Marketplace for unused parking space: Development of the next-gen parking app

There is no shortfall of mobile apps that help to locate a parking spot in any county of the USA. Many newer mobile apps for parking are evolving every other day.

These apps are feature-rich with real-time reservation or booking process along with smooth availability of the parking spots on the app.

It’s increased usage has made these features turned into standard than the spectacular ones.

To lead these trends, our client wanted a next-gen parking app development that is beyond the mere availability of parking spots in crowded or public places.

Read on to know how we served a Florida-based industry innovator with a uniquely featured parking app.


Our client wanted to develop a standout parking app for the ones who want to rent out unused parking spaces and for the ones who shop for a nearby parking spot be it a suburbs, rural, urban, outskirts of the city.


  • To have an inbuilt parking spot locator for the motorists that is much accurate, easy to locate, and track the nearby parking locations is pretty challenging.
  • Another challenge with this kind of parking app development is to provide and also maintain the quality of services on the app.
  • It’s difficult to come up with a reasonable pricing policy that takes care of the interest of the renter of the parking space as well as the motorist.

In many cases, the motorists have to prepay the parking charges for the maximum amount of time the cars are to be parked.

They end up paying for the hours they haven’t used the parking spot. To derive a reasonable pricing outlay that best suits the renter and motorists is a challenge.

  • Another challenge is to avoid complexities in parking spaces for commercial vehicles or private vehicles that sometimes end up causing a block in the travel lanes.
  • One of the biggest challenges is to prevent overspill parking. Meaning, the available parking spot can be unsuitable, insufficient or even expensive for the motorists.

Our approach

The team of digital experts  at TRooTech developed a robust mobile platform that possesses the quick and filtered search of available parking space on rent, simplified app functioning, and affordable parking spot anytime anywhere.

Our approach for this parking app development is detailed more in the below business benefits.

Business Benefits

  • For an accurate location mapping, the app is equipped with a geofencing feature.Making it more user-friendly for the motorists, it has a well-defined highlighting of the available parking spots on the map.
  • A strict verification system is instilled into the business process to maintain and increase the quality of service provided to the app users.Here, the listed parking space by the renter is sent to the admin for approvals. After complete authentication of the parking space, the admin approves for listing on the app.
  • The app has a ‘Pay As Used’ payment model to make it reasonable for the motorist and the renter on the app.The motorists have to pay based on the time calculations on the parked duration. The admin will receive the payment.The admin will transfer the total amount on a monthly basis to the renter. It proves to be affordable in addition to the smooth payment process for all the users on the app.
  • To make it more simplified, the well-designed app features has streamlined the categorization of the parking spots for commercial as well as private vehicles.A detailed categorization helps the motorist to select a suitable parking space much speedier and avoid blocking the travel lanes.
  • To avoid overspill parking, the motorists can select the parking spot based on the detailed info of parking space that they are free to access.This will help the motorists to quickly search a comfortable parking space for their vehicle.Also, the listed parking space is authenticated by the admin. So there are negligible chances for overspill parking issues.

Industry Segment

Car-parking Services/Motorists utility service industry

Company Profile

Florida-based industry innovator

Technology and Tools

Frontend– Objective C for iOS app
Backend– NodeJS, PostgreSQL

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