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Hire dedicated Ionic app developers from our extensive talent pool. We have developers with varied years of experience and specialization to assist you in achieving your specific business goals.


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Design custom applications catered to your requirements with the expertise you seek. We have assisted 16+ industries with our smart software services. 


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Hire dedicated Ionic app developers who have an in-depth understanding of different frameworks and can understand your complex requirements to design an effective software solution for your organization.

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Real-time Flight Updates Integration

Real-time Flight Updates Integration


A renowned Airways faced a significant challenge when a delay caused their customer-facing app to remove a flight from the app prematurely. This unexpected issue left passengers unable to access their boarding passes, leading to confusion and frustration among travelers. The challenge was to find a rapid solution to restore the missing flight information to the app and ensure a seamless experience for passengers.


We developed an Ionic-based solution that enables the deployment of real-time app updates and critical bug fixes. Instead of relying on traditional app store updates, Live Updates allowed clients' engineering teams to push a code change in real-time and fix the logic issue causing the flight removal. This swift response was crucial in resolving the problem and restoring the missing flight to the app within minutes, preventing further inconvenience to passengers.

Ecommerce App Modernization


Maintaining an ecommerce platform developed in two separate environments, Swift and Java, requires different development teams. Additionally, implementing a new development environment would incurrent further complexity. The client was looking for a solution that optimized their existing resources while allowing them to maintain control over the development timeline. Updates and deployment delays would have further hindered progress.


The adoption of Ionic also introduced features such as enterprise plug-ins, internationalization functionality, enterprise-level support, and live update functionality. These additions further solidified Ionic as the optimal choice for client's mobile app development needs. Allowed them to maximize their existing resources, accelerate development, and control their project timeline. Ionic's versatility and feature set played a pivotal role in achieving these outcomes, positioning the client's success in the dynamic world of mobile eCommerce.

Ecommerce App Modernization

Digital Transformation of Fintech App

Digital Transformation of Fintech App


The platform was developed as separate Android, iOS, and web applications, utilizing three distinct code bases. This approach led to significant inefficiencies in-app maintenance and hindered speed-to-market goals. Managing multiple code bases for clients was no longer conducive to the efficiency and agility the company sought. The application originated as a monolithic on-premises application, presenting difficulties regarding software updates and needing more flexibility to meet demands promptly.


We developed their mobile app using Ionic products such as Capacitor and Stencil. One significant architectural shift involved rebuilding the app as a Cloud Native application, utilizing a micro app architecture with Angular. Micro apps, like Secure Messaging, were implemented to manage client communication with tax professionals within the app. Furthermore, Ionic's fit within the micro app framework was enhanced by custom HTML elements developed in Angular.

Dynamic Mobile Experiences Through Reusable Architecture


One of the primary technical challenges was integrating multiple regional systems and authentication mechanisms into a single, unified app. Creating a cohesive app experience while accommodating these regional disparities posed a significant technical hurdle. Ensuring users across different regions could access the app and its features seamlessly was crucial to the project's success.


Ionic played a vital role in addressing this technical challenge by providing a framework that seamlessly integrates diverse regional systems. Using web apps instead of native code, we develop and incorporate features that adhere to the specific requirements of each region. Furthermore, Ionic's cross-platform compatibility allowed us to streamline development, as they could build a single app that worked seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

Dynamic Mobile Experiences Through Reusable Architecture

Upgrade Ecommerce Store

Upgrade Ecommerce Store


A leading e-commerce business faced a significant challenge in expanding its reach to mobile users. With a growing customer base and increased demand for a mobile app, they needed to develop a robust and feature-rich application that could run seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms.


Ionic uses web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using a single codebase, we developed a cross-platform mobile app that worked flawlessly on iOS and Android devices. Ionic's extensive library of pre-built UI components and templates accelerated the development process, enabling it to create a feature-rich app quickly. Furthermore, Ionic's Live Updates feature ensured critical code changes could be pushed directly to users' devices, eliminating the need for time-consuming app store updates.

Technical Expertise of our Ionic Developers

  • Web Technologies

  • HTML5CSS3XMLJavaScriptJQueryAngularJS ReactJSVueJS
  • Ionic UI Components

  • AlertBadgeButtonCardChipContentCheckboxFloating Action ButtonGridInfinite ScrollIconsSearchbar
  • Ionic Plugin

  • iOS UIWebViewAndroid WebView
  • IDEs

  • Android StudioXCodeAtomWebstorm
  • Database

  • SQLiteFirebaseCouchbase LiteMongoDB RealmAWS AmplifySanity.ioStrapi
  • Other

  • JSONSQLiteTypeScriptECMAScript 6Core DataAppiumKarmaCapacitor

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The Ionic framework is changing the face of cross-platform app development, making it more reliable, fast and progressive. Utilize this emerging technology to develop impactful mobile and web applications for your business. Hire Ionic developers from TRooTech - leverage our modern tech stack with a wide range of experience working with different clients, from innovative startups to expanding businesses. Boost your business growth with our smart digital solutions. Get expertly crafted solutions and on-time delivery with our seasoned professionals.

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Built-in UI Components

Get a complete list of every component and sub-component like lists, cards and tabs to develop high-performance Ionic apps quickly. 


Powerful CLI

The built-in Command-Line-Interface (CLI) helps developers interact, build, and manage their Ionic project using the command line without manually navigating it through the project directory.


Cordova Plugins

Bridge the gap between webview and devices’ OS with Cordova plugins and develop Ionic apps with native API access to use functions like sensors, gyroscope and camera.


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Design an app that matches your brand’s needs and image. Modify the pre-built style or build one from scratch per your requirements and preferences.

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