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on your customers with the Adv-Quote Tool. The process includes gathering requirements, quoting the price, taking orders, and executing the deal. Your customers appreciate fast responses and accuracy, whereas your Sales team has a hard time to transact and define the quote and deliver the purchase order.

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for the innovative and advanced quotation tool that sets you up for the business deals of your dreams. This tool is a complete package to help your prospects turn into your buyers. It aids your internal sales team to function efficiently and rapidly.

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What is Adv-Quote Tool?

This tool couples your Customer’s objective to buy and your company’s awareness of revenue, enclosing the entire process of sales, communication, and customer support. As the Quoting Process is the most significant process of your manufacturing unit, we provide you an advance and complete Quoting tool that seamlessly aids fruitful results.

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Why does your company need the Adv-Quote

– Easy Quotes Management

– Internal Flexibility within manufacturing unit

– Minimizing the Waiting time for customer

– Better Customer Management

– Affluent Communications

Easy Quotes Management

In a manufacturing unit like yours, it is difficult to handle and track every prospect visiting your website and even difficult to manage all the quotations. This professional quoting tool makes it easy for you to manage all your quotes, your customer’s Requests for Quotes (RFQs), the negotiations, and all the internal shifts; thus helping you retain your customer relationships.

Internal Flexibility within manufacturing unit

This exclusive quotation tool smoothens your otherwise hostile communications amongst varied internal departments like the sales support department, customer lead management department, application department, administration, and management.

Minimizing the Waiting time for customer

After generating RFQs (Requests for Quotes), your customers will get speedy responses. This will provoke their decision abilities. This Tool aids you to function hastily and thus you generate Quotes speedily for your customers.

Better Customer Management

The Advanced Quoting Tool helps you retain your customers. As there is an account generation for each quote requester(customer), you can anytime keep a track of your customers and check their expectations, needs, and requirements.

Affluent Communications

This innovative quotation software gives you an opportunity to be close and confidential to your customers. It provides a medium to communicate with your prospects, offer them your quotes, negotiate their deals, and make contracts.

Still not sure how this advanced quoting software can evolve your company?

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Enlisting the features for your customers

– Products’ Catalogue

– Approve/Decline Quote

– Intricately defined RFQ form

– Send Purchase Orders

the advanced quoting tool features products catalogue trootech business solutions

Products’ Catalogue

This tool comes with a Product’s Portal where all your manufactured products are displayed along with their images and specifications. Customers can easily request a quote for your products from here.

the advanced quoting tool features approve decline quote 2 trootech business solutions

Approve/Decline Quote

Your customers can approve or decline the quotes proposed without the burden of maintaining relationships with the Manufacturer. It creates a bound-less medium of free communication.

the advanced quoting tool features intricately defined rfq form 2 trootech business solutions

Intricately defined RFQ form

The Advanced Quoting Tool provides a well-defined Request-for-Quote form, including minute specifications that clearly depicts what your customer needs.

the advanced quoting tool send purchase orders quote 2 trootech business solutions

Send Purchase Orders

Your customers can directly send you their Purchase Order from the Products Portal of the Advanced Quoting Tool, once you send them the Quote and they approve it.

Let’s make your quotation process faster

Your customers will no more have to wait for your replies on their RFQs. Send them the smartest replies with the advanced quoting tool.

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All-in-One Adv-Quote features for the owners(You)

– Manage Customers

– Refine RFQs

– Approve/Decline Quote

– Transparency within departments

– Refine POs

– Approve/ Decline Purchase Order

– Finalize the Quote

the advanced quoting tool features manage customers 2 trootech business solutions

Manage Customers

The Adv-Quote has significant features for your Customer Management. The assigned user profile (Customer Lead Engineer) of your company can create, edit, update and delete customer accounts from the database.

the advanced quoting tool features approve decline quote 2 trootech business solutions

Refine RFQs

Thie Adv-Quote gives your Application Engineer the function feature of refining the RFQs sent by the customers. The Application Engineer sends the incomplete/ inaccurate RFQs to the Customer Lead Engineer, who communicates with the customer and gets the details from him/her.

the advanced quoting tool features approve decline quote 2 trootech business solutions

Approve/Decline Quote

As a refined RFQ reaches the Sales Support Administrator, he/she gets to approve or disapprove it- depending on the feasibility of the manufacturing unit. If approved, the RFQ is forwarded to the Quote Approver of your company.

the advanced quoting tool features transparency within departments 2 trootech business solutions

Transparency within departments

Within the Adv-Quote Tool, all the Company Products, RFQs, POs, and Quotes are visible to every internal user. Information regarding any specific deal can be accessed by a unique identification number (ID).

the advanced quoting tool features refine pos 2 trootech business solutions

Refine POs

The purchase orders placed by the customers are qualified by the Sales department. If the Sales Support Administrator finds the PO unviable or inaccurate, he/she sends it back to the customer for editing and reverting.

the advanced quoting tool features approve decline purchase order 2 trootech business solutions

Approve/ Decline Purchase Order

The Adv-Quote gives the Sales Support Administrator the authority to accept or decline a Purchase Order sent by your customer.

the advanced quoting tool features finalize the quote 2 trootech business solutions

Finalize the Quote

Once the Sales Support Administrator has passed a quote, the Quote Approver finalizes it by placing discounts on the deal.

