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Thumbtack Similar App Development

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Time Before Thumbtack Exist!!

Back in time, after the backbreaking finger grease of finally having found a plumber to fix the faucet, the conversation like the one we have mentioned became the ritual.

“Hey again, share your contact number. Next time if there’s any fault with the faucet, I can call you again.”

“Here please, 279………..”

And then the phone directory would go brimming with the contact details of the plumbers, cleaners, mechanics, tutors, and um, yeah, some nominal space with the contact details of the friends and families too!

This is where the concept of marketplace came into existence to cut through the hassles and endow the ease of accessibility to the customers.

So, what is this entire torrent about Service Marketplace?

In the simplest terms, service marketplace is where the demand is generated and at the same time the portal strives to put in efforts to fulfill the supply for the demands.

Have A Glance At The Process Of Demand Generation

The demand is generated by the customers who are looking forward to hiring the best of the professionals in their domain. They are the ones who convey their requirements and wish to gain professionals at the right price and right skill.

The demand is then well-evaluated by the admin of the marketplace portal and is addressed to the right service providers. The service providers who get a request bid for the service and the bids are again communicated to the customers.

The service providers can directly negotiate with the customers, who have the final say about who they want to hire.

The freelancers, pro, or the service providers are the people who are self-employed and are only committed to a particular part of work, for a limited time, and for a fixed price.

They are not necessarily committed to any organization or a specific employer for a long-term period.

The freelancers take up the scope of the work in which they can exhibit their unique speck such as fieldwork, gardening, music tutoring, translating, coding, writing, illustrating, producing a content, cleaning, plumbing, etc.

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So, What is Thumbtack Business Model Like?

Thumbtack is an online service marketplace wherein the service providers list out the best of their services under the niches –  home services, cooking, food and beverages, business and legal constitutions, writing, mechanical services, gardening, cleaning , event management, decorations, point-to-point delivery services, writing and translation services, wedding akin services, and much more.

Know More About Thumbtack Business Model And Use it For Own Business Idea

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Business model Thumbtack Similar App Development

Thumbtack: How Remunerative It Is As A Business?

How Does Thumbtack Work for Customer?

From booking an event manager to renovating your home or workplace, from meeting your gardening needs to get your baby a caretaker, Thumbtack provides with all.

The customers post the job description and the scope of the work of the project on Thumbtack.

The customers then have to answer a few questions specifying their exact needs.

They will share those details with the experienced professionals who exhibit a rich business profile. Here, when the project requirement is shared with the service providers, the contact details are not shared by the platform, considering the risk of contact masking.

How Does Thumbtack Work as a Business?

Thumbtack basically matches the customers looking for the best service providers for accomplishing their tasks qualitatively to the service providers who are looking for the jobs.

Thumbtack clearly has got a dynamic business model, with two interlinked stakeholders that are both needed in order to operate the service marketplace.

The Customers: 

The stakeholders who are looking for domestic, local, or professional services from qualified local professionals.

The Pro:

The stakeholders who want to offer their services in exchange for some money.

Thumbtack introduces the customers with the service providers, or as the online service marketplace calls – pro, by asking the customers to answer a few specific questions about their exact requirements.

According to the scope of the work of the customer, Thumbtack shares those details with the skilled pros by keeping the contact details of the customers private in order to avoid the problem of contact masking and spamming of the customer’s inbox.

By posting the job description, within a few hours, interested and available pros will respond to the request by paying for sending the quotes and then the quote is communicated to the customers.

Considering the problem of contact masking when the service provider gets hired, the commission model cannot be integrated within the platform.

But Thumbtack has a solution to all. It devised a new revenue model, unlike its competitors. The service providers pay for sending the quotes on the platform. This is how the payment is already made and the contact sharing can be done at this point of the stage.

Thumbtack allows the customers to compare the professionals on the basis of the quote estimate, customer review, contact info, personalized message, and business profile.

Even after the comparison, when the customers are doubtful, they still have the option to hire the best professionals by calling or messaging them if they need more information about their service.

The platform also helps them to negotiate on the price by allowing them to schedule a chat and interact with them.

Once the negotiation is done, the customers can hire the customers.

How Does Thumbtack Work for the Pros?

Thumbtack helps the professionals who are looking forward to filling in their schedule by working extra hours, or make some extra bucks, or just starting to work.

The Thumbtack process starts with the customers coming to the portal to find local professionals for completing their project. Thumbtack insists the customers to provide answers to the specific questions asked by the platform which gives a clear idea about the requirement of the project.

The professionals have to register themselves on the platform and elaborate on what they are looking for, how far they can travel, what types of project they can work on, and when are they available.

Then Thumbtack matches the professionals with the customers, whose requirements fit in with the project.

It shares with the professionals the customer’s description of the project.

The professionals evaluate the request and quote for the job if they decide it is good enough by sending a message and a price estimate.

The professionals will get to see how much will it cost quote for any job before they click on the ‘send’ button.

