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We build apps that can be worn by you. Yeah, you read right! Wearable app development that breaks all the records for any startup and enterprise markets.

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Third Party Integration into your web application

Wearable App Consultation

Have got an idea for Wearable app development? Share your innermost instinct with us and get an optimized and comprehensive app solution.

Website Development

Wearable App Development

Wearables User Experience & Interface Design, Back-end Systems & API Development, Wearable Payments. Get customized apps for your favorite wearable devices that enable you to master the Industry.

Web based dashboard for CRM

Wearable App Integration

Integrate your existing web and mobile applications with smart devices to make users’ lives rule on a finger-touch.

Third Party Integration into your web application

Wearable App Maintenance

App development is a continuous process. It iterates from deployment, testing, reviewing, updating, and again deployment in the loop. We sail along with you till you cross the sea of opportunities.

You Can Develop Application For Range Of Wearable Devices

Smart Watch

Fitness Tracker

VR Gears

Smart Shoes

Smart Clothing

Smart Jewelry


Google Glass

Industries We Serve By Delivering The Apt Wearable Applications

Social Media Platforms

TRooTech is here for you to develop a wearable app that can give social media a minimalist form and allow users to interact through their smart-wear.

Sports & Fitness Applications

Your users achieve their health and fitness goals with utmost ease using our wearable apps which provide you remunerative business. Fitness bands, pedometers, heart-rate monitors, and many more features to name.

Event Management

Revamp the event management system with wearable apps that manage everything right from menu options, travel navigation, locations, event updates, contacts, and up to the software identification and synchronization.


We alleviate the healthcare professionals’ undertakings because health is the most valued asset for mankind. Doctors, hospitals, patients and other healthcare participants access a comprehensive view of the future possibilities through our Wearable apps.


We equip banking applications via wearables that allow customers to assess, track, and transact through their account whenever they want.

Life Insurance

Customized health plans, rewards for healthy living, and discounts offered to users by tracking their physical health by various wearable devices.

Law Enforcement

Enabling strict law practices, rules and brisk detection of frauds by headgear geo-tracking, wearable camera, collar button microphone, etc and thus avoiding their hassle to access the laptop or smartphone.


Our Wearable apps assist students to get knowledge in a comprehensive manner and aid teachers to track student attention, attendance and enable other administrative tasks.


We develop applications that support wearables for entertainment and give the user an edge of experience.


Apps that enable owners to find their missing pet, probe pet healthcare, and notify when they are in danger. We love pets as much as you do.

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Benefits of Choosing TRooTech For Your Wearable App Development

Our Approach For Wearable App Development

TRooTech believes in bringing about a change in all the niches possible by equipping them with wearable applications. We have a really simple approach towards any of the ideas or proposals that we get, thereby transforming them into applications that assist them in the desired way.
We handle ideas by:

The first approach towards an idea regarding wearable app development is to absorb it in all the dimensions and then associate with the client for getting a deeper knowledge of their vision to make sure that we are on the same page in terms of the requirements. We try to understand the client’s motivation, requirements, expected outcome, designs they envisioned and thereby construction of a mental and rough prototype of the application.

We have the idea, the requirements, and the vision. We bring them all together and conduct a strategy to prepare an outline of the application with all the features, technologies, pre-requisites, services, languages and tools that will be required. A single system is built to control and manage all of the mentioned aspects and even the clients are given a heads-up about each milestone.

Once we are thorough with the idea and details of the wearable technology, we anticipate and try to give formulated suggestions to the client that comprises of our inputs and strategies that can elevate their application. In this phase, we also provide them with a prediction of their application’s performance and impact after it is launched, we predict the downfalls or error that will likely be faced while the development of this application and start working on that as well.

After brainstorming on the idea of wearable app development, we successfully pull it and develop the desired application for the client with a touch of our expertise and technical knowledge and then deliver the application with a support for any query even after the deployment of the application from our end.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD



Android Studio









Mango Database


Apple Watch OS

Google Wear OS


We offer web app and cloud appication development services in two models, you can choose the one that suites your project the most

Fixed Estimation Model

Where your project definition is clear and you have a fixed budget for the development. We are ready to evaluate the number of resources, time and cost required for it.

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Time & Material Model

Where your project specifications are progressive; you just have to decide the tech stack and hire our expert developers who execute the development step by step according to your evolving thoughts.

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