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React Native Developers

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Stepping Stones from our Milestones

Patient Appointment Management System

Patient Appointment Management System


High-traffic load and complexity associated with the patients’ data needed to be simplified for better management and unidirectional healthcare workflow.


Our React Native developers worked on the mobile-based application for a patient appointment management system to facilitate effective communication among healthcare workers and patients using Realm and React Native.

Informative App for Power Availability


Facilitating the advancement of the app from being an informative app about the power cuts in various regions to offering users with functions to pay their electricity bills using the app.


The client heard about our React Native app development service expertise from a business partner and approached us. We integrated third-party payment gateways with the app and developed a clean UI to offer users two separate options.

Informative App for Power Availability

App for Hotel Management

App for Hotel Management


Since the app was to be used by waiters, housekeeping staff, chefs, room service providers, receptionists, sales team, etc., we developed a react native app with multiple functionalities yet simple to use to check the availability of rooms, booking dates, special requests, and more.


We enriched the database with cloud functionality for adding, updating, deleting, and retrieving data pertaining to customers and added new patches for security updates.

Mobile App to Help Users Quit Smoking


Our client requested to hire the best React Native developers from TRooTech for the development of an app for users to get away with their smoking addiction.


Our React Native developers set up the environment for the development of the mobile app with reminders, motivation to keep going, tips, and hacks with easy to use frontend interface.

Mobile App to Help Users Quit Smoking

OpenTable like App Development

OpenTable like App Development


One of our clients based in the UAE outsourced our team of React Native developers to develop a multi-functional restaurant booking application with an online food delivery service.


We assigned a team of React Native developers to work with the environment consisting of crashlytics, GoogleAPis, Paypal SDK, and Web Storm for the development of an app for enabling users to search for nearby restaurants and also order food online along with offering promo codes/rewards/voucher codes/discounts.

Housing Bank Management Application


Development of an application for handling banking-related tasks for one of our clients based in the Middle East.


We assigned this project to our best React Native developers with experience in the Fintech domain for securing data confidentiality, generating statements, and managing customer information to check the eligibility criteria for housing loan applications.

Housing Bank Management Application

Technical Expertise of Our React Native Developers

  • UI Libraries/ Framework

  • NativeBaseReact Native ElementReact NavigationRedux-SagaReact Native TypescriptReact-Native-Material-UIReact-Native-ResponsiveReact Native PaperUILottie
  • Platforms

  • React-Native-CLIExpo CLI
  • State Management

  • React Native ReduxReact Hooks
  • Database

  • Async StorageSQLiteRealmFirebase
  • Graphical

  • SketchFigmaAdobe XDInvision
  • Tools

  • Visual Studio CodeXCodeGradleAndroid StudioReact Native DebuggerReact NavigationNPMNative UIYARNNPM PackagesAxiosRedux-PersistSublimeWebstormChrome Debugger ToolsFlipper
  • Testing Tools

  • JestAppiumPerfetto UI
  • Front end

  • HTML5CSS3Bootstrap
  • Cloud

  • AWSAzureFirebaseJenkinsBitriseGitLabBitbucket
  • APIs

  • RESTful
  • Development Methodology

  • AgileScrum
  • Upgrade Services

  • 0.610.620.630.640.650.660.670.680.700.71

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Hire React Native Developers

Tech Stack

The diversity of react native services makes it one of the most popular choices amongst developers when it comes to mobile application development. It allows developers to design cross-platform applications with ease. But, finding a competent react developer to achieve that can get tricky. At TRooTech, we provide comprehensive services which include all the react native solutions from consultations to development to customization to maintenance.

Our Comprehensive Services for Software Development

React Native App Development

React native is compatible with both Android and iOS which makes it easier to develop app that work with either or both of the platforms. Our expert team of react native developers provides you with advanced mobile apps which fulfill all of your requirements. 

React Native UI And UX Development

Our team of professionals develops interactive and visually appealing UIs for your React native applications using JavaScript Library. This helps in making the app more engaging and impressive. 

Migrate App To React Native

If you wish to upgrade your mobile application and migrate it to react native app, we can help you out with that. Our react native developers can migrate your apps and also update them as per your current needs. 

Benefits of Using React Native

Why Use React Native for your Product Development?

Hire React Native Developers

Significant Opportunities to Reuse Code

When you use React Native for app development, you can reuse up to 90% of the code for the development of an iOS app and an Android app, which further saves you from a lengthy product development cycle.


Live Reloading Functionality

When you use React Native 0.61, you can access live reloading along with hot reloading into a unified functionality, fast refresh to recover post any typo and similar mistakes.


Less Page Load Time

If you compare a JavaScript page to a React Native page, you will note that the latter takes quite less time for loading a page from the Internet and assign a better ranking to the web page.


Intuitive and Modular

React Native is a modular programming language, which makes it easy for developers and testers to understand the logic and construct the best and broader testing scenarios for time-saving and better testing.


Cost- and Time-effective

When you choose React Native from other JavaScript frameworks, you don’t need to hire separate developers for iOS and Android applications, which helps you save time and resource alongside your capital.


Better Accessibility

React Native developers can gain better accessibility of the mobile app development process through action support, access to Android keywords, and reduction motion.

Best Backend Frameworks to Integrate with React Native

React Native + Django

Hire the best React Native developers along with our expert Django developers for a conducive frontend and backend development of your product.

React Native + NodeJS

Outsource our team of experts for the development of a real-time multi-user mobile application with rich features.

React Native + Laravel

Easily integrate third-party applications with your frontend to create a fully-functional mobile application.

React Native + Java Spring Boot

Develop standalone applications with reduced source code without the need for XML configuration when you hire the best React Native developers from us.

Want to develop custom cross-platform applications that are compatible across devices?

Hire developers with wide domain expertise in designing quick and efficient React Native applications