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the Project Overview

Today, everything happens at the tap of the finger. The smartphone has it all - your bank details, your investment details, your pass codes, your schedules, simply put everything! Thus, to secure the very details, locks are turning smarter with the advancement of biometric traces including finger print, retina recognition, and the very latest facial recognition.

But what about the instances in cases of emergency and issues when the pass codes are not available?

Diving into this critical issue, an idea was proposed such that the emergency contacts can be accessed from the lock screen and easily emergency calls can be made and emergency messages can be sent to the contacts listed out in the application.

The app provided one free contact to be added to the following and the number of contacts can be extended to 15 contacts when the user chooses to purchase a package.

Emergency Contacts
Information can be accessible to anyone from your lock screen

Frequent Contacts
The convenience of dialing your top calls without unlocking your screen at the touch of a button.

Home/Lost Phone
Someone can find identified contact information as soon as they touch your phone without unlocking your screen.

Work or Supervisor
The convenience of family member to have a quick access to important contacts in case where you are unable to call yourself or when in emergency.

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the Challenge

Though the idea was too promising and great for the users troubled with the lock screen issues in emergency, the challenge was in the placement of the widget itself.

The emergency call widget had to be placed on the lock screen wherein the users can have an access to calling the listed contacts without having to cross the security locks and patterns.

This was the main challenge, since according to the norms of OS in iOS, no widgets can be added to the lock screen, considering the security of the apps and shortcuts leading to the personal information.

With the similar security concerns, Android does not allow any external widget other than the clock.

This is where the concept of the app hold barred, since it was rebelling the norms of the OS and we were all hunting for a way out that could satisfy the functionality of the app within the prescribed boundary of the OS.

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the Solution

Working on the solution, we realized the fact that the idea was in itself, encouraging security and emergency concerns though externally. This called for going through the OS norms and coding the idea in such a way that the security is not hampered and the intended purpose is fulfilled.

There is a provision in the OS to enable the system that fosters security of the user in some way or the other.

What next!

Our profound developers experimented with the codes, developed extensions, and bridged the gap that was missing for the widgets to display on the lock screen.

We developed iOS and Android application for the concept that adhered to the OS norms, even appeared on the lock screen, and could be accessed without unlocking.

The app got its purpose and we reinforced our ability to resolve any technicalities that come in between our client's expectation and our development.

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