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Hire the best AWS solution architect for a complete range of cloud advisory services, including strategy and roadmap development, cloud-native deployment, implementation, and migration solutions. Our AWS cloud practitioner has extensive knowledge of cloud services, security protocols, and best practices.

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Why Do Enterprises Consider TRooTech As The Trusted Source Of Vetted AWS Cloud Practitioners?


AWS Experts

Hire elite AWS experts with mixed experiences in cloud architecture, data engineering, and machine learning development, per your requirements.


Projects Deployed

Our team of elite AWS cloud practitioner has delivered high-quality cloud solutions meeting the industry-specific needs of businesses, organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.


Man Hours

Big Data, Cloud Storage, Kubernetes, CI/CD, and RESTful APIs are a few competencies our dedicated AWS experts possess.


Countries Served

Our dedicated experts have delivered AWS solutions in the US, APAC, Europe, Australia, and other locations.


Industries Covered

Hire the best AWS certified experts to solve industry-specific complex challenges in healthcare, fintech, manufacturing, education, construction and many more.


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With almost a decade of excellence in AWS services, we have achieved a 98% client satisfaction rate.

Hire the best AWS solution architect for automating processes, building distributed apps, orchestrating microservices and creating ML pipelines.

Building Trust - One Success Story At A Time

eCommerce for Furniture Buy and Sell

eCommerce for Furniture Buy and Sell


eCommerce development for selling and buying old and new office furniture.


Our Java Spring Boot developers worked with good coding standards and implementation of DAO interfaces with the database for timely reporting.

Dairy Loan Disbursement Platform


Development of a loan disbursement system with comprehensive functionalities for farm owners and dairy farmers to run their operations seamlessly with easy loan disbursement.


We approached the development of the dairy loan disbursement platform by writing hibernating mapping files and working on the spring configuration files.

Dairy Loan Disbursement Platform

Customer-centric Life Insurance Web App

Customer-centric Life Insurance Web App:


Refactoring of a complex web app, overloaded with data for a dynamic web application.


Our Java Spring Boot developers handled the responsibility to write service and repository classes to make the website more customer-centric and with voice search functionality

Web App for Asset Management


Development of a lending and asset management software for customers to find products and get instant loan disbursement with easy EMI options.


Our Java Spring Boot developers worked within the environment with Java, Oracle WebCenter Sites 12C, Oracle 10g, and more for the development of a customer-centric platform.

Web App for Asset Management

Travel and Leisure Web App

Travel and Leisure Web App


Building a web app for leisure and travel queries for domestic and international travel.


Our Java Spring Boot developers worked on the travel and leisure web app with a strong service network to include the International and domestic travel partners.

Technical Expertise of Our AWS Cloud Practitioners

  • Interation

  • Mobile Services

  • Mobile Hub Device Farm
  • Security

  • Cognito Single Sign-On
  • Database

  • Aurora RDS DynamoDB
  • Storage

  • S3 EBS EFS
  • Computing

  • EC2 Lambda API Gateway

To Orchestrate Your Microservices And Create ML Pipelines

Hire the best AWS Solution Architect

Hire the best AWS solution architect to design, develop, and deploy scalable and secure cloud-based solutions using AWS services such as EC2, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, and more. Our dedicated AWS cloud practitioner has deep expertise in building serverless architectures, implementing CI/CD pipelines, configuring AWS infrastructure for high fault tolerance and creating ML pipelines. Regarding containerization services, infrastructure-as-code and more, TRooTech is a name trusted by global enterprises!

Our Wide Spectrum Of AWS Services

AWS Application Development

Leveraging AWS services and modern technologies, we develop cloud-native applications with continuous delivery, quality testing, and scalability, meeting unique business needs with optimized solutions.

AWS Cloud Consulting

Our certified AWS experts design optimal cloud solutions, leveraging the latest AWS tools and services for customized infrastructure optimization, migration, and security strategies.


AWS Cloud Migration

Our dedicated AWS experts provide end-to-end migration services, analyzing requirements to plan, install connectors, and facilitate a seamless deployment to AWS for exceptional performance and service.

Benefits of using AWS

Why incorporate AWS to accelerate your digital adoption



AWS offers auto-scaling features that allow businesses to automatically scale their resources up or down based on demand, using services like EC2 Auto Scaling and Application Auto Scaling. This allows for efficient resource allocation and cost savings.



With over 200 cloud services, AWS provides a wide range of computing, storage, database, analytics, and more options, allowing businesses to customize and tailor their infrastructure to their specific needs.



AWS provides a range of security features and services, such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Security Groups, and Encryption Services, to ensure businesses can operate securely and competently.



The global infrastructure of AWS is designed for high availability and reliability, with multiple availability zones and regions worldwide. AWS CloudFront and Amazon Route 53 offer fast, reliable content delivery and DNS management.




AWS offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows businesses to only pay for what they use. In addition, services like AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets allow for cost optimization and budgeting.




AWS constantly innovates and adds new services to its platform, such as machine learning and AI with Amazon SageMaker and serverless computing with AWS Lambda.

Top Back-End Frameworks That Play Well With AWS

AWS + NodeJS

Integrating NodeJS with AWS results in a powerful IDE using which the developers can build highly available and scalable web applications.

AWS + PHP Laravel

Integrate AWS and PHP Laravel to build modern web applications. This combination ensures that your application is always accessible to the end-users.

AWS + Python Django

AWS integrates with Python Django to offer a reliable platform for building web applications. With this combination, you can adjust the resources and match the traffic on your application.

AWS + Java Spring Boot

Combining AWS and Java Spring Boot allows you to build highly scalable reliable and secure enterprise-grade applications that can handle millions of requests in a day.

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