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With the technological era that demands the efficiency and ease in each and every niche and for each and every task possible by upholding it with digitization, TRooTech believes in being contemporary to it by providing wearable app development for iOS and Android compatible wearable apps.

But, what is Wearable App Development?

It’s the evolution of technology from desktop personal computers to tiny wearable devices like a smartwatch, which has an operating system of its own and unlocks the possibility of developing new uses via tailor-made applications. Wearable app development enables high-end technology to be incorporated into wearable devices and let them being operated without any hassle. This evolution was supported and witnessed by many tech giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, etc. with their release of the smart wearables.
Thus, wearable app development is the need of the hour to support your business, rather boost it with the latest and modern technology that has the power to revolutionize any niche that it targets.

TRooTech has a persistent approach in the development of wearable applications and ensures you to give an app that can withstand your business’ name and brand aroma. Share your ideas with us to discuss more.

Features To Look For In The Wearable Devices

Wearable app development makes sure to assist data security if the wearable applications provide secure cloud access, two-step authentication or something similar, secure mail system, secure browsers and above all mechanism to avoid the data breach.
Wearable devices and the applications developed for it are light, easy to carry and maintain, helps in the study of people’s efficiency in their working space, and most importantly water resistant to give user flexibility of use.

The jump from laptops /digital diaries to smartphones should replicate the jump from smartphones to wearables. Yes, you read it right! Such wearables depict almost all the features and functionalities of the smartphone with of hands-free for other tasks.

For popularity and making more people use the wearables, it is necessary that the battery life should be sustainable enough. To keep wearables functional for a longer time, minimal power is utilized in the processing and the processor is programmed for faster output.
After all, wearable app development can be considered as a part of the mobile application ecosystem, so in order to justify their existence, the wearables need to depict the commemoration of the mobile applications as well as new features such as augmented reality.

With the advent of wearable technology, there are many personal safety applications that collect critical information such as location, speed, voice records from phone or device, and broadcast it to the relevant devices so that the network can become alert and provide necessary help as and when required.

Fitness tracking devices like smart bands and smartwatches have become an essential part of fitness freaks. Apart from these, smart shoes and smart glasses are also emerging options in the health and fitness world.

Wearables provide the basic and most profound way to attend your calls, messages, emails, SMS, and other important notifications or modes of connectivity by just touch of a finger that too without much hassle.

Devices Currently Trending In The Market Of Wearable App Development

Now, that we are on the wearable app development,
Let’s have a look at some of the already existing and successful wearables in the market.


Smart Watches

Smartwatch app development has enabled devices equipped with processors that enable functionalities such as making calls, messages, translations and controlling the applications that are available on the smartphone device.


Fitness Trackers

Wearable technology has proved to be boon to the fitness world. With fitness tracking app development, a person can monitor their fitness parameters such as heart rate, calories burnt, steps and distance walked or run, sleep monitoring etc. with fitness bands & sleep masks.


Virtual Reality Gears

To provide an extraordinary virtual reality and augmented reality experience, various companies with smart glass app development launched various headgears with a wide range of devices right from Oculus to Microsoft’s HoloLens to Google Cardboard and Day Dream to PlayStation VR.


Smart Shoes

Wearable technology took another step with fitness app development for shoes. These smart shoes are designed to perform tasks such as temperature control and smart heating, auto-tightening, accurate tracking of calorie burned, speedometer, stair counts, coaching and monitoring through the smartphone app, 3D walk analyzer, walk analyzer and the list won’t end.


Smart Clothing

In the race of wearables, smart clothing has an important place. Some of the features are constant monitoring of the heart-rate, observation of the emotions, and payment at Starbucks. Examples of this are yoga pants, shirts, shorts, for monitoring fitness activities and smart socks for infants to monitor their sleep pattern and heart-rates.


Smart Jewelry

For the fashion freaks, there is wide range of smart pieces such as rings, bracelets, senstones, small wearables to attach to clothes, pendants, etc. that are equipped with sensors that alert when there is an incoming call or there are any notifications from Facebook or Uber, some of them are for monitoring the stress level.


Implantable Devices

These are mostly used for medical purposes and include, injectable healing chips that communicate with the user’s smartphone to provide data, implantable pills that communicate with the doctor, smart tattoos, bio-degradable batteries, smart dust, and lastly implantable ID is under development.


Google Glass

Google glass is an eye wearable developed to suffice the need for ubiquitous computing. With google glass, the wearer can get information like a smartphone but in a hands-free format. Being hands-free the communication takes place via natural languages and voice commands.

