12 Important Social Media Aids For B2B Businesses


Social media optimization will help companies reach out to more people and improve their online visibility. For B2B businesses, the products or services are niche, and they need to be heard by select audience only. Finding and marketing to these selected audience becomes difficult, and requires the help of an optimized and effective social media channel.

Most businesses believe only Twitter and LinkedIn will help them get through to their audience, but that’s not the case. There’s more to social media than these two channels. You need to select the mediums that suit your purpose, and will welcome your audience on board.

Social media marketing may seem easy, but there’s technique and logic that you need to work through when devising your social media strategy. Let’s help you out with interesting ways using which you can reach your audience. Here, we will show you 12 different ways to reach your audience using social media, and create a competitive advantage for your business. You will obviously need to work with an optimized and well-defined social media strategy.

Quality Content

The best part about social networks is the way they allow you to tag accounts or people. You need to use this feature to create valuable content to improve your audience base. If you feel your content will add value to a prospect, don’t forget to tag them. Show your company’s skills and ability, to improve conversions by generating good content.

Add Value to Content

B2B content will not be similar to B2C content, where chances of content going viral are higher. You need to communicate with your potential audience using your content, and try to gain conversions. Personalizing your content is more important for B2B social media posts. Your potential audience is looking for valuable information that they can relate to, and you will need to work hard on generating that. Create ebooks, whitepapers etc. that they can find information from. This content will help you gain more user base, and improve your chances of getting business.

Unique Brand Identity

Define your brand identity, and work on the content that helps you deliver it in the best possible manner. Try being an inspiration with your content, as that will drive in more engagement, which will help you convert better. Your potential customers will be able to understand you better when you deliver content that showcases your talent, and communicates your identity.

Display your Expertise

Your customer wants to know & understand your expertise. They are seeking solutions, or want to partner with you to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Your social media content should help them understand your experience, your expertise, what your core values are and how you approach a solution.

Distinct, Interesting Content

It is important to channelize your efforts using different types of content. Don’t just use textual content to communicate your experience. You should understand the customer and showcase your experience and expertise using graphical, visual and textual content. Create value for your audience using the content.

Strong Network

Build a strong network of influencers and experts in individual industry with the power of social media. Using this strong network, you can broadcast important news, be a part of important industry events, and even gain access to customer insights that will help you deliver more value.

Be the Listener

It is not always necessary to be the speaker; sometimes you need to be a audience too. With the numerous social media channels, you can actually listen to conversations online, and keep tab on what your potential customers are doing online. See what problems they are facing, or what type of solutions they are looking out for.

Personalize Content

Make your brand more human on the social media channels. Share your story; tell something that reflects your brand value or image for best possible results. You should always share news in a more relatable way to help your brand grow online.

Shared Interests

As with B2C businesses in case of B2B businesses too, shared interests matter. Understand what your target audience feels comfortable doing online. What relates to them best? Do they share images of their team? Do they network more? Once you are aware of their online behavior, you can improve your targeting.

Build Trust

With B2B businesses, trust factor works best. If they don’t trust your product/service or even your brand, they may not want to conduct business with you. Make sure, you build strong relations with your potential customer.


To gain more access to customer insights, you will need to understand their opinions and how they behave online and otherwise. Reach out to your target using surveys and understand what they desire from you, and what the issues they are looking to solve are.

Real Conversations

Many a times you are carrying a one-sided conversation, which can make your potential customer lose interest in you. Don’t keep broadcasting, but involve your customer in the conversations. This will help you build your brand, and improve conversions.

If you use these 12 ways to get in touch with your target, you will achieve better results. Chances of improving your conversions go higher, and you build a more sophisticated network that will translate into customers for your business at a later stage.

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