TRooReserve - The OpenTable-Like Booking System

TRooReserve - The OpenTable-Like Booking System

A readymade OpenTable like booking system that helps diners book a table in the city’s famous eatery to skip the waiting line queues. One that helps restaurant owners to manage their table bookings online & walk-ins, manage & train staff along with getting listed on the diners’ search engine.

Get your OpenTable like booking system completely personalized to get you to the top of the market in minimal time.
We researched the restaurant market scope, planned the feature strategy, revised technological aspects, designed and developed the much-needed solution that raises your revenue charts.

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TRooReserve: The OpenTable like booking system

Restaurateurs reward you for making them discoverable

Get restaurants registered to your OpenTable like booking system for diners to find them when hungry. The restaurant owners pay you an annual registration fee because you bring them in diners’ limelight!

Restaurateurs pay you for table reservations through the app

When diners book a table at a preferred restaurant through this Opentable like booking system, those restaurants will pay you your share for the booking.

Diners place your app at the top-charts

Become a handy app in hungry users’ pockets. Through the TRooReserve Diner’s App, users can discover & reserve their favorite eatery corner in the rush hour for free!

Diners feed you with their reviews on restaurants

Its a take-and-no-give platform for you. The ‘restaurant-reviews’ on your this OpenTable like booking system are provided by app users who have visited the restaurant after booking it on your app.

Get this ready-made platform for you to make a fortune.

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Features for Diners - If you have any special features in mind for the diner, feel free to tell.

Search Restaurants: Diners can search for famous restaurants based on their location or cuisine preferences.

Choose Table preferences: Diners can choose the table shape and size. Also choose between a corner table or a center table.

Book a table: No more waiting when hungry. Skip the waiting Queues.

Get Notifications as the table is ready: App notifies when the booked table is ready to be served.

Rate Restaurants: Diners can rate a restaurant after they have enjoyed a meal.

Pay through the app: Easy and synchronized payments.

Earn value-points: Options to earn value-points & redeem discounts

History of Booking: View and manage a history of table bookings

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Features for Restaurant Owners- If you have any special features in mind for the restaurant owner, feel free to tell.

Get listed and discovered: The platform makes it easy for restaurant owners to reach their customers by getting listed on the app.

Real-time tracking: Analyze and manage the dining frequency by real-time tracking of available, booked, and occupied tables.

Reporting: Email Reports and Reporting Dashboard to view weekly, monthly or annual reports of their restaurant business.

Management tools; Tools like sending table availability message to the diner, ordering food, assigning waiter, etc.

Table management: The app has a feature of floor map and table managment through color-specified indications.

Customized iPad App: With the app the restaurateurs can manage bookings, push notifications, shift planning, reporting, and analytics.

Synchronized e-records: E-records for walk-in diners & online bookings, so that they can keep a track of reservations through the app, online reservations, and other walk-in diners.

Staff training: Training modules and in-app tutorials to get their waiters and managers compatible with the OpenTable like booking app.

Reviews Management: Grab reviews from diners and filter them for your effective marketing.

Billing & Payment: Manage billing & payments directly through the app.

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Features for You as Admin in OpenTable Like Booking System

We have analyzed the food industry and have bookmarked these features, managing them will ultimately manage your entire business flow.

Verify & Approve Restaurants: Authenticate every registering restaurant’s details such as name, type, size, address, etc.

Manage restaurant owners, diners & guests: Detailed features to access, sort, and search the registered restaurant owners, registered diners, guest diners & their details.

Advance Analytics: Keep an eye on the monthly graphical representation of the app usage, earning scale, demographics, total no. of users, restaurants, bookings, etc.

Management of Policies & Pages: Take the credit of managing the Email privileges, booking policies and setting user and restaurant rules.

Managing Registration & Cancellation Fees: Decide your commission share, fees to be laid for cancellation & registration of bookings, along with when to cancel them off.

Moderate & Manage restaurant reviews by diners: Handle, moderate & manage the reviews posted by diners after visiting the registered restaurants.

Manage Bookings:  A clear presentation of all the restaurant bookings where you can track, analyze, review, and manage the bookings.

Manage restaurant staff: You can view, edit, update, or delete the restaurateur-added staff profile.

Manage restaurant tables: Restaurants can have different types of tables like circular, square, oval, etc.

Track Restaurant performance: Analyze the performance records of all the registered restaurants at any time.

Manage categories: You can add, edit, view, update, or delete any of the types & methods handled by you such as table types, cuisine types, tags, occasions, events, restaurant highlights, etc.

Reports Dashboard: Manage any kind of report that is created and used in the OpenTable like booking system like – search, full-time, summarized, weekly, monthly, annual, type sorted reports, etc.

Manage user-support: You can view and reply to any query, help, feedback, or rating by the user of this OpenTable like booking app.

Manage Notifications: Manage and actualize all the notifications such as Restaurant registration, Customer registration, Bookings made or canceled, Restaurant owner/customer reports, feedback, reviews, queries, etc.

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Q1. What it costs to buy TRooReserve: The OpenTable like booking system?
Our product has many possibilities for customization. It solely depends on your business needs and the level of customization you want in the product. This is the reason why we have kept our pricing model fully personalized to help our clients get exactly what they want. Our team of digital techies will attentively understand your app requirements and will quote the product price accordingly.

Q2. Are there any hidden charges involved with the final package cost you quote us?
For integrating third-party APIs like payment gateway, SMS gateway or Amazon push notifications, these costs are to be counted however we will mention every such detail in the final product quote we present. The TRooTech team will definitely support you and assist you to recommend and set up these third-party integrations on your uniquely developed OpenTable like booking app.

Q3. What are the ways to generate revenue through this app?
There are a few ways through which the OpenTable like booking app can generate revenue for you. First one is Restaurant listing fees that you charge restaurant owners to list them on your app. And the other one is by charging a fixed amount of fee from restaurateurs when their diners reserve a table through your app.

Q4 Will this TRooReserve Booking System be branded for my business?
Yes, everything on the app will have your business branding from name to colors and the code will also be yours. We will deliver design files and source codes all to you.

Q5. Will I and my other business partners get training to operate this OpenTable like booking app?
Certainly yes. It’s our prime duty to provide product training to you and your team. We offer a one-time detailed training service to our clients.

Q6. What all services will I get post-purchase of this app?
We provide all the support to set up, configure, test, and launch the app. Our experts are just a call away. We have a strong customer service team to solve any of your product related queries. Rest, we trust our product has all the capabilities to offer you all the essential things required post-purchase of this app.

Q7. To whom do you sell this product? And is it necessary to sign the software contract?
We sell this product to the registered businesses in any of the niches mentioned above. This product is not for sale to B2B companies directly in competition with us for reselling purposes. We do verify before delivering the product very firmly. And Yes! It’s necessary to sign a software contract. It makes us bound to offer you exactly what is discussed and mentioned in the software contract.

Q8. How to customize a few features in TRooReserve Platform?
It’s one of the steps in the product buying process. Customization in this OpenTable like booking system will be discussed in detail in the second phase of buying (i.e.) Get a consultation.

Q9. The pricing module can be changed in the TRooReserve booking Platform?
Certainly yes! It’s one of the parts of app customizations that we provide in TRooReserve Product. There are many other possible customizations that we cater to. Do ring us a call to get more insights.


TRooReserve: A ready-made Opentable like booking system is an great opportunity of success for a new startup

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