11 Important Pages: Must Have In Your eCommerce Website or eCommerce App


When you are designing your eCommerce website, there are many parameters that you need to consider before you begin designing. Your eCommerce website will act as the face of your business, and it is important to design it in that manner. You need to sell, and convert as many visitors as possible with this site. So, it should offer an appealing design that has been wrapped into a functional website. This means you need to combine the art and science of your website designing skills into giving out a fully articulated website.

Before designing, you need to plan how your website should look? One portion that you need to plan out is the number of pages you should have on your eCommerce website, and what should these pages be about. You could be deciding to develop and launch an eCommerce app or an eCommerce website, but the number of pages and the kind of pages that you need for the website should be defined at the planning stage itself, as that will help you design the website without errors. In fact, when you design a website that has been thoroughly planned, you will face fewer restrictions, and the launch would be sooner than you had thought.

Here are 11 pages that you should have on your eCommerce website:

Home Page

While this one needs no mention, but most businesses ignore designing the home page, or do not give it much importance. It is important to define and design the home page articulately, as this is the page that will get you maximum conversions. Your home page will include all the promotions you have lined up for the different brands, and will also include the new products that you have added to the store.

Category Overview Page

This is yet another page that is considered insignificant by eCommerce businesses, but is definitely important for building your business. This is the landing page for the top categories, like “women” “electronics” etc. The landing page will give an overview on what the category includes, and will take you to the different items and products that are available as part of this category. You can have your subcategory brilliantly lined up on this page.

The Category Page

This is an important page, as it is here that the customer will choose the product he/she wants to purchase from your website. You will be arranging the products under the category in a manner that will increase your conversions. You can choose the layout and filters for the products that you are planning to list in the category page. There will be different category pages, as per the need of your website.

Product Page

When your user clicks on a particular product on the category page, they will be redirected to the product page where they can view the product details, description etc. and know all they need to about the product. Reviews and social media sharing is also available on the product page. You will find different images of the product which you can zoom into for a better view.

Search Feature

Your user has a product in mind, and wants to know if your website has it or not. The search feature, and the search results will help the user know which products are available on your website. It is an easy road for users who know what they are looking for.

Registration/Login Page

For users to keep a record of their purchases, and collect loyalty points or to save their billing address, it is important to register on your website. The registration or login page is essential for every e-Commerce website.

Add to Cart Confirmation Page

When your user adds a particular product to the cart, it is important for your website to ask for confirmation. This is an important feature of every e-Commerce website. A direct checkout page should not pop up before confirming.

Checkout Process

It is important to have a single page checkout for your eCommerce website. You should have the checkout process in flow, and ensure it is easy to comprehend. This way you will be able to increase your conversions.


This is an important page, wherein you can get the person to add the billing and shipping address and coordinate the shipping process accurately through your website or app.

Payment Page

Only inevitable page to make the transactions possible through your website. You should have options for payment details on your website though integrated with a respective payment gateway as well as option to add promo code. This makes an ease space for your customers and gives friendly effects.

Confirmation Page

Important to avoid the human mistakes being involved in your business hurdling as this will confirm your order and payment. It is important for users to receive this confirmation regarding the order placement and payment so they are assured and aware about the activity what next your website will do which is a serious process of transaction. 

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