TruckLinks-Uber Like Trucking App

TruckLinks-Uber Like Trucking App

An award-winning software suite for your next startup.
Now you can offer an app experience for On-demand Trucking industry like never before.

With a perfect blend of mobility into on-demand trucking & logistics, our brilliantly crafted TruckLinks is an app for business initiators who are highly focused to offer what’s on-demand and useful.

TruckLinks developed with Uber’s level of technology, this on-demand trucking app effortlessly matches commercial shippers with truck drivers via mobile app.

Own TruckLinks, a readymade Uber-like Trucking app and accelerate your business with a perfect Go-to-market strategy that requires less investment of time and resources.

TruckLinks is the award-winner ready-to-go software suite for logistics startups.

TruckLinks- a uniquely crafted Uber like Trucking app product has got 80,000 pounds of benefits, yes!

Flexible and robust: Handles any number of concurrent users from customers and truck drivers based on server capabilities

Branded & Customizable: Our branded Uber-like trucking app is open for new enhancements, features, and integrations as per your business requirements.

Scalable: Advanced analytical tools for you to scale your business growth and user experience with Uber like trucking app.

User-Centered: Smart communication is featured with ‘proactive delivery updates’ for the users that naturally make them visit your app again and again.

Ease of Tracking: Advanced tracking & monitoring of what’s happening in the route operation through in-built live GPS tracking.

Trouble-free payments:Easy and user-friendly payment system with your preferred payment gateways integrated on the app.

Low cost to High Conversion: Avoiding the commission charged by the middleman and providing reasonable quotes to the shippers is the best pricing strategy applicable on this app.

Full data ownership: Our full-stack developers will host this Uber like Trucking app on your server which will give you full ownership of data and codes.

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Features of TruckLinks – Our Readymade Uber-like Trucking Solution

TruckLinks brings offline logistics and trucking operations all online.
brings offline logistics and trucking operations all online.

Check out the on-demand trucking app features that literally turn the logistics and trucking operations into a joyous experience.

Features for Users in TruckLinks

This shipper-friendly mobile app has all the required features to let shippers enjoy the easy availability of fleets (truck) and manageable capacity (tonnage) facilities at the right time at the lowest possible price.

  • Easy login and onboarding process
  • Hassle-free to search trucks
  • Comfortable booking experience with ‘Trip Now’ and ‘Trip Later’ options
  • Automated quoting based on advanced pricing algorithm
  • Advanced tracking through integrated vehicle GPS or mobile GPS technology
  • Swift process to pay online
  • Real-time Trucking status updates
  • Secured eWallet to add or withdraw money & get payment status instantly
  • Unbiased reviews & ratings
  • Detailed booking history
  • Trouble-free cancelation with variable policies

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Features for Drivers in TruckLinks

he app has exquisite features for the truck-drivers to earn more while enjoying a pampered trucking experience.
This driver-friendly mobile app has full-scale modules for the truck drivers to experience the risk-free guaranteed truckloads with complete personalized trucking features to choose their preferred routes and preferred working hours.

  • Effortless registration process
  • Smart search technology involves learning the preferred route of truckers and their truckload capacity to find the best-suited shipments requirements nearby to their location.
  • Efficient navigation and access to live shipment routes on the map
  • Smooth accepting process of trip requests
  • One tap status update
  • Calendar management and real-time scheduling
  • Drivers can choose their working hours
  • Drivers are also given privilege to easily cancel the trip
  • Simplified uploading recipient’s signature
  • Just a tap on app to track earnings
  • Seamless adding of any miscellaneous cost incurred during the trip
  • Unbiased reviews & ratings
  • Speedy process to send the payment requests to admin

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Features for Admins in TruckLinks

This entrepreneur-friendly web portal has highly manageable and analytical modules to track, monitor, approve, pay, and control all trucking operations. A perfect control room and management department made digital for the entrepreneur or admin panel that’s equipped with essential add, edit, and delete buttons wherever possible.

