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Virgin App Concepts

In this oversaturated world of apps and digital businesses, brainstorming has become a casual aspect of every discussion that startups like yourself have.

All the startups struggle and then come to know that there is something someone has already tried on the lines of what they are thinking in this 21st century.

That’s where the guidance of experts is handy we say. You just don’t need to think for innovation, you also need to look at and read for the innovation.

Drill down the topics below and if you like the idea, go ahead and build on. Our royalty will be paid through your success and a happy business creating employment.

Virgin App Concept | TRooTech

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Topics of Virgin App Concepts

Topic #1

Social eCommerce Concept

Topic #2

Distributor App Development Concept

Topic #3

Concept of Marketplace for Sports Academy

Topic #4

Work Collaboration App Concept

Topic #5

AI-based Restaurant App Concept

Topic #6

Social Neighbourhood App Concept

Topic #7

An Emotional AI Mental Health App for Depression

Topic #8

VR Meditation Apps: The Future of Alternative Therapy

Social Commerce Business over social media and eCommerce

All Blogs > Virgin App Concepts > Social eCommerce

Despite the fact that launching an eCommerce Marketplace is a cakewalk for blooming startups of today, it is necessary to foresee the future of the industry and then come up with a business plan that commemorates the business goals with a wide-ranging opportunity of tomorrow.

Social Commerce is a subset of two big industry giants – Social media and eCommerce.

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Virgin App Concepts | TRooTech
Virgin App Concepts | TRooTech

Why every sports academy is crazily craving an online marketplace?

Digitization is the talk of the town. In today’s world, each niche, each business, each one of them right from institutions to retailers, everyone is looking for an upper hand with the help of digitization.

And to get out of the rabbit trail of digitization, TRooTech is here with a solution to one of the most underrated and untapped areas in the market: The Sports Academies.

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Admin module and role for social commerce mobile app

All Blogs > Virgin App Concepts > Social eCommerce

Social commerce, does it sound alien to you?

I suppose you might be pretty clear with the words social media and commerce or e-commerce, and bam!! we say, “social commerce”. Wondering what it is?

Okay, so let me give a brief about social commerce:

When the e-commerce marketplace is given a touch of social media by enabling social interactions and giving an edge to the e-commerce experience can be roughly termed as social commerce.

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Virgin App Concepts | TRooTech
Virgin App Concepts | TRooTech

6 App Ideas for Distributors of Multiple Industries & Niches

All Blogs > Virgin App Concepts > Distributor App Development

As digitization is touching almost all the fields, businesses or areas, there often arises a point when people are looking for help from the digital world to make their task easy in any possible manner, reduce their costs, or even eliminate manual processes to the greatest extent.

This time we’ve got app ideas for distributors spread over various markets and goods. The sole purpose behind envisioning this idea was to ease out the work for the distributors who are burdened in managing the stocks and need a change from this mundane task.

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Business Model for Sports Academy Market-place

All the way we see many campaigning going on around with the flags of digitization, but what MEASURES DO THEY TAKE TO FOSTER THEIR BELIEF?

Focusing on one such plight of a physical business that is sports academy, we came up with an innovative virgin app concept to accelerate the sports academy’s manual process with digitization.

In this section, you will know revenue generating sources and business model for sports academy market-place.

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Virgin App Concepts | TRooTech
Virgin App Concepts | TRooTech

The Most Imperative Features of Retail Distributor App

All Blogs > Virgin App Concepts > Distributor App Development


Ugh! But why am I going all caps and bold?

Because this retail distributor’s functioning needs an urgent digital focus at the very moment in this digitized era.

And why not?

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