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Tinder is much more than a dating app from the keen eyes of startup entrepreneurs today. Different niches are basing their business on its model. Do you have an idea for tinder similar app development?

Any business can be swiped! Utilize it!

Tinder is the Synonym of a dating app. Tinder means dating app that we all accept by heart.

But do you know that any business can work like tinder style?

Tinder Similar App Development is the best way to create tinder style apps to connect with different niches. What you can do?

You can connect with people, buy products, explore events, find a relevant job and many more.

Tinder for Jobs

Yes, Tinder-style job app is possible! Create a Tinder Similar App for Jobs. Quick and easy browse through job postings. Job seeker can swipe right to like, swipe left to pass. An employer can do the same thing for the candidate’s profile. Jobseeker receives notification when employer show interest in profile and when there is a match, job seeker and employer come in direct contact. Sounds good?!


Swipe right for shopping

It’s tough to find right match on Tinder but there’s fair chance to find the best match on Tinder-style shopping app. Swipe right to like the item. Swipe left to take a pass. Just a simple swipe- yes or no design is on demand by mobile users.

Tinder for X

You can create a unique app in tinder style. Let us help you out.  You can create apps for events, parties, networking, puppies, dresses,  and anything you can think. Just come with an idea,  we know how to make it in Tinder-style! :)

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Why TRooTech to swipe right for your Tinder-style app?

Often than not, the businesses are enticed by the glam of the fancy features and the entire focus that is to be laser lit on the basic functionality of the application gets drifted away by the fancy features, thereby confusing the users about the working of the application.

Once the users get baffled, forget retention, instead of hitting on someone using your dating application, they will simply be hitting THE UNINSTALL.

The best solution to this is understanding the importance of each and every feature and then proceeding with deciding on which ones will help the application to define itself practically on its own.

Now, this is tricky indeed, but rest assured because we have intensively researched on each and every feature for tinder similar app development.

Below is the outcome for you to have a quick glance at the features we carefully distinguished for you into two categories:


MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Features for;

User App

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Features for;

Backend Function

Advance Features

For Better Experience Than Tinder

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Studies say dating apps have higher market growth to come in next near years. Getting into this disrupting industry is utmost beneficial with an idea for Tinder Similar App development. It opens up hopeful opportunities for worldwide entrepreneurs to break-in their own online dating app platform with a perfect plan. Talking of the plans, below are some niche businesses we have seen using Tinder Similar app development Model:

Tinder Similar App Development for Different Dating Niches:

Tinder for LGBT Community

For providing an open platform to LGBT community dedicating to their space

Tinder for Double Dates Specifically

Double Dating is specifically a trend of the dating world today to feel more acquainted and a platform targeting that aspect should be soon in talks

Tinder for Group Hangouts

Dating is more likely to be turned as a hangout period decently and people need groups for a good time spent. Basically what Tinder has already focused by introducing Groups, a dedicated app just for Groups, quite a chance to heat up the markets

Tinder for Elderly People

There is always an awkwardness for the elder people who are looking for dating on a general app like Tinder. Give them a dedicated app, they should be happily using it

Tinder Similar App Development Ideas for Different Industry Niches:

Tinder-like App for Product Hunting with eCommerce Features

Ever assumed how amazing is to shop by swiping Tinder-like instead of browsing and when system suggests you the outfits or anything you are interested in shopping? This can be turned true

Tinder-like App for News & Media

Day by day the biggest news and media companies to target human interest so that they can personalize news for them, some are trying Tinder’s algorithm for matching the news for their audience along with swiping of course

Tinder-like App for Professional Business Networking

Dating is one aspect which creates excitement to find a match whereas business networking is another such aspect where people are most eager to meet the new opportunities by connecting with preferred matches for business

Tinder-like App for Polling

The best use of tinder’s model could be in receiving votes of liking and disliking based on swiping model and thinking of such a model, specific types of polls and surveys could be the best fit to try in the markets

Tinder-like App for Online Games Discovery

Gaming is the only industry which has most activeness of users while the biggest problem of a gamer is to find the games they like to play according to their interests. Game discovery based on Tinder’s matching algorithm is an ace idea to pursue


Native Android App

Native iOS App

Backend of App


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