  • Refined Dashboard: Admin can see advanced analytics and graphs in real-time.
  • Payments & Rewards: Admin can manage Driver payments and rewards.
  • Complaints & Queries: The admin can address user complaints and queries smoothly.
  • Refunds: The admin can manage cancellations & refunds on the dashboard seamlessly.
  • Tariff & Offer: Admin can manage tariffs, offers & promo systematically.
  • Truck Types: The admin can define truck types and categories.

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Advanced Features For Customization

  • Chat Module: Post Booking Communication between Customer & Drivers
  • Reward System: Referral based reward system for promoting your app
  • CRM Tools: An advance tool to monitor, understand and target users.
  • Bidding Tool: Help commercial users get competitive rates
  • Geo-fencing: Auto notification when a truck is available nearby
  • Voice Assistance: Voice booking option can give your business edge

How to buy TruckLinks, an on-demand Uber-like Trucking app?

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  • Take consultation
  • Sign the product contract
  • Make payment

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We Offer Niche Specific Customizations?

Packers and Movers: Marketplace that connects customers looking for shifting their goods with transporters

On-Demand Food & Groceries: Allows you to start a fully scalable platform for Food and Groceries Delivery solution

On-Demand Vehicle Towing: Provide roadside tow-trucking solutions, there’s a great demand

On-Demand Fuel Delivery:  An 

app for requesting on-demand fuel when needed

On-Demand Garbage Collect: For the people to request a garbage pickup online. Or for Government bodies to easily manage the garbage collection and monitor garbage vans from individual drivers

On-Demand Pharmacy: A platform that can allow ordering medicines anytime and the delivery person can deliver at the door-step.

Customize for your niche

Tech Behind this Robust App

Coded in PHP programming language and using Symfony as a high-performance PHP framework, we developed Uber-like Trucking application geared up with powerful API’s.

This database driven application is supported with PostgreSQL database system to access, add, and manage contents as well as give this software solution all the riches of quick processing, flexibility, and proven reliability. And it’s for both, Android and iOS mobile users.


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Q1. What it costs to buy TruckLinks app?
Our product has many possibilities for customization. It solely depends on your business needs and the level of customization you want in the product. This is the reason why we have kept our pricing model fully personalized to help our clients get exactly what they want. Our team of digital techies will attentively understand your app requirements and will quote the product price accordingly.

Q2. Are there any hidden charges involved with the final package cost you quote us?
For integrating third-party APIs like payment gateway, SMS gateway or Amazon push notifications, these costs are to be counted however we will mention every such detail in the final product quote we present. TRooTech team will definitely support you and assist you to recommend and set up these third-party integrations on your uniquely developed Uber like trucking app.

Q3. Will TruckLinks app be branded for my business?
Yes, everything on the app will have your business branding and the code will also be yours. We will deliver design files and source codes all to you.

Q4 What's the security available in TruckLinks?
A high level of security is applied on database level to carry out the information transactions very securely using SHA-Algorithm.

Q5. Will I and my other business partners get training to operate TruckLinks?
Certainly yes. It’s our prime duty to provide product training to you and your team. We offer a one-time detailed training service to our clients.

Q6. What all services will I get post-purchase of TruckLinks?
We provide all the support to set up, configure, test, and launch the app. Our experts are just a call away. We have a strong customer service team to solve any of your product related queries. Rest, we trust our product has all capabilities to offer you all the essential things required post purchase of Uber like trucking app.

Q7. To whom do you sell this product? And is it necessary to sign the software contract?
We sell this product to the registered businesses in any of the niches mentioned above. This product is not for sale to B2B companies directly in competition with us for reselling purposes. We do verify before delivering the product very firmly. And Yes! It’s necessary to sign a software contract. It makes us bound to offer you exactly what is discussed and mentioned in the software contract.

Q8. How to customize a few features in TruckLinks?
It’s one of the steps in the product buying process. Customization in Uber like Trucking app will be discussed in detail in the second phase of buying (ie) get a consultation.

Q9. The pricing module can be changed in TruckLinks?
Certainly yes! It’s one of the parts of app customizations that we provide in Uber like trucking app. There are many other possible customizations that we cater to.


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