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Our Approach For
Wearable App Development

TRooTech believes in bringing about a change in all the niches possible by equipping them with wearable applications. We have a really simple approach towards any of the ideas or proposals that we get, thereby transforming them into applications that assist them in the desired way.
We handle ideas by:

The first approach towards an idea regarding wearable app development is to absorb it in all the dimensions and then associate with the client for getting a deeper knowledge of their vision to make sure that we are on the same page in terms of the requirements. We try to understand the client’s motivation, requirements, expected outcome, designs they envisioned and thereby construction of a mental and rough prototype of the application.

We have the idea, the requirements, and the vision. We bring them all together and conduct a strategy to prepare an outline of the application with all the features, technologies, pre-requisites, services, languages and tools that will be required. A single system is built to control and manage all of the mentioned aspects and even the clients are given a heads-up about each milestone.

Once we are thorough with the idea and details of the wearable technology, we anticipate and try to give formulated suggestions to the client that comprises of our inputs and strategies that can elevate their application. In this phase, we also provide them with a prediction of their application’s performance and impact after it is launched, we predict the downfalls or error that will likely be faced while the development of this application and start working on that as well.

After brainstorming on the idea of wearable app development, we successfully pull it and develop the desired application for the client with a touch of our expertise and technical knowledge and then deliver the application with a support for any query even after the deployment of the application from our end.

A Comprehensive Insight Of The TRoo Process For Wearable App Development



TRooTech supporting and building applications inspired by the most innovative ideas and approaches by creative and curious clients follows the same trend for wearable app development as well. So we embark by gaining complete knowledge of the idea that is proposed by the client and play complete attention to each and every aspect of it and keeping the vision clear, making sure that it stays on the same page with the client.



Ground work is a must before we start app development, besides without proper knowledge about the idea and scrutinizing that its pros and cons cannot be there in the development phase. First, we research on the idea, current wearable apps relative to the idea under build, comparison of features, etc. in short is the idea feasible and innovative enough for development. Then we move towards research on the flaws, potential drawbacks, how to overcome them and the last part is the prediction phase, or we say our inputs for the client’s idea to give their application an edge in this competitive market./span>

Craft Function


Our analysts kick in here, after understanding the idea and comprehensive research results, the task of preparing an outline of the features and outcomes is here. We consider this phase a milestone in development as without a clear picture of the application’s features, all the phases after research will suffer and then a bun will be baked in place of bread. Crafting of the functional elements, followed by addition of non-functional elements from our end is what provides us a frame that displays the list of the features, their functions, their priorities and in some cases co-relation between them.



Analysts have to tighten up their sleeves in this phase, getting a complete workflow ready that can efficiently guide the developers through the road of the features and functionalities of the wearable app development.
The main reason that we have included this phase in our development process is that developers often feel alienated of the application to be developed and are just guided through the module or functionality to be developed. Instead, if you consider a situation where the developers get the strategy and properly worked out plan for the development that can provide them with a quick peek of the application.
This phase spans two areas, strategizing the design and strategizing the technical development. The design strategy is simply planning of the designing aspects to be included or avoided, the layout that can justify the brand’s aroma as well as wearable’s use. Minimalism is required owing to the small UI of the wearables and clumsiness needs to be shunned. But our designers are well versed and our mere indication of the design needs to be adaptive to wearables. The technical strategy covers the fabrication of the flow in which the development process will take place, modules, technologies, and other specs that are mandatory for development. This step easies out developer’s task and they just have to develop according to the flow mentioned in the strategy.



Any application needs a strong, appealing face that can make user’s feel ease while using the application and they can experience the best that technologies can offer even through the small wearable devices. We make sure to keep all the aspects in mind while designing and our designers give their hearts out in coming up with the best designs for elevating user experience when they operate their wearables. The features and controls of the wearables are of utmost importance and so we make sure that they are kept on the first place while designing, along with keeping the design up with the trend and space is efficiently used.



For wearable app development, we break down the process in three parts,

Our choice of technology for front-end development is Objective-C for native iOS development and Java for native Android development. We believe in using native development for application development as the native languages can access the system completely to create desired visual effects with flexibility, cross-platform adaptability, platform dependency and highest possible UI for the minimal screen size.
Front-end development satisfies the user’s vision giving them an urge to stay glued on the app, while back-end development is the spine of the app and without it, the front-end is just for a good view!! So our back-end developers make sure to fill enough fuel in the front-end with coding, flaunting their caliber and making the app come alive and ready for use. Dexterous back-end developers’ code keeping performance on an upper hand and incorporating restful APIs for various functionalities required for the wearable to justify the tasks for which it is to be developed.
We focus on using the least amount of disk space while developing the database architecture. The main reason behind it is our concern for providing users a quick access to all the required information at a single click. We don’t necessarily stick to the deployment of a single database, we can code for any database to increase the performance of the entire app.



