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The only thing a learner wants is a liberal education platform where almost all the valuable courses are offered by experts from around the world, taught on their comfortable language, which is affordable and easy to access. And the only thing an instructor who sells the course wants is a popular online e-learning platform where they are freely allowed to upload their courses and mint money

What comes to your mind when you think of your desired highly trending online learning platform?

Udemy it is!

Udemy- A powerful business idea of democratizing education

It is a global e-learning marketplace app that makes the learning and teaching experience more engaging and immersive. Developing a democratic learning platform was a highly risky concept to start a business with.
But you know what….

People’s stupendous response to the business idea of Udemy shows a green flag to all the edupreneur and ambitious startups to get an Udemy Similar App and enter the market with a sensational debut.

Yes, the Udemy like liberal education concept has become a sensation.
With 42K registered instructors from virtually almost all the countries wherein the courses are offered in 50+ languages that too practically on any topic. More than 30 million learners pursuing courses from the wide array of course choices encountered 190 million course enrolments at present. Whoa!

Build a Similar App

USP of Udemy

Most Trending Liberary

Udemy is the top trending platform to come up with new and most demanding courses.

Open For Any Tutors

Any tutor can sign up within few minuites and start creating courses in no time.

Wide Varietry of Courses

There are 100,000 Courses in 13 different areas 120+ categories and 900+ Subjecs

Udemy For Business

Unlimited access to 3500+ courses offered to strengthen employees skills.

What makes your Udemy Similar App Development an impeccable one for the Future Of Education?

To own an app like Udemy focuses to make knowledge more and more accessible to people. This is much essential for future as the job market is also becoming more unpredictable. The varied course offered by Udemy is for people to come out of this trend through learning.

On the flip side, Udemy Similar app development also focuses to bridge the gap between the demand & supply of qualified workers. To start a business similar to Udemy will make the workers and employees train themselves through easy access to knowledge. It helps people to adapt to ‘keep learning all the time’.

An affordable way to access high-quality knowledge that will enable people to learn new skills. Udemy similar technology will make it as easy as possible for the experts to put their contents & share it with the world.

Exploit the Opportunity

Trim down your go-to-market time with our Udemy similar app development

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To launch a scalable and advanced LMS app like Udemy, you need to feel highly confident about researching every corner of business that Udemy features.

And trust me! It’s hell lot crazy to understand the complex Udemy technology and follow a whole complicated process to build Udemy Similar App.

Instead of you opening heaps of tabs and googling about Udemy and then jotting down the required details and analyze it to finally come up with the essential features that you want in your Udemy Similar app. It will drive you crazy!!!

But no worries visionaries. We have your covered.
We have tried to reduce your research phase to the minimum. It will also shorten the go-to-market time to design, develop, launch your Udemy similar app and finally make it a popular learning management system in the global market.

Below details are everything you need to launch your Udemy similar app. Let’s get started with the most significant features to add in your Udemy Similar App Development

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MVP Features For Students
In Udemy Similar App Development


Search course

The smart search technology helps students to easily hunt the exact course from well-defined course categories having a wide range of course offerings.

Add a course to cart

Students can easily add the course to their cart and shop for the course of their interest. The platform also features filtration to get the exact search results they are looking for.

Payment & Refunds

Users get immediate access to a course on successful payments which they can make through Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Paypal, Udemy Credits, Google Pay, and Apple App store.


Students get access to the lectures in the form of video, audio, text lectures, quizzes, and Course Catalog.

Self-paced learning

Each course consists of small to lengthy video lectures. Students can stop and replay complete lecture or a part of it as many times as they want.

Instructor & teaching assistants

Depending on the selected course, there can be one or more instructors or teaching assistants to answer all the questions students have.

Compare Courses

Students can easily preview everything about the course along with features to compare the course and see if it fits right for them to pursue.


This feature offers a free preview of one lesson for any course that interest the learner. Also, the students can “return” purchased courses within 30 days if not satisfied with the content.

Access from multiple devices

Students can access Udemy courses from multiple devices/platforms like PC, laptop, MAC desktop, and iOS or Android mobile devices.


