A privacy focused web-based dating app for a startup

Online dating apps are now one of the hottest industries in the mainstream. The users are now paying for the premium services on the dating app.

It’s more challenging for new startups to enter and excel in this industry, as the popular sites are under constant improvements to upgrade their online presence.

It’s a green signal that the online dating market is maturing at a fast pace.

The only way to compete is to hook-in the hottest digital technologies in your dating app.

So! To differentiate from the other competitors, online dating apps possess varied features niched down as per the target market. Whether to target the market that is searching for a Mr. Right Now or searching for a Mr. Right.

This made our client demand a digital dating platform that has more interactive, social and engaging app design along with keeping the user privacy at the top priority.

Read on to know how we helped a Hongkong-based startup with a strong web-based dating app development.


Our client wanted a smartly conceptualized web-based dating app that can hit the current social dating market with a bang on debut.

The entrepreneur wanted to make a web-based dating app more interactive along with strong user privacy modules on the app.


  • Providing high-end user privacy along with the strong interactive modules was one of the toughest challenges in app development.
  • To make the app design more attractive and user engaging that too with fewer trials in prototyping was a tough and crucial task.

Our approach

We performed exhaustive research to come up with a powerful concept for a the dating app by serving the expert levels available at TRooTech.

Our artistic team developed a collaborative environment in each and every feature of the app. For the user’s security modules, we had undergone a stringent testing process of the web-based dating app development to make our prototype the desired product at one go.

Business Benefits

  • TRooTech developed a web app that facilitates dating services with increased privacy to the users.  

The app has a feature-rich module wherein the females can make sure they interact only with males they choose on the app.  

It avoids unwanted and useless male solicitors. 

Also, the login module on the app is highly secured with admin approving the user accounts and profile pictures. 

  • There are two key success factors for our client to enter into fierce competition in the online dating industry.

Number one: The app was strongly conceptualized on turning more specific for the audience who are looking for casual datings.

Number two: TRooTech integrated easy and pretty smooth search option for the users. We added a location-based search on the dating app for the users to get the best results near their location.

  • The team of TRooTech brought peppy highlights on the app for users to energize engagements on the app. The app has a disruptive concept as it’s totally free for females to use app services.

The users find it more attractive as the male app users can send a tickle to the female users. They can also communicate and flirt on the app much easier.

Another thing to attract the audience was given a coin-based virtual concept to the app development.

  • We streamlined the revenue model for our client.

Men have to purchase coins to use premium services on the app or even buying virtual gifts for female users on the app. Also, there are many reasons as to why a guy will pay for premium services on the app?

The answer is, the app will have an increased number of females as it will be totally free for the females to enjoy the app services.

Men will get more choices to approach for a chat with any female of their choice on the app.

Industry Segment

Social dating Industry

Company Profile

Hongkong-based online dating startup

Technology and Tools

Frontend- HTML, CSS
Backend- PHP, Symfony

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