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Hire Flutter Developers

Why CTOs Opt to Hire Flutter Developers from TRooTech?


Flutter Developers

(Diverse Pool of Intermediate and Experienced Flutter Developers)


Flutter Projects Successfully Deployed

(Successfully collaborated with Startups, Enterprises, Small Businesses, Software Development Companies)


Hours of Development

(We have dedicated thousands of business hours for custom software development, refactoring software, software support and maintenance, and more)


Countries Served

(The saga of our quality Flutter development services is widespread)


Industries Covered

(From manufacturing to healthcare, travel & hospitality to fintech, we are seasoned for any industry)


Client Success Rate

(Have catered to clients from multiple industries with a high-end retention rate)

Our rich portfolio acclaims TRooTech as the best software house to hire the best Flutter developers.

Stepping Stones from our Milestones

Geo location Based Personalized Travel Directory

Geo-location Based Personalized Travel Directory


Retrieving information of nearby restaurants, hotels, and more, based on the current location of a user and redirecting it to a Google Map was a painstaking task.


Our client requested to hire Flutter developers from TRooTech for the project. Our flutter developers used the framework to share UI and business logic for better market times, as multiple APIs were to be integrated.

Online Directory of Traders


The project is based on an online directory for consumers to look up and hire traders or service providers in Ireland. The portal required traders to register themselves on the platform and manage data seamlessly.


Given the flexibility requirement of the project, our business analysts suggested our client use Flutter for web development. Using Flutter, our developers were able to manage multiple modules and make the app compatible with all major OS.

Online Directory of Traders

Community based Convenience Web App

Community-based Convenience Web App


In order to offer multiple conveniences using ride, transportation, delivery, parcel, etc. using a single application, our client requested a web app and mobile app for multiple stakeholders.


Our client requested to hire Flutter developers from TRooTech to work on a role-specific portal. Using Flutter, users can perform their specified actions using their personalized dashboards.

Virtual Health Consultation Software


 Given the rise in the number of virtual consultations, our client wanted to develop a comprehensive platform supporting communication, prescription, consultations, etc.


With our Flutter software development team, our client was able to develop a function-rich virtual health consultation software using Dart, Sembast, NodeJS API, and Flutter environment.

Virtual Health Consultation Software

Online Jewellery Store Development

Online Jewellery Store Development


The scope of the project as requested by our client included the development of an online web app and mobile app with personalized feed for men and women to search and shop for exquisite pieces of jewellery.


The client requested to hire our Flutter developer to create an appealing and user-friendly user interface. Our flutter software development team worked with NodeJS as backend and Flutter as frontend framework.

Technical Expertise of Our Flutter Developers

  • UI Plugins

  • Firebase(All service)Provider Payment Gateway (Stripe, Braintree, Google Pay, Razorpay)Social Sign In (Facebook, Google, Apple)Shared preferencesImage pickerIn-App-PurchaseMapAWS AmplifyAWS datastoreFreezedJson serializable Flutter local notifications
  • Frameworks

  • FlutterDart pluginsFlutter SDKDart SDK
  • Tools & Utilities

  • Android studioVisual Studio CodeVersion control tools (Git, GitLab, Bit Bucket)
  • Database

  • HiveObjectBoxSQLiteFirebase realtime databaseFirestoreSembastLocal StorageMoor
  • Unit Testing

  • CodemagicFastlane
  • UX Designing

  • PrototypeFigmaAdobe XDSketchZeplin
  • Code Review

  • JestAppiumPerfetto UI
  • Front end

  • Effective Dart-Default IDE Static AnalysisDefault Flutter Analyze
  • Deployment

  • TestflightApk file (Debug,sign)Firebase Distributionipa file (Debug, Release)
  • Analytics

  • Firebase (Google) AnalyticsBaseCampAppsflyer
  • Crash Reporting

  • Firebase CrashlyticsSentryFlutter_Crashlytics
  • Project Management Tools

  • JiraTrelloSlackAsanaClickUp
  • Deployment Process

  • CI/CD
  • State Management

  • RiverpodProviderMobxGetx
  • Upgrade Services

  • Flutter 1Flutter 2Flutter 3

To Get Comprehensive App Development Services

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Tech Stack

Flutter lets you develop and deploy cross-platform apps using a single codebase. It helps to reduce development time and costs. Our expert flutter developers can help you build scalable and technology-rich applications without compromising on performance. We specialize in deploying efficient applications with our cutting-edge and creative solutions to serve your needs.

Our Comprehensive Services for Software Development

Flutter Dart App Development

Native-compatible apps can be built easily and quickly using flutter and dart programming languages. High-performing applications and widgets can be built using the flutter libraries and dart.

Flutter Native App Development

Flutter can create applications similar to native applications using advanced mobile app development techniques. Our expert developers can help you create scalable and secure applications as per your needs.

UI/UX Design Strategy Development

Together, we can strategize and build attractive and engaging mobile apps using interactive UI and UX.

Benefits of Using Flutter

Why Use Flutter Framework for your Product?

Hire Flutter Developers

Compatibility with Multiple IDEs

Flutter effortlessly works on the VS Code, Web Storm, PyCharm, IntelliJ, and more, which supports Native mobile app development.


Conditional UI Features

The Flutter framework package improves and supports conditional rendering for retrieving UI based on the conditions.


Improves Performance of Flutter

As compared to some other frontend frameworks, Flutter offers a faster compilation and performance improvement by 15%.


Flexibility and Scalability

Google’s Flutter offers improved flexibility, scalability, and integration capabilities for easy modernization of legacy systems or app development from scratch.


Offer Hot Reloading

With the hot reloading feature, Flutter enables developers to render modifications in a speedy manner. Hence, in order to improve comprehensive applications, Flutter can be used to do it with less time, budget, and effort.


Extensive Widget Library

The wide range of widget libraries enables Flutter developers to experiment with multiple modules to give the necessary appeal to the user interface of an application.

Best Backend Frameworks to Integrate with Flutter

Flutter + Django

Hire Flutter developers with Django developers to accelerate the development of custom web applications with robust security features.

Flutter + NodeJS

Opt for NodeJS framework for its ability to scale, better performance, and improved speed along with Flutter to enhance the run-time environment.

Flutter + Laravel

Leverage the capabilities of Laravel with Flutter for its powerful template system, advanced security feature, and its traffic-handling features.

Flutter + Java Spring boot

Develop standalone applications with reduced amount of the source code using Java Springboot with Flutter for your software.

Build advanced applications with our Flutter app development services and streamline your business processes

Team up with our expert developers to build feature-rich applications