We have all the modules individually developed, our database is constructed, we have incorporated all the needed restful APIs, and we have also our front end and back end ready to go live. I know you are wondering about what now, yes, now it’s time to mix and connect all the above-mentioned aspects together to get our wearable application ready to see the outcome. In the integration phase, care is taken to build smart devices by pitch-perfect integration of the database server, front end, back end, and the various APIs. And thus our application comes into its actual form and is ready to be tested to see whether it turns out to be what we expected or not.



We at TRooTech believe in focusing on the quality that satisfies the client and does not compromise TRooTech’s quality standards. For this, we have our own testing plan that each and every application undergoes in order to come out as a near to perfect application.
Unit testing is testing individual modules after they are fully functional and this process is done by developers as well as QA to make the base strong before building the wearable app.
Integration testing is followed once all the elements are unit tested and integrated in order to construct the architecture. Connection, functioning, and transitions are tested in this testing.
Functionality testing is done to ensure that all the modules, landing pages, navigation, content display, etc. are depicting their desired behavior and meeting the requirements. Performance testing to gauge the performance of the application in terms of responsiveness, memory storage & leakage, stability, resource usage, etc. under extreme conditions. Interface testing is required to check that the application server interface, web server interface, and database server interface are well-functioning to provide the desired output in case of any interrupts or process aborts.



Wearable application is ready to be deployed after the integration of all the servers and modules, and testing the application to overcome our expectations, we get the final outcome that has contended us, but only 50%. TRooTech’s latter 50% lies in the satisfaction of the client, yes we value client’s review as much as or firm’s quality standards. So we move forward to give the application to the client for review and test the application in all the possible ways that he/she wants to, just to ensure that the developed application meets their expectations or not. Once the client gives approval we are ready to rock and deploy the application for people.



Time comes to configure the wearable application with the relevant device and deliver it to the client and release the application on the platforms for which it was developed. The deployment stage includes not only deployment of the application, but also fixing any bugs during the deployment, standing by the application after the deployment solving any issues and ensuring smooth functioning of the application. Once the client is contended with the application’s deployment our task ends, but not completely and as we have always said we stand by our services and assist in case of any issue.

Niches We Serve By Delivering The Apt Wearable Applications

Models To Engage With Us For Wearable App Development

Project Based Engagement

If you are ready with an idea that needs to be developed within a given time frame and you are to the core sure about the number of functionalities and features you need to incorporate that we offer you a project based engagement model.
In this approach, we make sure that your application is developed in the given span and fledged with the pre-defined functionalities by the assistance of our team that possesses the caliber to entertain you with utmost dedication and pours out their experience to enhance your application in every possible way.

Have a project already envisioned? Acknowledge us with your project specifications. We stand by our commitment to deliver the promised essentials within the stipulated time.

Let’s Talk About Your Ideal Project

Dedicated Development Team

In case you want an application with volatile requirements and meeting the need of digitization is your goal, then we will provide you with a dedicated development team who will commit their technical capabilities throughout the process.
We understand the need for advancement and addition of features and modules depending on the changes in the market and technologies. So, get connected to the dedicated development team for constantly adding intuitive features with a novel freshness.

Do you have a project idea that is crisp but will need alterations with the changing business and technological needs? We assist you with a dedicated development team to to accomplish your ideal project.

Need Personal Development Team For Your Project?

Introduction Of The TRoo Resources Behind The Wearable App Development

Project Manager

An individual, who understands the objective of the project, efficiently explains it to the team, keeping their spirits high always, guiding them through the rough road and successful completion of the project in the bounded time frame.

Wearable Architect

The wearable architect is the one who defines the project flow, modules, connections, and components is responsible for developing the foundation of the application and devising a flow for the developers to work.


This imaginator has the capacity to reduce the proximity of the users with the client by producing a creative and interactive interface that glues the users to the app and helps the clients to increase user engagement. Our proficient designing team makes sure to serve the clients the app of their imagination.

Java/Objective-C Coder

These techies portray their coding skills by developing snippets in Java and Objective-C that can convert any application into a lively experience that becomes worth a million for the users. bounded time frame.

Backend Developer

Backend developers are the spine of the entire mobile applications as they hold the pressure of developing a robust admin side that is responsible for the smooth functioning of the wearable application.

Frontend Developer

The one who plays with UI and UX to create an inimitable design that complements client requirements and sprinkles the expertise to come up with an alluring website for the user base as well.

Quality Control Expert

This expert plays the role of the examiner who evaluates each and every aspect carefully and gives a detailed report of the errors. Our quality control experts are very crisp in finding bugs, errors in compilation, etc. and fix them to give a ready to go application to the client.

System Engineer

System engineer enters the scene after the wearable application is developed and ready for deployment after the testing is done. The one responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the application satisfies the client by answering and solving all the queries and questions that a client fires.

Let’s hear what you have in your mind after hearing our experience. Thoughts, suggestions, feedbacks, proposals, queries? Feel free to share anything here and we will get back to you right away..!!

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