tools

  • GitSVNMercurial
  • Upgrade

  • Go 1.11Go 1.12Go 1.13Go 1.14Go 1.15Go 1.16Go 1.17Go 1.18Go 1.19

To accelerate your backend and for faster deployment,

Hire the best Golang Developer

Tech Stack

Hire Golang developers experienced in Agile methodologies, modern development tools and databases. Our customized Golang solutions are optimized for scalability and performance. Furthermore, our Golang developers carry deep knowledge of various databases, including SQL and NoSQL databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. They are the experts when it comes to designing database schemas optimized for performance and handling high-traffic loads.

Our Wide Spectrum of Golang Development Services

Golang Consulting And Strategy

Golang blends well with various front-end backend technologies like ReactJS, Angular, and Vue. Hire Golang developers who can integrate your application with cloud architectures including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, for better scalability.

AI Development

Golang supports web and mobile app development and has excellent AI development capability. At TRooTech, our Golang developers provide top-class AI development solutions.

Microservices Development

Hire Golang developers to extend your application for multiprocessor systems and web applications. We help you build microservices using Golang for better performance and scalability.

For cross-platform architecture development and maximum portability,

Hire the best Golang Developer

Hire Golang Developer

Static Typing

The type-safe static typing catches compile-time errors, promoting reliable code. Furthermore, the language enables the Golang developers to declare type-related errors, ensuring bug-free code.


Concise Syntax

The concise syntax and 'less is more' approach promotes code improvement, readability and maintainability. This increases its popularity.


Concurrency Support

The concurrency support with channels and Goroutines enables efficient concurrent programming, improving performance and effective resource utilization.


Tools And Utilities

This programming language offers built-in tools and utilities like 'go build', 'gofmt' and 'go test' to enhance productivity and streamline the development workflow.


Error Handling

Golang developers reinforce the robustness of the code and improve its stability. Additionally, our dedicated developers detect errors during compilation and ensure reliable applications.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Hire Golang developers to deploy cross-platform architectures on different operating systems. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures high portability and streamlined application development.


High Performance

Hire Golang developers to develop networking, distributed systems and microservices applications. Because of its high performance, this programming language is an ideal choice for specific business requirements.


Huge Open Source Community

Best Front-End Frameworks That Seamlessly Integrate With Golang

Golang + VueJS

Golang integrates well with VueJS. Hire Golang developers with in-depth knowledge of VueJS to develop single-page applications with faster load times.

Golang + Flutter

With the combined potential of Go's backend capabilities and the dynamic front-end of ReactJS, our Golang developers build web applications that are scalable, faster and offer a fantastic UX.

Golang + ReactJS

With the combined potential of Go's backend capabilities and the dynamic front-end of ReactJS, our Golang developers build web applications that are scalable, faster, and offer a fantastic UX.

Golang + Angular

Angular combines with Golang to smoothen the communication between the front-end and back-end. At TRooTech, we help you hire Golang developers with deep knowledge of Angular to develop scalable, performant, and feature-rich web applications.

Golang + React Native

Golang integrates nicely with React Native, enabling Golang developers to create cross-platform mobile applications.

Hire the Best Golang Developer

Our team of Golang developers is well-versed in Go programming languages such as paradigms, constructs, and idioms.