Students can straight away start an assignment and apply their knowledge. On completion of the assignment, they can also share it with fellow students to get feedback.

New practice test FAQ feature

Students can get confidence to pass the course exam through participating in the practice test that has an entire exam worth of questions.

Merge Accounts

This feature merges two or multiple accounts together if the user has accidentally created multiple accounts on Udemy platform.

Organize courses

By enrolling in more and more courses, students can organize the courses in a variety of ways and plan their learning accordingly through the archives & collection tab.

Add or delete cards in account

In order to make the purchase process faster, students can add or delete their credit or debit cards numbers in their Udemy account.

Reset course progress

This feature will immediately mark every quiz or lecture that the student has completed as an incomplete activity. Only the bookmarks or comments in the Q&A module will remain as it is.

Review & ratings

Students can add, delete, and edit reviews and ratings for the course they pursued in order to help other students select the right course.

Unsubscribe announcements

Instructors usually send announcements for lecture updates, new lectures, and other details relevant to the course. Students can unsubscribe and avoid receiving such announcements.


Students can mark significant points of a lecture in order to easily search these points in the future.

Mark or unmark as complete

The lecture is automatically marked complete as the student attends every minute of it. But the students can also manually mark or unmark the lectures as complete if they want to.


Students can ask questions about the course to the instructor and quickly get answers to it and also respond to comments that fellow students make on a question.

MVP Features For Tutors
In Udemy Similar App Development


Seamless publishing

Potential instructors can plan, develop the course content, publish, and promote their course on the platform.

Course creation

Instructors can create a course in the form of video, audio, text lectures, quizzes, and catalog.

Course ID

By creating a course on Udemy, the instructor will have access to their course ID, URL and course landing page which they can use it for course promotion.

Instructor verification

Instructor has to verify their identity before uploading any course content on the Udemy marketplace.

Enable lecture download

The instructor can unable the lecture download option for the enrolled students if they want.

Easy course operations

Instructors can easily delete, unpublish or republish a course on the platform.

Access to reviews of prior students

In order to update the old content, instructors can access the reviews & ratings of prior students.

Course engagement analytics

The performance tab gives brief analytics of how students are consuming the content in their courses.

Price & Coupon

A premium instructor can charge a fee for their offered course. They can easily change the price or coupon tier through the course management tab if they wish.

Check students performance

Here, the instructor can view the total number of students enrolled for the course, from which countries do their students reside, & most popular topics in which these students mostly enroll.

Traffic & Conversion report

Instructor gets detailed analytics on how the enrolled students are discovering the course and what’s the market demand of the course they added.

Payment & Refund

Users can make payments through Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Paypal, Udemy Credits, Google Pay, and Apple App store.

Brand building and tie-ins

Instructors can promote the sale of other educational services or products to build their brand value. Every student enrolled in that course becomes the prospect for the instructor’s brand.

Access from multiple devices

Instructors can access Udemy services from multiple devices/platforms like PC, laptop, MAC desktop, and iOS or Android mobile devices.

Guide on course creation

A series of videos help instructors with a step-by-step guide to create a course for any subject.

24/7 support

Instructors get full support from Udemy team if stuck with any query or hassle on the Udemy platform.

MVP Features For Admin
In Udemy Similar App Development


Set guidelines and rules

Admin can set rules for users related to the specific topics that are restricted to be uploaded, the quality standards of course price and materials, course titles, instructor bio, co-instructor relationships, and course description.

Content Copyright

This feature uses anti-piracy technology that encodes videos through a proprietary player and also attaching a watermark of Udemy on all the videos uploaded by instructors on the platform.  This feature helps admin to sort the piracy issues to some extent that users bring to them.

Set the review system

Admin can set the rules and major violations for manipulation or influencing the review system. They can permanently remove the instructor registration or the offending course from Udemy marketplace.

Set rules for marketing & Promotion

Admin can warn, set rules and guidelines for the coupon codes, external links, course landing page, promotional emails, bonus lectures and much more.

Set the instructor verification process

Admin can set the instructor verification process that is customized based on the country rules, languages preferred, or the type of educational course to b