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Why CTOs Opt to Hire VueJS Developers from TRooTech?


VueJS Developers

(Outsource the best VueJS web app development team with 3-5 years of experience.)


VueJS Projects Deployed

(Our VueJS app development services are a gateway for our clients to secure a prominent position in the market.)


Hours of VueJS Development

(Our VueJS programmers are dedicated to the development of interactive web interfaces for simplifying the user experience.)


Countries Served

(We have served the taste of our best VueJS web app development services to clients from across 36 countries.)


Industries Covered

(With our resilient approach towards interactive web app development solutions, we have managed to work for over 14 industries.)


Client Success Rate

(Hire the best VueJS developers to get the best frontend portal for attracting a high user attention rate.)

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Stepping Stones from our Milestones


Photo Editor Web App


Development of a photo editor web app to help end users modify any element in a graphic.


Our VueJS developers worked in the environment using Vue 3, FabricJS, MySQL, ExpressJS, and NodeJS for building modules such as background remover, elements, canvas size editing, changing ruler size, and more.

Saas-based Legislative Platform Development


Development of a real-time legislative platform for getting instant updates on bills and new policies.


Our client opted to hire VueJS developers, who integrated the software with third-party APIs to link authentic sources of information for real-time updates.



Restaurant Management System


Development of a comprehensive restaurant management system for management of employee portal, sales, inventory, and restaurant process.


Our VueJS developers worked with an adjacent environment using Python, Django, MySQL, POS APIs to develop a multi-functional system for users to check out the restaurant menu and restaurant staff to drive efficiency.

ERP for Recruitment Agency


Building a platform to reduce the complexity associated with multiple profiles and screening activities.


We developed enterprise-grade resource planning software using MySQL, Symphony, Socket.io, and RabbitMQ for project management, procurement, and risk management.



Delivery Management System


Creation of a delivery management system with PHP Laravel and MySQL with instant updates for all stakeholders.


Our client outsourced the team of VueJS developers for backend development, database architecture, and APIs development.

Technical Expertise Of Our VueJS Developers

  • Frameworks

  • VuetifyBootstrapVueNuxt.js
  • UI Libraries/ Framework

  • Element UIVueTailwindPrime VueVue MaterialSocket.io
  • Unit/E2E Testing

  • JestMocha
  • Platforms

  • AWSFirebaseDockerHerokuAzureDigital Ocean
  • UI/UX Designing Tools

  • Adobe XDFigmaInvisionSketchZeplin
  • APIs

  • Facebook APIInstagram APIYouTube APISpotify APIGoogle APIREST APITwitter API
  • Upgrade Services

  • V2.4,V2.5V2.6V3V3.1V3.2

To Build Web Interfaces With Ease

Hire Vuejs Developers

Tech Stack

If you wish to build a good web interface for your applications, VueJS is the solution. But ensuring that you get the best services can take time and effort. Our expert team of VueJS developers can help you out with that. Their in-depth knowledge and experience can help you create custom interfaces with their advanced tools, modern technologies, and fast and flexible software development methodologies.

Our Comprehensive Services for Software Development

Custom Application Development

Get quality custom application development services and on-time delivery with our VueJS application developers’ top-class services.

Single Page Application Development

Mainstream front-end development technology is our strong suit. Our developers utilize their expertise to build splendid single-page web applications using VueJS.

Native Mobile Apps Development

Our experts use the Vue Native Command Line interface to build cross-platform native mobile applications. Hire dedicated VueJS developer from us to build interactive Vue native apps. 

Benefits of Using VueJS

Why Use VueJS for your Product Development?

Hire Vuejs Developers

Relatively Smaller Size

VueJS is often known for its compact size (around 18-21 kb), enabling users to download the framework in less time. In addition to this, it also offers better page loading speed, which is one of the crucial factors for ranking in search engine results.


Virtual DOM

VueJS uses virtual DOM when it renders the web pages of an application and represents numerous HTML pages along with its elements, content, and styles as objects.


Two-way Communication

VueJS offers two-way communication or two-way binding, owing to its Model-view view-Model architecture. To put this into perspective, the two-way data binding option offers a quick view of the update, which is reflected back in the form of the data.



VueJS offers multiple ways for applying the transition to the HTML elements, which can be updated, added, or removed through the DOM. It has an in-built transition component, which needs to be wrapped for the element for the transition effect.



When you select VueJS for your project, you can work with directives, which can be utilized for performing multiple actions towards the frontend.



VueJS is a lightweight framework, which can be used to optimize the performance of web applications.

Best Backend Frameworks to Integrate with VueJS

VueJS + Django

Hire the best VueJS developers along with our proficient Django developers for an interactive frontend and backend development of your product.

VueJS + NodeJS

Outsource our team of experts for the development of a real-time and comprehensive web application with powerful functionalities.

VueJS + Laravel

Win over your hassles! Get your third-party applications integrated seamlessly with your frontend for creating a feature-rich web application.

VueJS + Java Spring Boot

Build standalone web applications for a highly performant web application when you hire the best VueJS developers from us.

Frequently Asked Questions to Hire the Best VueJS Developers for Product Support

VueJS is a fairly new frontend programming language. Hence, you need to be practical with the expertise criterion. If you are building your web app development team, you can opt for a full-stack developer with 6-8  years of experience in adjacent backend and frontend technologies along with 4-5 years of experience in VueJS, who can manage the secondary tasks as well and perform in a cross-functional manner. However, if you only need a VueJS developer, you can easily find one with an experience of 2-4 years.

If need be, we do allow our VueJS resources to work during your time zone. However, in order to foster a healthy work-life balance for our resources, we propose a common time duration for a free flow of communication. Besides this, we also have weekly, bimonthly, monthly, and quarterly review meetings to keep you updated with your software development lifecycle.

We tag consultation necessary along with the project development. Hence, if you have any doubt pertaining to the technology stack or business model, we can provide the necessary guidance.

Super fast Internet, amenities to relax, latest devices and systems, training, and creative freedom–these are the key components governing our 99% client success rate. We believe in investing in our infrastructure for our resources to feel confident about their work scope and achieve the project requirements with 100% efficiency.

On paper, it may last for a period of three months. However, given the range of our extensive services, including consultation to development and support, our clients keep our resources reserved for project enhancements and advancement.

Our VueJS developers are flexible that way. If the project demands sending our VueJS resources to your office, we can sign an SLA and initiate the process to begin the project at the earliest.

We hire and train skilled and experienced project managers and SCRUM Masters, who have proper expertise on project management and next steps. When we seal a deal, you become eligible to receive a project manager or SCRUM Master for your project. You can directly communicate your requirements with them to get a clear idea about your project.

Our integrity lies in ensuring and securing the confidentiality of the projects of our clients. In order to do so, we offer to sign the NDA, Master Service Agreement/Contract and Intellectual Property Rights Agreement for team augmentation.

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