10 Tweets Heavily Expressing On Recent UBER Shake-up


The news recently got confirmed, Travis Kalanick has stepped down as CEO of Uber. Before this span, the announcements were following Kalanick’s temporary leave from the company and the hopes of returning back.

Uber quickly shot up in the on-demand ride hailing industry when Travis Kalanick co-founded it in 2009 however because of the on-demand model, apparently it had aggressive policies drafted by Travis himself. These policies let Uber speedily grow to a giant in the industry, what came along being ignored by Kalanick was the retention of drivers and all the irresponsible behavior of drivers then followed. Twitter doesn’t seem surprised for this news and are completely unsympathetic towards Uber and Travis. Who is suffering?

Travis Called Morally Bankrupt


— FRANK BULLITT (@FrankBullitt39) June 21, 2017


Loses 500,000 Accounts According To Mashable

#DeleteUber campaign that lost Uber 500,000 accounts https://t.co/BIEl6DiXoU — ReggieVaitz (@ReggieVaitz) June 22, 2017


The Worker Issues

Uber’s allowing tipping because it takes the pressure off them temporarily from raising wages for workers. #deleteuber

— Biscuit Lair Li’l 🌳 (@karengeier) June 20, 2017


Thinking Plans, New Opportunities

What happens if Uber goes out of business? #TOpoli #DeleteUber https://t.co/JbJgruv5X8 — jafarmirsalari (@jafarmirsalari) June 19, 2017


Views Of Industry Leaders

#DeleteUber – The Underside of Uber by Lucy P. Marcus via @ProSyn https://t.co/EvyyaVhLyH

— polchinello (@donahuejm) June 25, 2017


Customer’s Switch

2 months into my own #deleteuber and I feel great! Mostly using #lyft and no trouble so far … https://t.co/6gwG3wFlCb — Igor Borojevic (@iboroje) June 15, 2017


Allegedly Of course

#deleteuber bc supporting misogynistic white men enables a flawed system 🙃

— Audrey (@itsaudreybruh) June 15, 2017


Promoters of Competitors

Please #DeleteUber if you haven’t yet already. Lyft works exactly the same way and takes only minutes to set up.https://t.co/EkveFNs0Ag

— Christian 🏖️ (@sodiumlitskies) June 15, 2017


Employee Stories. Worst Example Of Management Is Set Here

None of the previous #deleteuber things really did it for me…but https://t.co/SWE75qgc6m

— funions (@SamuelHeroy) June 15, 2017


#deleteuber Hashtag Literally Stayed Long, A Public Campaign

the #deleteUber hashtag has been around for a long time already. for a reason. https://t.co/jS4TysZX1y

— Wendy Dent (@WendyDent) June 15, 2017


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