The customers then look through everyone’s prices, messages, profiles, and reviews and either hire someone right then or send a message for more information about the job. They can even use the chat module to negotiate.

The customers can email or text back to finalize the details of a job.

Once the customers are done with the hiring, Thumbtack asks the customers to review the professionals.

The Service Marketplace Has Undergone A Complete MakeoverAll Thanks To The Debut Of Thumbtack.

The online service marketplace has raised the bars to multiple opportunities for the customers to convey their myriads of service requirements to the portal’s acquired service providers and get their projects done qualitatively in a quick turnaround time.

Of course, Thumbtack is not the one of its own kind but it has still aced to cut through the thin air of the voluminous density exhibited by its fierce competitors by constantly striving to meet the perpetually ever-lasting demands of the customers for ample of niches while very few were able to meet the quality of the dynamic marketplace.

In-Depth Planning Of Thumbtack Similar App Development- Add MVP(Minimum Viable Product) Features: Professional App

On posting of the job, the customers quote requests from a list of service providers. It is really a time-consuming task to go to each request and evaluate it. On the other hand, it is equally important to not miss out on any service provider’s request.

To solve this dilemma of the customers, Thumbtack introduced a new feature – compare the professionals, which aid the customers to make comparisons on the basis of the quote estimated, personalized message, Customer reviews, Business profile, and Contact Information.

In-Depth Planning Of Thumbtack Similar App Development – Add MVP(Minimum Viable Product) Features: Customer App

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To Acing The Race Add These Lacking Features In Your Thumbtack Similar App Development


To the woos of the stakeholders, Thumbtack just provides FAQ and email support to its users, it does not provide a telephone or live chat support option.

It is essential for the online service marketplace to look after all the concerns of the stakeholders so that they can immediately solve the issues of the stakeholders.

The current system, FAQ support may not exactly provide the resolution, especially to complicated concerns and the Email support would take a longer time to attract the attention of the admin. The businesses and professionals might need an immediate resolution to their concerns that only telephone or live chat support could bring.



Not all the customers are one-timers, some customers might a require particular service on a regular interval of time.

For example, let’s say the customer is a photographer and excels at drone photography. Now, this is a frequent service irrespective of the service provider. In such cases, they may not have to post the job description every time they need service, instead they can make a service subscription from the service professional for a specific period of time.

It can also ensure that a service professional gets the work from his regular customer.

Location Based Service Listing

The main focus of the marketplace is to meet the requirement of the customers within the shortest time possible.

For this purpose, the service professionals should be from the nearby locations. The Geolocation based service listing feature can help the users to find the professionals who are in nearby locations and can get the service within a  short period of time.

For the service providers, having this feature can be beneficial, since this will provide them with the request from the nearby locations and they can easily choose to answer it and be there without any long-distance travelling troubles.

So, You Are Curious About How Thumbtack Makes Money, Here You Go

The major drivers of the revenue model of Thumbtack are not in the administration area, product development, and customer support or operations.

It has only one revenue generation stream that is by the fees it charges from the service providers to sending their quote to customers.

The membership plans allow the service providers to receive bulk credits for a fixed amount of membership plans. In this model, the service providers are limited by a certain number of quote requests that they can send to the customers.

Thumbtack introduced a subscription model in which the service providers make purchases of the credits, as following:

  • 12 Credits: For securing 12 credits, Thumbtack charges $17.99
  • 24 Credits: For buying 24 credits, Thumbtack charges $34.99
  • 60 Credits: For purchasing 60 credits, Thumbtack charges $84.99

The membership plans allow the service providers to receive bulk credits for a fixed amount of membership plans. In this model, the service providers are limited by a certain number of quote requests that they can send to the customers.

Use These Marketing Aspects To Gain Audience For Your Thumbtack Similar Business

The major drivers of the revenue model of Thumbtack are in the administration area, product development, and customer support or operations.

It has only one revenue generation stream that is by the fees it charges from the service providers to have their business listed in its database.


The service providers can refer other freelancers and can earn from the platform.

Thumbtack currently has the below mentioned referral models:

Both receive $16 in credit when referrals

send their first paid quote

Both receive $50 in credits when referrals send get their first hire on Thumbtack

Word of Mouth Marketing

Since the services are divided into a large category, more and more service providers readily try to get into the marketplace.

Also, it is easy to talk about the earnings, hiring, and get other professionals on board with the ‘referral model’.

On the other hand, the customers can recommend the services to their peers and accommodate them.

Social Media Platforms

A good presence on social media has a positive effect on creating the brand awareness among the social media users. This also insists on posting regularly about the promotions and the services.

The customers have the access to the social media platform for sharing their job post.

This is how the social media platform users become aware about the platform and they can try it out.

The service providers can refer their friends and colleagues and can earn out of it.

Deals and Offers

On formation of a solid customer base for the platform, all that remains is sending them the flyers, newsletters informing them about the new deals, offers, and discounts. Eventually, over a period of time, happy customers will start getting retained towards the platform and will stay loyal to the platform.


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