Looking for a specific feature?

Explore every minute detail by scheduling a call with our expert developers

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We offer niche specific customizations.

You can easily customize this advanced quoting tool to suit your business

  • Auto-parts Industry
  • Clothing & Textile Industry
  • Petroleum, Chemicals, and Plastics Industry
  • Wood, Leather, and Paper Industry
  • Metal Manufacturing Industry
  • Food Production Industry
  • Computers and Electronics Manufacturing Industry
  • Logistics and Transportation Industry
Let Us Know From Which Industry Your Business Belong

Our research behind making the Adv-Quote

We value your time and effort, and hence we decided to make the quotation process smooth by this tool.

Customers are in a hurry while requesting quotes, leaving incomplete their requirements and specifications. This is problematic for manufacturing units like you. Thus, we decided to give a systematic flow to this procedure by providing a well-defined RFQ (Request for Quotes) form in this exclusive quotation tool.
While generating quotes, there are many missed communications as information is passed and approved at each hierarchical department within your business. Also, clear and dedicated communication is rarely established between customers and manufacturers. We wanted to eradicate this flaw in the communication channels.
Customers had to wait for ages until they got any revert on their request for quote. Again this was caused due to the elongated internal process approval within the manufacturing unit. Hence, we targeted to ease out the internal functioning of the manufacturing units like yours.
Owing to the long intercommunications and calculations before delivering a requested quote, customers used to lose interest from one particular manufacturer. Thus all the efforts undertaken by the manufacturer go in vain because the customer doesn’t reply to the late-submitted quotes.

Technology profile

laravel icon 2 advanced quoting tool trootech business solutions

Programming/ Development

The Adv-Quote web application has been developed in PHP language on the Laravel Framework. This provides high security, powerful authentication, enhanced performance, data migration, and multi-lingual support for your Advanced Quoting Tool.

database 2 advanced quoting tool trootech business solutions


The advanced quoting software solution’s database is handled by MySQL which makes your crucial data scalable, supportive, optimized, and secure.


Certainly, it is possible. In fact, it is advised to preferably mandate some customizations to exactly suit your niche. The advanced quoting software solution can be adopted for industries like auto-parts manufacturing, chemicals, textile, metal manufacturing, food production, electronics, food, leather, etc. Apart from that, we definitely do customize it according to your niche specification.

Tell us, how you want to customize this tool?

The exclusive quotation tool comes as a package including both the customer portal and the quoting tool together. We can definitely separate them as a part of customization for you.

Why would you just like to buy the quoting tool only?

The smart quoting tool has been made after deep research and brainstorming. Many factors have been considered before finalizing the development technologies for this quoting tool, resulting in PHP as the best suitable for the development of the Adv-Quote.

Know more

We can make mobile apps specific to your needs. We would need to know whether you want for all stakeholders or for customers only or for your staff only.

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Our product has many possibilities for customization. It solely depends on your business needs and the level of customization you want in the product. This is the reason why we have kept our pricing model fully personalized to help our client get exactly what they want. Our team of digital techies will attentively understand your requirements and will quote the product price accordingly.

Get quote for customized tool

We offer a one-time detailed training session to you and your staff. It is our prime-duty to explain to you the entire flow of the quoting process features included.

Yes. The software contract makes us bound to offer you exactly what is discussed and mentioned in the contract. It will give you a sense of security and even help you verify every module in the product we offer. Even our software contracts are easily understandable and user-friendly. And, we believe that any business commitment must be in writing. We strictly verify the purchasing business is not in competition with us as this product is not for re-selling purposes at the moment.

There are dynamic modules that are admin managed for this tool so possible your few customizations are already covered. Otherwise, get a 30 minutes consultation or click on Request Customization and our expert team will be at your service to understand your app requirements and provide you a custom developed app as per confirmed in the consultation session.

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How to buy our Adv-Quote?

1. Take the Demo of the Adv-Quote

Try out demo and decide for yourself.

2. Schedule a Consultation with us

Next, we meet you in person to acquire your perspective and requirements for making this tool for you. We demonstrate to you the functionalities of the quoting tool.

3. Sign & Confirm the Software Contract

Finally, You and Us (TRooTech) sign the deal to provide you the tool.

4. Setup & Configure Adv-Quote

Our deployment team delivers you the tool by configuring it online to your server. They also give you and your staff a free-demo to operate the tool after installation.

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