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Our expert developers have skillfully worked on and deployed nearly 150 projects for numerous businesses. 


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Hire dedicated Xamarin developers with experience in catering to the needs of clients across the globe.


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Hire dedicated Xamarin developers with experience in catering to the needs of clients across the globe.


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Our developers have worked with multiple industries and assisted numerous businesses in developing cross-platform apps for them. 


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We have achieved almost one hundred percent client satisfaction with our practice of regular digital infrastructure upgradation and diligence.

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Stepping Stones from Our Milestones


Attendance Management System


The challenge was to create a robust mobile-based attendance management system using Xamarin technology. The primary challenge lies in capturing and recording the in-out times accurately. Additionally, designing a solution compatible with Android and iOS devices was critical.


Leveraging Xamarin technology, we successfully addressed these challenges by creating a cross-platform attendance management system. The system captures employee locations through mobile devices, cross-referencing the data with location information stored within it. This approach ensures precise attendance records and allows employees to conveniently access their historical attendance data. Moreover, deploying Android and iOS applications on Azure Intune simplified cross-platform management, making it a comprehensive solution for attendance tracking across the organization's diverse workforce.

Logistics Tracker Mobile App


Developing the Logistics Tracker Mobile App presented specific challenges that demanded innovative solutions. The app needed to streamline reviewing and managing open requests which were critical for logistics operations. Additionally, the approval and rejection of requests were contingent on various terms, making it imperative to create a flexible and customizable approval workflow that could adapt to different business scenarios. 


To resolve this, we designed a user-friendly interface within the app, simplifying the process of reviewing and handling requests thereby significantly improving operational efficiency. Leveraging Xamarin Forms, SQL Server, and a Web API, we ensured cross-platform compatibility and real-time data updates, thus delivering an essential tool for optimizing logistics operations and efficiency.




Vendor Call Management System


The main challenge was accommodating multiple approval flows tailored to different vendor types, for a seamless registration process. With approximately 15,000 vendors in the system, scalability and performance optimization were critical concerns. Moreover, managing multiple authentication modes, like Windows-based and Form-based authentication, presented complexities, especially in accommodating external vendors.


We implemented a comprehensive solution to address these challenges while leveraging SharePoint 2013 and MS SQL. Our team of Xamarin developers designed and implemented a flexible approval workflow system that could adapt to various vendor types, streamlining the registration process and providing quick approvals. We utilized SharePoint's built-in capabilities to seamlessly manage multiple authentication modes, allowing internal and external vendors to access the system using their preferred authentication method easily.

Quality Incident Report Tool


The primary challenge was to design a portal that could handle and document quality-related incidents across various office locations, requiring a seamless incident reporting mechanism. Additionally, the portal had to incorporate a robust notification system to report any incident to management via email. The complexity increased as department heads needed to take swift and appropriate action on these requests and record their responses within the portal. 


We designed a user-friendly interface within the ASP.Net MVC framework for convenient and streamlined incident reporting from any office location. A robust notification system was implemented, automatically triggering email alerts when an incident was reported. It ensured timely communication with management and fast managerial response. Leveraging Entity Data Model and MS SQL, we optimized data management and storage, providing a portal that can handle a substantial volume of incident reports while maintaining performance and reliability.



Finance Audit Portal


To develop a portal that can easily manage audits across all departments every three months. It demanded a streamlined process for conducting and tracking audits while assuring data accuracy. The finance department's responsibility for addressing various issues reported by auditors required a well-structured form-filling and progress update system. The incorporation of an escalation matrix for handling pending user requests introduced complexity. The involvement of multiple timer jobs necessitated careful coordination and synchronization. 


We implemented a comprehensive set of solutions to address these challenges while leveraging the potential of SharePoint 2013 and MS SQL. Firstly, we designed a user-friendly interface within SharePoint 2013, enabling the streamlined management of audits across all departments. This interface facilitated audit scheduling, tracking, and reporting, ensuring data accuracy and compliance. We developed a comprehensive form-filling and progress update system that allowed responsible personnel to record and update audit progress quarterly. This system ensured accurate and timely reporting, enhancing accountability.

Technical Expertise of Our Xamarin Developers

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  • .Net standard library 2.0.3
  • Libraries

  • ZXing cross-platform SDKFFImageLoading libraryXFShapeViewXFShapeViewShiny BLEFirebase and deep linkXamarin badge plugin
  • Tools & Utilities

  • Visual Studio 2019 MacSourcetreeXamarin InspectorDiawiFlybuildsNUnitxUnitXCodeAndroid Studio
  • Other

  • Location ServiceGoogle MapPinch zoom

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Faster Development Process

Developers can write single application logic through C# and .NET for multiple platforms, saving development time. 


Code Sharing Across Multiple Platforms

Native App Development is simplified with Xamarin, as more than half of the code can be used and shared across various platforms.


Uncomplicated Maintenance

The developer can easily update the applications across all the platforms by changing or updating the source file. 


Integrated Testing

With UI- Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Test Recorder, developers can run automated tests on real devices and get notified about performance issues to release a bug-free and optimal final product. 


No Hardware Compatibility Issue

Xamarin offers a diverse range of APIs and Plug-ins, thus eliminating the hardware compatibility issue. 


Rapid Mobile App Development

RMAD is a code-free programming tool that facilitates mobile app development with libraries for UI development and complete code reusability. 


Better Customization Options

It is linked with native libraries and supports native-like functionality, thus allowing the flexibility for better-customized solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that lack of communication can be a major roadblock in development when working with a remote team of developers. This is why we follow an agile methodology for easy understanding and streamlined progress of the project. We also communicate with the client about the project’s progress at a common time frame, thus minimizing the communication gap. 

Yes, if you are confused about what to choose and what not to choose then we are your perfect solution provider. Our comprehensive services include a thorough analysis and discussion of your project to give you a fitting combination of tools and technologies.

Since we provide custom solutions, the engagement term can vary depending on the complexities, feature integration, and project scope. This majorly influences the design, development and testing duration. You can directly connect with our experts and discuss your project details to know the estimated duration. 

We regularly update our infrastructure and make all the necessary technologies and tools accessible to our developers to provide optimal and contemporary solutions.

We sign all the required documents to provide a secure and transparent development process. This helps us design the ideal solutions while ensuring no data you share is compromised. 

Absolutely. Our talent pool comprises developers with diverse experience levels, from intermediate to seniors, so you can hire dedicated Xamarin developer as you require. 

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